The Nodes Change Sign Six Nakshatras now filter new unstable powerful Make or Break Rahu and Ketu Energy in your Life

A make or break new energy is flowing now – especially in the area of relationship. And this Blog pos,t and its associated video, about the Nodes of the Moon now transiting through the Nakshatras within the signs of Aries and Libra is crucial to read

What will this mean?

How should we handle this?

The Nodes of the Moon have entered the signs Aries and Libra: Rahu North Node has just transited into Aries, Ketu South Node has just transited into Libra.

And above all for this post: note that six new Nakshatras are now being affected by the Nodes of the Moon changing sign now. Absolutely read on below for the gems of unique wisdom offered by the Nakshatras, the Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology that so uniquely, so powerfully and so accurately describe YOU and YOUR PATTERNS, and are now being over-run by the powerful destined Nodal transit energies. What gems are offered to us by Nakshatras interpretaiton of our energies and the energies of these transits!
These six Nakshatras now being affected by the fated energy of the Nodes of the Moon in your life are:
Krittika, Rohini and Ashwini Nakshatras within the sign of Aries.
Vishakha Swati and Chitra Nakshatras within the sign of Libra.
Now – and for the coming 18 months.

I really hope this blog post and video will be helpful, and that it will be read and seen especially by those whose health and life path and above all, all those whose Relationship is being affected by this new energy flow. Affecting Aries and Libra, it powerfully creates a new ‘me first’ versus ‘Relationship’ balance.

Six deep powerful new energies are also about to flow because of the six new Nakshatras that the Nodes of the Moon will now transit through.
The Nakshatras are the wonderful 27 sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology. They are supreme for declaring our emotionally based consciousness and our Relationship scripts. Know a person’s Nakshatras, and you know the person! And you know how they will relate!

Note that this blog post covers the whole topic, but I am actually  splitting the filming of the videos into two, so as to avoid overwhelm. Here are the links:

The Pt 1 and the Pt 1 Contd Videos cover Krittika, Rohini and Ashwini Nakshatras within the sign of Aries, which Rahu is activating now.
The Nodes Change Sign Understand Krittika, Rohini and Ashwini make or break Energy
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The Pt 2 Video covers Krittika, Rohini and Ashwini Nakshatras within the sign of Libra, which Ketu is activating now.
The Nodes Change Sign Understand Vishakha Swati and Chitra make or break Energy
Pt. 2 Video: //

I’m already noticing pressure, instability and disturbance as the Nodes change signs now. Libra and Aries are affected massively, but so are the Nakshatras within Libra and Aries that the Nodes are transiting now and in the coming 18 months, and so are the other Nakshatras that are ruled by Rahu and Ketu. Especially it is the case that Swati ruled by Rahu and Ashwini ruled by Ketu are experiencing turbulence, health issues and big life-changes. Have you got planets there – in Libra/Aries signs? In Swati/Ashwini Nakshatras?

Positively, of course, this is: pressure, even ‘death and rebirth’ experience for each of us, for re-shaping our life path for the fuller expression of our incarnational life purpose, and it will be brought about at its highest, with centered spiritual awareness and with love.

But I’m noticing difficult pressures affecting Vishakha and Swati and Ashwini Nakshatras, for example: Issues definitely being created by the Nodes unstable energy of entering new signs, plus so many planets changing sign now, plus the potential for rant and divisiveness and tension of Kal Sarpa Yoga now.

On 12th April 2022, Rahu and Ketu, the Nodes of the Moon, change Sign into Aries and Libra – and this will bring major life changes in life path, energy and sense of self for most people. This sign-change of the Nodes of the Moon kicks off an energy change which will also be filtered by energy-nature of six newly-affected Nakshatras: three in Aries and three in Libra, and this alters the way we will feel, especially if we have planets in these Nakshatras, plus it progressively alters the energy of each of these Nakshatra’s ruling planets, as the Nodes transit through Nakshatra after Nakshatra, and pada after pada within the Nakshatras. The Nakshatras are a supreme and accurate and very ancient statement of our emotionally-based consciousness and behavioral patterns stemming from that, and of our relationship scripts.

By the way, note that this post and video is part of the following series of five blog posts and videos on the subject of the Nodes Change Sign. The different sections are as follows:
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Pt 2 The Nodes change sign activates six of your Nakshatras
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Pt 4 Major Life Shift Now The Nodes Change Sign Transits your Natal Planets
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We have all been feeling it coming, but how well have we identified it? How well have we chosen a new pattern or path within our life where that is needed?
I hope that this blog post and video will help each of us understand what sort of changes will come into our life, now, and how to prepare for them, and how to produce the most wonderful possible manifestation of them.

So, on April 12th, Rahu, the North Node of the Moon will enter Vedic Aries and Ketu the South Node of the Moon will enter Vedic Libra. The Nodes will stay in their new signs for 18 months.
They bring the Eclipses with them into the Aries-Libra axis.
Here’s the chart for the moment Rahu the North Node enters Aries, transiting there until 31.10.2023 when Rahu enters Pisces; Ketu the South Node transiting always opposite:








Rahu Transits Aries Nakshatras:

What we have to remember is that whilst in Aries, Rahu brings his driven fated energy to our experience of three Nakshatras and Rahu also aggressively activates their planetary rulers plus aggressively activating the planet Mars, the ruler of the sign of Aries. The three Nakshatras that fall within the sign of Aries are Krittika, Bharani and Ashwini.
Here’s some detail on what this will mean:

Rahu transits Krittika Nakshatra from 12.4.22 until 14.6.22:
This Rahu Transit of Krittika involves Krittika pada 1 only – this is because only the first pada of Krittika falls within the sign of Aries (the other three padas are in Taurus, and Rahu has already transited through these). Krittika Pada 1’s energy is daredevil and militant, but it is ruled by Jupiter with a focus on Dharma, and it is also Pushkara therefore can find Healing through its energies.
Note that Rahu transiting Krittika can overpower, but can also uncover hidden issues and combat darker forces.
Rahu in Krittika pada 1 is militant and this can include forceful ability to uncover what is hidden or struggle with darker forces and at its best can have the power to burn or cut away negativity, and nourish higher divine qualities.

Rahu North Node transits Bharani Nakshatra from 14.6.22 until 21.2.2023:
Bharani Nakshatra runs from 13°20′ – 26°40′ Aries and is ruled by Venus.
Bharani’s Yoni or power animal is the Bull Elephant.
Bharani’s quality is Fierce and Female.
Bharani is extreme with big transformations emerging.
Bharani inflicts oppression on others but Fights to liberate themselves (Freedom!). Rahu transiting here intensifies all of these energies in our consciousness and in our actions.
Bharani is Intelligent and witty and loves the fine things of life. Bharani is fanatical in beliefs. Bharani is very creative, artistic and into music and dance, can be pleasure-driven. Transiting Rahu will intensify all of this.
Yama the God of Death rules Bharani: Persons born in Bharani nakshatra tend to carry burdens throughout life. There can be a ‘Bharani Nemesis’. The special power or Shakti of Bharani allows for the taking of things away.
Their dark side is that they can be manipulative and seductive, and compelling. Can be cruel sinister and morbid. Rahu transit here can accentuate this too.
Bharani has to do with growing processes that emerge from wit­hin.  Its symbol is the vagina. What this amounts to is that Rahu transiting Bharani will encourage excess, whether they are indulging in sex or doing spiritual practice. They do not know when to stop. The energy will get very idealistic, defined and powerful, and can promote various sorts of financial gains.
Let’s look at the four padas of Bharani (all of them within Bharani Nakshatra), in the order that Rahu will transit through them:

Bharani Pada 4: 10°00′ to 13°20′ Aries Cancer pada:
Rahu enters Bharani pada 4 on 14.6.22, leaving Pada 4 on 16.8.2022.
The 4th pada of Bharani and 8th navamsha of Aries is ruled by Scorpio. It is important to realize that this is an Ashtamamsha Pada: with an 8th house transposition from Rashi to Navamsha, there is an inner tension created. There’s a lack of alignment between the natal chart and navamsha chart. This creates inner conflicts that pull the soul in two different directions, prejudicing the individual’s ability to achieve their soul purpose – though the conflict at its highest can lead to spiritual growth out of disconnection. Aries promotes the birth of the soul and Bharani promotes death. This Ashtamamsha intensifies this tension. Yama, the deity of Death and Lord of Bharani is strong here. There will be an unexpected transformation brought on by sudden endings affecting all planets here.

Bharani Pada 3: 20°00′ to 23°20′ Aries – Libra pada: Rahu enters Bharani Pada 3 on 16.8.2022, leaving pada 3 on 18.10.2022:
The 3rd pada of Bharani and 7th navamsha of Aries is Libra. It is important to realize that this is a Pushkara (Healer-like) navamsha. It works similar to Chiron the Wounded Healer. It will enhance all the planets and gives opportunity to heal wounds and difficulties.

Bharani Pada 2: 16°40′ to 20°00′ Aries – Virgo pada:
Rahu enters Bharani pada 2 on 18.10.2022, leaving pada 2 on 20.12.2022.
The 2nd pada of Bharani and 6th navamsha of Aries is Virgo. The critical nature can be harmful. Mercury is exalted here, Venus is debilitated. This oppositional combination creates relationship challenge.

Bharani Pada 1: 13°20′ to 16°40′ Aries – Leo pada:
Rahu enters Bharani pada 1 on 20.12.2022, leaving pada 1 on 31.10.2023 when Rahu enters Pisces.
The 1st pada of Bharani and 5th navamsha of Aries is Leo. This pada encourages the best potentials of Bharani: creativity, the fire of ideas, the urge to give birth and the regal warrior, though these people can be extremely self-centred and frequently offend others. Rahu will of course accentuate all this!

Rahu transits Ashwini Nakshatra:

This Rahu transit of Ashwini Nakshtra is from 21.2.23 until 31.10.2023 when Rahu enters Revati Nakshatra in Pisces (8 months).
The energy of Ashwini is birth, new life, springing up out of the void – and Healing. And Ashwini’s healing energy is that of the Ambulance man: rushing to the site of the accident and healing; not the let’s do therapy once a week for three years of talking approach!!!
It is so important to realize that Ashwini is ruled by Ketu the South Node, so the transit of Rahu the North Node here creates great turbulence.
The spiritual path belonging to Ashwini is that of a healer or shaman.
The Ashwini power animal is stallions streaking across the skies of dawn. They are pioneers, innovators and explores. They are heroic, courageous, restless, impatient, zest for life. There’s an energy of panic because they are arising out of the nothingness: out of the void (the Gandanta at the start of Aries) and as the Ashwini myth explains the panic can often be sexual in nature. Rahu transiting Ashwini will of course accentuate all of this.
They have a strong desire to be of service. The energy is magnetic and attractive, and are quick in speech and actions. Inconsiderate and irresponsible.
The key theme is to learn with Ashwini energy is to be the Horse Tamer. They have a danger of rushing into relationships that could destroy them, and to which their family may well be opposed, and they can only be lucky to escape these relationships later. They are prone to injuries through rushing about, especially ankles. There are two Ashwini horses, and they can run in different directions, so you have to try to harness their power and direct them (how good a horse trainer are you?). Interest in newness may cause a weakness in finish­ing things that wants to do things their own way too much and too impatiently.
The conundrum is that as Rahu transits Ashwini, and because Rahu moves only in retrograde motion, this nakshatra becomes the ending of the Rahu cycle rather than the beginning. Ashwini is ruled by Ketu, and thus is infused with past life issues. So, it’s important to be aware that Ashwini contains the final block for Rahu to overcome now, as a cycle of soul development ends. But if they learn to understand their patterns and their blocks to their growth, this transit can lead to wonderful life altering changes, now. And past life issues and people from past life can manifest now during Rahu’s transit of Ashwini, as Ashwini is ruled by Ketu the planet of past life karmas, and as Ketu as ruler of Ashwini is taking the impact of the driven ambitious transit energies of Rahu, this is taking the individual back to tangle with but hopefully to solve the issues of their past life.

Let’s look at the four padas of Ashwini nakshatra, all in the order that Rahu will transit throug hthem:

10°00′ to 13°20′ Aries – Cancer pada 4:
Rahu enters Ashwini pada 4 on 21.2.2023 and leaves for pada 3 on 25.4.2023.
The 4th pada of Ashwini and fourth navamsha of Aries is Cancer. Note that Mars energy gets debilitated here because of the Cancer influence, even though it’s in Aries which is ruled by Mars. The Cancer nature of Ashwini pada 4 creates an emotionalism which messes up Mars.  But be aware that Jupiter energy is strong in this Cancer pada so there is wisdom around to guide us in the right direction.

6°40′ to 10°00′ Aries – Gemini pada 3:
Rahu enters Ashwini pada 3 on 25.4.23, and leaves for pada 2 on 27.6.23:
The 3rd pada of Ashwini and 3rd navamsha of Aries is Gemini. The energy is humorous, communicative and sexually orientated.

3°20′ to 6°40′ Aries – Taurus pada 2:
Rahu enters Ashwini pada 2 on 27.6.23 and leaves for pada 1 on 28.8.23.
Rahu enters Ashwini Taurus, the 2nd pada of Ashwini and 2nd navamsha of Aries, where Taurus exalts Rahu energy with obsession, impatience, adventure and passion.

0°00′ to 3°20′ Aries – Aries pada 1:
Rahu enters Ashwini pada 1 on28.8.23 and leaves to enter Pisces (Revati Nakshatra) on 31.10.23.
This is the 1st pada of Ashwini and the 1st navamsha of Aries is Aries. It is vargottama: i.e. in the same sign in the Rashi as the Navamsha, so there’s very good and clear spiritual openings and soul messages – and this enhances the quality of planets placed in this division.
The first two degrees of Aries has Gandanta energy and thus when Rahu enters here, the material world is progressively torn aside to dematerialize things and open to the void and potential spiritual enlightenment. Rahu is completing the end of his soul journey for you as he nears the entry to Revati, so be careful to really examine your life for correct direction and correct connection to your spiritual inspiration, now.

Part 2

Ketu South Node Transits the Libra Nakshatras:

Ketu transits Libra from 12.4.22 to 31.10.2023. Ketu transiting Libra ABOVE ALL will challenge relationship, and may promote breakdown of relationship, so there is such a crucial need to be aware that the highest solution to what you might be feeling about relationship difficulties is actually not to criticize and melt down relationship but to achieve spiritual growth in your relationship. This is so very important to hear.

Note importantly that the issue may arise of karmic debt in the area of relationship stemming from past life. Doe this apply to you? Deleve into the matter to deeply understand it.
Transiting Venus will assume a very strong focus during this time. Ketu is inimical to Venus. So, beware relationship breakdowns that in fact should not occur. We should not become victim to over-critical behaviours, in fact the Ketu in Libra energy should be spurs to growth in new spiritual dimensions of your relationship and new healing.
Remember, Rahu is transiting Aries at this time and is full of impatient assertion. Obviously, Rahu in Aries is ‘Me First’. Be aware that this energy can be inimical to the spiritual and relationship growth that should be occurring with Ketu transiting Libra.
Be aware.

Another facet is that you may feel very torn and have a lot of learning to do from the challenge of balancing selfish Rahu in Aries with the weakness and ‘fairness’ of Ketu in Libra. You could keep losing your needed sense of self.
This is in fact a key time to work to become your Hero Self: successfully dealing with the opposite pulls of Rahu in Aries and Ketu in Libra.
Do vision work to make contact with your Hero Self. Learn embodiment of your Hero Self. Walk strong and fair amid the counter-pulls of Rahu in Aries and Ketu in Libra.

As Venus is a fast-moving planet, many different aspects of life will be highlighted one after the other. This really affects Libra and Taurus people, as Venus is their sign ruler. At times when Venus becomes debilitated during this transit, expect a challenging time for example in relationship. If Venus becomes exalted in this time, however, relationship and art issues will be very positive. Ketu’s impact on Venus can be bad for money issues. Watch out and make sure that does not happen.

In terms of past life issues, Ketu in Libra means an over-assertion of self was the problem in the past, and the person has to learn to be kind and helpful to others in this lifetime.

But in this lifetime, crucially note that Ketu transiting Libra will over-accentuate the urge to over-please, and will make you feel this acutely if you do not have good boundaries or if you go in for endless over-discussion.

Very importantly, Ketu transiting Libra can amplify an artistic talent you may have. Ketu transiting Libra can accentuate a past life artistic talent that may be under-expressed by you or lying dormant within you. This Ketu transit can spur you to express such an artistic talent with pioneering fervour and assertion.

Note especially that if your line of work involves working with people, you have a chance for doing very well with this Ketu transit of Libra.

The Nodes will also be transiting through three nakshatras in Libra. These are Vishakha, Swati and Chitra. Here’s a little detail on what these three tranits will mean:

Ketu transits Vishakha Nakshatra:
Note that Ketu transits Vishakha Nakshatra from 9.2.22 to 18.10.2022. Ketu enters Vishakha pada 4 from 9.2.22, but note that Vishakha pada 4 is outside Libra; it is in Scorpio. So Ketu does not enter the sign of Libra and Vishakha pada 3 until 12.4.22.
However, do also definitely note that it is the case people with planets in Vishakha are feeling this transit greatly already, not withstanding that Ketu has been transiting the Scorpio part of Vishakha. So if you have Sun there, health or weakness issues need to be avoided and managed.
Next, Ketu enters Vishakha pada 2 (also Pushkara) on 14.6.2022.
Then next, Ketu enters Vishakha pada 1 on 16.8.2022, leaving Vishakha for Swati Nakshatra on 18.10.2022.

Vishakha Nakshatra is powerful and dominant. Its symbol is the triumphant arch. Its power animal is the male tiger. Its Ruling Deity or Devata are variously: Agni, the God of Fire and Indra, the King of Gods and god of War, storms and rainfall. Divine energy of transformation.
Vishakha’s Nature is Vehement but also Mixed (sharp, but also a streak of soft energy): dreadful and soft in an active way.
The Vedic (sidereal) Libra first three padas of Vishakha are that part of Libra that is motivated toward righteousness and higher social causes and social righteousness.
Poisons of past lives can be held here. They can be dictatorial and ruthless and obsessional. They can be quarrelsome, bitter and resentful. They are fixed on their goals.
In this way, Vishakha is more or less the opposite of Swati, the next Nakshatra that Ketu will transit. This is because Swati can tend to a skittish nervous mind and its power animal is the nervy careering buffalo. Very different from Vshakha.

Ketu transits Swati Nakshatra:
Ketu transits Swati from 18.10.2022 to 27.6.2023.
As Rahu rules Swati Nakshatra, it is crucial to note that Ketu’s transit through Swati will create great inner turmoil, and it will create fated/destined energy pressures for change that have to be managed in a centred way and with spiritual awareness and love. Swatis are already very much feeling this turmoil.
You should also observe how Venus and Mars relate to each other during this transit, as you will feel these changes in your life. If Venus and Mars are placed in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house from each other, relationship can be difficult. With other easier aspects between Venus and Mars, relationship will feel more harmonious.
Here’s the time table for Ketu transiting through the four padas within Swati Nakshatra:
Ketu enters Swati pada 4 on 18.10.2022 – a Pushkara pada.
Ketu enters Swati pada 3 on 20.12.2022.
Ketu enters Swati Pada 2 on 21.2.2023.
Ketu enters Swati pada 1 on 25.4.2023

The ruling deity of Swati Nakshatra is Vayu, the wind god: the Air element, ideas, discussion, even over-discussion – and planning to produce income.
The power animal is the male buffalo, but it’s a very nervy buffalo – unstoppable and hard-working, yet veering left then right and very procrastinating.
All this denotes nerviness and heavy-energy scatter.
They are prone to over-running and panic.
They are restless, dexterous and roaming and rushing, adventurous and spooked.
There’s a nervy hard-working force of willpower and anger, blowing this way and that, agitated and destructive. They are independent. Also, they are artistic and musical.

Swati is the centre of Libra, which is the Sign that is all about balance, but Swati constellation is ideally about focused balance. But Balance can be a blessing or a curse. Balance can mean terrible loss of self. Balance can promote over-discussion, and so their incarnational goal is becoming their True Self.
And yet they are amid the relational sign of Libra, not self-centered.
So they are thus both healing and destructive.
They can be diplomatic, sometimes, and can be sweet-speaking and compassionate too (sometimes).

Sun is most deeply debilitated in Swati (Sun’s greatest Debilitation degree is: 10 deg Libra), so there can be lack of confidence and codependency, but also there’s the nervous reaction and driven independence against that!
Venus has great significance as the sign ruler of Libra.
Note importantly that Rahu rules Swati, and so this transit of Ketu promotes billowing waves of obsessional activity. In the case of this Ketu transit, Rahu and Ketu and Venus are combined!
If Mercury is there in Swati, too, in yoru birth chart, then speech patterns will be affected by Rahu and the person can be over-discussive or stuttering and speech can have an ‘edge’ to it.
Saturn reaches his highest exaltation in Swati. This gives the gift of sowing seeds for the future and long term planning, even though Swati is balanced up with qualities that are quite opposed to that, and Saturn can bring much-needed discipline, persistence, strategy and structure to Swati.

The Body Part of Swati is the Chest – they can have breathing/lungs/phlegm  issues.
The Gana is Divine: they can be Deva – angelic, loving and accommodating).
Each Nakshatra has a special power or Shakti, the power of Swati allows for scattering like the wind.

So, what will the Ketu South Node transit do for people with an emphasis in Swati in their birth chart?

Ketu severs and cuts and destroys – but for spiritual purpose if we can see it. Swati individuals may have some problems with the life they have, but at this time they need to be very careful, very careful to be aware that destruction is not the answer. They will feel the greatest tensions. The result of these must be to increase spiritual awareness, to pace themselves and focus on harmony.

Ketu transits Chitra Nakshatra:
Within the sign of Libra: Ketu transits Chitra from 27.6.2023 to 31.10.23.
Ketu enters Chitra Pada 4 from 27.6.2023.
Ketu enters Chitra pada 3 on 29.8.2023.
Note that Chitra padas 2 and 1 are in the sign of Virgo: Ketu enters Virgo and Chitra pada 2 from 31.10.2023.

The name Chitra means brilliant and shining. Chitra Nakshatra spans 23°40′ Virgo to 6°40′ Libra, and Chitra is ruled by:          Mars. So planets in Chitra take on a touchy, irritable, martial sharp energy – but if the person is in the Chitra part of Libra this prioritizes the Venus energy too. Sun in Chitra is a Warrior. But that is not at all the whole of the story: Above all, note that the symbol is the Pearl. Fist we see the dull shell, but when the shell is opened, the pearl shines. Chitras can have many downfalls in their like, but their life-purpose is to keep going, to polish up their pearl more and more, to shine more and more. This is so very important to realize.

The Deity ruling Chitra is Visvakarma, the Heavenly Architect, so they need to create something of beauty. The Power animal is the Female Tiger which gives an aggressive ruthless side to their nature.
The motivation is kama – desire, the Guna Triplicity is: Tamas, Tamas, Tamas. The Ayurvedic Dosha is Pitta. The Key Body Part is the neck and Chitras are prone to scoliosis. The Gana is Rakshasha – Demon. The Gender is Female. The Quality is Soft.
Principal Star is Spica. The pearl in the sky is the fixed bright star Spica. Chitra is the central Nakshatra with 13 nakshatras on either side, and Chitra contains the fixed star to which the sidereal zodiac is anchored: Spica at 0 deg Libra.
The Padas are: Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio

Chitras are charming, creative, artistic, magnetic, domineering and temperamental; argumentative, impatient and self-centered, courageous, enterprising and humorous. They love to wear bright colourful clothing and jewelry, though weak Sun in Chitra can harm their confidence to do this. Importantly, they never reveal their true feelings in social situations, and so they can only work with ‘front’ and this means they can be savagely attacked and completely misunderstood and viciously misrepresented, and subject to downfalls. They are ever questioning their identity and direction. But importantly, rising beyond all that horror, Chitras are mystical with deep spiritual depth. They receive sudden flashes of inspiration. Their Mars energy drives them to explore their souls and seek perfection, and if life does not rise to their perfection ideals, they lash out with their tiger claws.

But the point is that as and if they become more and more spiritual in their life-path, then ultimately they reach out further and further to the true beauty that is beyond form. Their goal must be to acquire merit and success in their work, ideally spiritual work. They are prone to meltdowns the deepest purpose of which is to renew their spiritual and artistic calling.

So what will it mean when Ketu South Node transits Chitra – the Libra part of Chitra?

Ketu is exalted in Chitra pada 4, the Scorpio pada of Chitra. So, Ketu transiting in this pada ruthlessly and sharply creates turmoil, with the ultimate divine purpose of breaking the containing dull hard shell of the oyster to reveal the pearl that the dull shell encases, to reveal the special creative spark that is the most powerful expression of the Chitra person’s soul in this lifetime.

Chitra pada 3 is vargottama and a place of ultimate weakness for the Sun (because it’s the Libra pada – this is true even though the Sun’s debilitation point is greatest in Swati at 10 deg Libra, and of course, if the Sun is in the first few degrees of Libra it will be further weakened by being rashi sandhi as well!). This pada is very self-centered, and often likes to rise through its manipulatively-created social circle. Ketu transiting in this pada is very dangerous for the person with Sun here. Experienced at its highest, Ketu transiting Chitra pada 3 is a fraught demand to melt down what is false and express the most spiritual possible potential of the creative path that is right for this person.

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