The one month period from 17th October to 16th November could be quite exceptionally lucky/wealthy/loving/creative for some

Druid Aed FireThis post reveals the exceptional uncanny accuracy and sureness of Vedic Astrology:

Are you one of the lucky ones?

Calling all people born between 17th October and 16th November. In other words all people who have Sun in their birth chart at end of Western Libra or Sun in their birth chart in the first 24 degrees of western Scorpio!!!!
(This is Sun in the Vedic sign of Libra)

Truly exceptional news: I am letting you know that the one month period from 17th October to 16th November could be quite exceptionally lucky/wealthy/loving/creative for you and will bring in a powerful 12-month period for you.

Indeed, your luck could have already greatly started if you were born in this time frame! Both Maggie and I were born in this time frame, and the period has indeed been totally successful and creative.

If you were born between these dates, your luck could include the following:
Unexpected wealth windfalls/gains
and/or a truly exceptional powerful time
and/or and exceptional time for love
and/or an exceptionally creative time for you.
This will be a time for great gains in wealth, comforts, joys & luxuries in life. Additionally this will be the period of harmony with your partner, mental peace & increase of reputation too.

N.B. The same applies for any people who have a powerful planet, or a number of planets, in Vedic Libra.

The reason for this sure and exceptional period of luck and gain as declared by Vedic astrology, is because a rare four-planet combination of Sun, Saturn, Mercury & North Node (also called Dragon’s Head or Rahu) will all be transiting through the Vedic sign of Libra, in the period between 17th October to 16th November 2013. See the chart at the foot of this Blog post.

AND the luck, creativity and power is further amplified for these people because expansionary/blessing Jupiter is at the same time aspecting the Vedic sign of Libra, from the Vedic sign of Gemini during this one month.

AND the luck could have already have started for you because Saturn (which is exalted in Vedic Libra) and Rahu, have both been in Vedic Libra since January this year

AND their combination has been blessed from Jupiter aspect from Vedic Gemini

AND Venus was transiting through Vedic Libra from 6th September to 1st October


1.Your luck will be even more magnified if you are in a Sun and/or Venus Vedic predictive period (called a Dasha), or if you are in a Saturn or a Rahu Vedic predictive period in this time frame or in the months running up to it.

2. Your luck will be even more magnified again if Venus or Saturn is in the 2nd House of wealth (Dhana) in your Vedic Birth chart.

NOTE THAT if all these build-up factors apply to you this period will be utterly exceptional – and yet again, only Vedic Astrology has the sureness, accuracy and assessment tools to make this declaration: western astrology just has not got the sureness and accuracy of declaration that Vedic astrology has (though western astrology, when interpreted by a trained and experienced astrologer) can be huge valid psychologically.

This combination of Saturn and Rahu transiting through Vedic Libra, is a Maha Yoga, that will operative while those two are transiting in Libra. Saturn entered Libra in August 2012 and Saturn is exalted in Libra, and the Maha Yoga was created when Rahu also entered Libra in January 2013.

This one-month combination of 4 strong planets – namely Sun, Saturn, Mercury & Rahu should bring in for you: access to power & gains due to the creative work you are capable of.

The presence of Sun in Libra in this time frame will further help the Rahu magnify energy and power for you, and bring fame or success, especially when Rahu actually moves to the degree occupied by your natal Sun in Libra, and especially when Saturn and Rahu move to the point where they are both at the same degree of Libra, namely: 18th September 2013.

As well as Saturn and Rahu’s Maha Yoga, this stellium of four planets works as a special money generating combination (called Dhana Yoga) and it also confers powers (Raja Yoga) for this limited one month period.

BUT note that such rare, multiple combinations of Maha Yogas, though only running for a month, bring in such concentrated energy into your life that this will result in great gains running through all the year to come. If these conditions apply to you, this one month time frame (and its run-up) will trigger off a guaranteed powerful time for you, resulting in special effects for the coming year.

I am fascinated by the sureness and accuracy of Vedic Astrology. And if its declaration turns out to be true in your life, I would love to hear from you so that the power of Vedic astrology can be more widely shared. Your details will of course be kept confidential.

You can contact me for an expert astrology reading. I have completed an advanced course in western astrology and three in Vedic Astrology and will be pleased to help you. See my website for details: Email: Tel: 07799296821.

Here is the chart for 30th September, which clearly shows this rare transit gathering and falling into place:

Chart 30.9.13