The Nodes of the Moon change sign 12th July : Destiny shifts!

Ketu image
Ketu, The South Node of The Moon in Vedic Astrology

The Nodes of the Moon move into new Vedic astrology signs on 12 July.

The Nodes of the Moon are:
the North Node, Rahu, and
the South Node, Ketu.

Rahu moves into Vedic sign of Virgo;  Ketu moves into Vedic Pisces.

The chart for the day after this change is shown below at the foot of this Blog posting in both western and Vedic astrology.

It shows how in fact Mars also  joins North Node Rahu to intensify the moment on 13th July!

Incidentally, Maggie’s Moon is at 1 vedic Aries, so Ketu is going over that now. My Moon is at 29 vedic Virgo so Ketu will go over my Moon too. My son’s Moon is opposite in Virgo. A big time for the family!

Ketu transit to Moon can bring illness or death to the mother which is what Maggie experienced. It’s tough for health.

The Nodes changing signs will bring the eclipses to the Pisces – Virgo Pisces axis for the next 18 months, with big effects if you have planets in that axis.

And when North Node, Rahu’s transit is on your ascendant or planet, it can be intense.

South Node, Ketu in Pisces will from now want you to change. It wioll want you to give up certain aspects of your life. It will want you to reject things in search for an idealistic or spiritual life. Changes will be unexpected and unplanned.

Note that the transition point between Vedic sign of Pisces and Vedic sign of Aries is a dangerous zone called the Gandanta zone (one of three zones where water sign gives way to fire). Ketu crossing over the Aries – Pisces Gandanta during July, will unblock many old issues. We will feel insecure and uncertain. We will find ourselves facing deep issues. And we need to break from our blocks and restrictions.  the South Node Ketu will slowly reveal spiritual knowledge to us as it continues its transit. We need to be open and aware.

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Western Astrology Chart for 14th July:

chart mars rahu conjunction western 13.7.14




Vedic Astrology Chart for 14th July:

chart 13.7.14 mars rahu conjunction vedic