The Nodes of the Moon Change Sign Your Karmic Imperative

The Nodes are quivering with high- manifestation energies. This occurs when the Nodes are in the process of changing sign.

This video and blog post are meant to be a useful guide to you any time that the Nodes change sign.

This video and blog were actually produced in September 2023 just when the Nodes are about to change sign.

So take in the general points as useful key needed guidance for any date when the Nodes are changing sign, and draw on the details of the present date as an example.

The Nodes are Serpent Power. They are Naga energy. They are Karma and Destiny energy.

They state your incarnational life path and destiny direction this time (based on the previous karmas you created in previous lives).

Avoid learning about and manifesting your karmic imperative and destiny direction in your life at your peril

– at your peril of living just half a life

– of loss.

What is your Destiny Direction?

What are the karmas you came into this life to learn about and heal?

This topic of The Nodes of the Moon in September is absolutely huge.

So what does it mean when the Nodes of the \moon in the Heavens are about to change sign?

The Nodes of the Moon are in the start of the process of changing sign at the time of this videos and blog, so we use this as an example.

The Nodes actually change from the Libra-Aries axis to the Virgo-Pisces axis.

Ketu South Node soon transits from Libra to Virgo.

Rahu North Node soon transits from Aries to Pisces.

(The Nodes always transit Retrograde).

At the time of filming the Nodes have just three degrees to go to get to the zero point of changing sign. It happens on October 30th.

We are feeling it already.

Rahu North Node:

Transiting Rahu will be a more steady energy in Pisces, than it has been in Aries. This is because Pisces’ ruler, Jupiter can calm Rahu’s driven energies, even though Jupiter’s purity may be compromised.

Never-the-less, Rahu is driven and obsessional, especially when he is still in Aries until October 30th.

So, this is really such a good time to reassess the nature of your Incarnational life purpose and destiny direction in this life, and reassess how you are managing it, and for you to beware giving over to the dark obsessive driven sides of Rahu.

Ketu South Node:

Ketu transiting Libra was a call to each human to heal love scripts.

Ketu transiting in Virgo creates difficulties in accessing the fullness of Ketu’s spiritual potentials, because Mercury-ruled Virgo is so critical and cerebral.

Even so Ketu’s powers and typical life areas will still be clearly felt, and they need to be more positively explored to compensate for Virgoan over-rationalism.

It can give us such insights as to our karmas and our destiny.

This is exact on October 30th.

Let me repeat my warning made in my September 2023 Astrology blog post and video that it is also crucial to realize that Mars transits toward exact conjunction with transiting Ketu at 1 deg Libra on October 5th – This is a very dangerous conjunction for potentially very sharp accidents or medical situations, and also conflicts and explosions.

Libra, Aries and Scorpio emphasis people must especially be very careful and plan to be in non-fraught situations at least a week either side around that date.

And maybe try to work out what might be the most spiritually advantageous expression of this energy in your life, and seek to encompass that!!!

Let me state a further warning that as Ketu moves to 1 deg Libra, it will also be in quincunx (6/8) relationship with Neptune at 1 Pisces.

As I mentioned above in the case of the Mars-Saturn Quincunx and its violence at the beginning of September (and end of August), Quincunxes are dangerous. 150 zodiacal degrees one way, and 210 zodiacal degrees the other. Strife and disasters.

Negatively Ketu/Neptune is deception. But positively Ketu/Neptune is deeply spiritual and visionary.

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