The Nodes of the Moon Change Sign INTRO Huge Energy Change in your Life

On 12th April 2022, the Nodes of the Moon change Sign and stay in their new sign for 18 months:

This Intro blog post and video explains the factors to use to get a full and deep understanding of how this huge energy shift will affect your life, and these are factors that I will include if you book a Reading from me.
Intro Video,
Intro Video contd.

This Intro is followed by four upcoming posts and videos explaining the meaning of the Signs involved, the Nakshatras that will be affected, the Houses in your birth chart that are involved, and any planets you have in Aries or Libra that the Nodes will transit over.

To see the links to these upcoming four posts, go to the April page on my Starwheel Astrology Website where the links will be added as the posts are published.

So, this video and blog post is the Introduction to a crucial to understand topic: the Nodes of the Moon change sign in April 2022. This only happens once every eighteen years, and it brings huge change to the area of your life the Nodes now enter. The Nodes stay in their new signs for 18 months.

The Nodes of the Moon change Sign on 12th April 2022. Here is the chart:

What new energy does it create in your life now – and in the 18 months ahead? This change of SIGN of the Nodes of the Moon will bring major life changes for most people.

And note that with so many other planets also changing sign now in April 2022, there could be tension and uncertainty and stress, and a strong desire to define the needed new life path ahead, and even a measure of new identity.

I went walking today on the windy and storm-swept coast near our house in the West of Ireland, then suddenly a huge Rainbow appeared, appeared indeed over two hills with sacred energies to the ancient Irish visible across the storm wracked bay: Knocknarae and Ben Bulben, and I felt so cheered by this omen of passing storm and sacred destination.

We have all been feeling the new path coming (especially since the true nodes having entered Aries/libra from March 16th), and this blog post and video will help each of us understand what sort of changes need to come into our life now, will come into our life now, and how to prepare, and how to produce the most wonderful possible manifestation of them.

So, on 12th April 2022, Rahu, the North Node of the Moon will enter the Vedic sign of Aries.

And Ketu the South Node of the Moon will enter Vedic Sign of Libra.

The Nodes will stay in their new signs for 18 months until 31.10.2023.

They bring the Eclipses with them into the Aries-Libra sign axis, to the Houses = life area that are Libra and Aries for you – and to any planets you have in Libra or Aries.

Remember, the Nodes always transit Retrograde, so they go in at the end of the sign and transit towards the start of the sign – and note that in this post, the degrees referred to use the Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology.

Our Vedic chart (sidereal zodiac anchored to a fixed star) depicts our fate, destiny and incarnational life path and all that’s attracted into that.

Our Western chart (Tropical zodiac anchored to the moving position of the Sun on the day of Vernal Equinox depicts) our egoic self and the unfoldment of that. I always use both in my Readings. Both are needed to understand and manage our Self and our Future.

So, what we absolutely need to do now, is understand and work with on, in both the earthly plane and on the spiritual plane, the following four factors – each of which has their upcoming blog post and video.

We need to understand how the energy created by these astrological changes will affect us and change us, and we each of us now need to plan what to do about it for the highest earthly and spiritual benefits to each of us, on our life path, now and ahead.

So, by way of Introduction to this super-important to understand topic, I would say that what we need to understand, now, are the five predictive factors, as follows:

Nodes in Signs:
It is totally crucial to understand the nature of Rahu in Aries and Ketu in Libra.
The Nodes in Signs is covered by the upcoming Part 1 Blog post and Video: Intro and Intro Contd.

The Nodes’ Transit through the Nakshatras:
It is also totally crucial to understand the nature of the energy changes as the Nodes transit through the three Nakshatras contained within the sign of Aries. This is important to know about. It is also important to know how the energy of the planet that rules that Nakshatra will be affected as it manifest in our life.
The Nakshatras are the wonderful 27 sign Lunar zodiac and the guidance they give us as to our personal consciousness and our relationship scripts are simply wonderful.

See my separate upcoming Part 2 blog post and video about the Nodes transit over the coming 18 months:
Rahu transiting through the three Nakshatras within Aries:
Krittika, Bharani and Ashwini.
And Ketu transiting through the three Nakshatras within Libra:
Chitra, Swati and Vishakha

Nakshatra placement of the Nodes modifies the energy and manifestation of the Nodes, and the Nodes transit through each Nakshatra modifies and affects the manifestation of the ruling planet of that Nakshatra.

Nodes in Houses:
It is absolutely crucial to Understand how Rahu energy will manifest in your life in terms of the Nodes transit through the houses in your birth chart.
See my upcoming Part 3 Blog Post and video on this.
You need to understand the energy of Rahu North Node’s transit through:
 (a) The House that is Aries in our Vedic Chart counted from our Vedic Moon Sign
 (b) And the House that is Aries in our Vedic Chart counted from our Vedic Ascendant sign (called the Lagna)
(c) And also take into account, also, that Rahu also casts 5th and 9th House aspects in our chart from Aries, and these two additional Houses will feel the energy and force for change: these are Houses in your birth chart that are Leo and Sagittarius.

And also understand crucially, also, how Ketu energy will manifest in our life in terms of:
(a) The House that is Libra in our Vedic Chart counted from our Vedic Moon Sign
 (b) The House that is Libra in our Vedic Chart counted from our Vedic Ascendant sign (called the Lagna)

The Nodes Transit any Planets you have in the signs Aries and Libra in your birth chart:

Rahu or Ketu transiting over your natal planet I the signs of Aries and Libra will MASSIVELY affect your experience of the upcoming 18-month Nodal Transit – massively affect the manifestation of that planet in your life. See my upcoming Part 4 Blog Post and video on this.

Other current Predictive Factors also need to be understood:
Also of course we absolutely must also take into account the effects of other current predictive phenomena which set the backdrop to our life now and in the upcoming 18 months. Because these factors are unique and personal to each person, I’m just listing the factors and can’t cover these in a post or video: but I do include them when you book a Reading:
These are:

The Dasha
(Vedic Predictive Period and sub-period) we are in – and we need to understand and work with that. Dasha are more powerful than Transits, but their effect is more in the background.

Our Transits
in the coming 18 months – as I said, The Nodes Changing Sign starts with so many planets changing Sign:
This is because the Nodes of the Moon and also several planets change signs during April – crucially these are: Jupiter, Neptune and Saturn, but also Venus, Mars and Mercury.

So, this atmosphere of change, and of living on the edge of change, creates chilling, uncertain feelings, fear, uncertainty.

But it also has wonderful potential, if only we can identify it.
It actually has potential for deep-mining into our fuller new needed life and our needed new Persona.

We have to see that some things, some scripts, some patterns in our life must die, now.

And many of us will be searching now for what must be born anew, now – and hopefully many of us will find the new pathway forward for now.

We all have to realize that we will be feeling, to various degrees, upset, death and re-birth, major ‘Hinge of Change’.
And it is also so crucial to be aware, regarding the change of sign of the Nodes of the Moon that all planets are to one side of the Nodal Axis. So, this means that there’s also the fatedness, preposterousness and divisiveness of the ‘Kal Sarpa Yoga’ energy pervading this time too.

Our Varshaphal/Solar Return during this period – where is your Muntha in the Varshaphal chart? What is your Year Lord?

Our Secondary Progressed Moon (= Day for a year progressions) – quite a decisive predictive factor for your Year Ahead.

Your two wonderful and accurate Predictive Age Points from Psychodynamic Western Astrology. These are:
Our Individuation Age Point (Our unfolding awareness of the nature of our egoic self, and learning to manage that)
Our Nodal Age Point (the unfolding whisper of our soul to us from the Astral)
Now, because these above factors are so individual, I will not be adding a blog post and video about these. But understanding them for you individually and personally is crucial. Get a Reading from me where I will unite all factors in your life.

OK, so please now go on to the upcoming Part 1 blog post and video all about the Nodes changing SIGN into Aries and Libra, and then access the three further upcoming blog posts and videos, all about the Nodes changing Nakshatra, House and transiting our natal planets.

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