The Pluto Return in the USA Astrology of Death and Rebirth

The USA is experiencing its Pluto Return now.

In other words, Pluto in the heavens is closing on the position that Pluto occupied on the day the USA was formed. The first exact hit is April 2023.

Darkness will rise to be dealt with in the USA, and this will include the darkness of the treatment of First Nation peoples from the time of colonisation, and all the dark tendencies that led to rebellion against the evils of the British Colonial Empire and Civil War and Vietnam, etc.

Some in US will want to lead and dominate in this darkness.

But many others in US will be impelled to embrace the light and increase their spiritual connection to the Divine, in horrified reaction against the rise in the dark and the conflict and madness that has been occurring.

Remember, the shadow is where our darkness goes and is held, but the Shadow is also where our Greatness can be stuffed: our untapped potential and creativity that we were not allowed to acknowledge.

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