The Nodes change sign Pt 1 Nodes in Aries Libra Understand the huge factors at play now in your life

The Nodes change sign Pt 1 Nodes in Aries Libra Understand the huge factors at play now in your life
On April 12th 2022, the Nodes of the Moon change sign:

Rahu North Node transits Aries
Ketu South Node transits Libra

This blog post and video is all about Rahu entering Aries and Ketu entering Libra.

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Having surveyed all the energy factors affecting us in my Introduction blog post and video, in this Part 1 blog post and video we now start out on the heart of the matter: all about Rahu entering the sign of Aries, and Ketu entering the sign of Libra. We now ask: What is this new energy that we will be feeling as the Nodes of the Moon change signs?
Our focus in this Part 1 post and video is Rahu entering Aries for 18 months and Ketu entering Libra for 18 months. Here is the chart for the entry moment:




Rahu Transiting Aries:
Rahu enters Aries on 12th April, transiting there until 31.10.2023 when Rahu enters Pisces. What is the energy created by Rahu transiting Aries?

Rahu transiting Aries creates a warrior driven energy of independence and self-assertion, of pioneering, willfulness and leadership, of impatience and quickness. Aries is a free spirit who fights for the new and the unexplored and rejects the imposition of boundaries. It needs to be brave and fearless. It’s intense and like thrills. It gets irritated if you tell it to be responsible. It’s dictatorial.

It can, of course, also foster Rebirth. It needs rebirth.

The risks are burnout and selfishness, egoistic and hurtful to others. Rahu in Aries is driven by fear of failure and stubborn. Dominating and dictatorial and stronger.

Transiting Mars will assume a strong focus in your life during this time of Rahu transiting Aries, because Aries is ruled by Mars, and Mars is the warrior. Check out the position and standing of Mars in your Vedic and Western charts, then note that Rahu transforms Mars by adding in all these spawning boundaryless qualities

Transiting Mars also needs to be watched and understood in your life because it is so hyped for the coming 18 months by Rahu’s transit of Aries.

Rahu will also be transiting through the three Nakshatras in Aries in the coming 18 months: Krittika, Bharani and Ashwini. So understand and watch out for the effects of that dimension too.

Ketu transiting Libra:

Transiting Venus will assume a strong focus in your life during this time of Ketu transiting through Libra. Venus is fast moving, so look out for the many different aspects of life that will be emphasized. When Venus is exalted by its transit, look out for strong Venus energies in your life. When Venus is debilitated, be prepared to manage difficulties with the manifestation of Venus energies in your life.

As I said, above, Rahu’s transit of Aries will accentuate Mars energies, so check out how Venus and Mars are connecting to each other during this 18-month Nodal transit, e.g., if they are in 6th, 8th, or 12th house from each other, be prepared to deal with difficulties.

The Nodes will also be transiting through three nakshatras in Libra: Vishakha (first 6 months), Swati (next 8 months) and Chitra (last 4 months). So, see my separate upcoming blog post and video on the Nodes transit through the Nakshatras of Aries and Libra for detail about the energies these will create.

The key fact to be aware of is that Ketu’s transit through Libra will have a big effect on your relationship.

It will bring focus on relationship issues that might create a sort of melt-down or rejection, but at its highest this will tend to spiritualize relationship and so strengthen it.

Beware giving in to critical rejection, when you should rather work to heal the relationship. Karmas running in your relationship will need to be identified. Get a Reading from my on your Relationship Scripts. Get a Relationship Reading from me of your relationship with your partner. These readings are so thorough, learned, healing and helpful. Do a needed Past Life Journey with me.

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Ketu’s transit through Libra will also accentuate whether Libra’s pleasant nature is too self-destroying and disempowering in your case. That must be worked against if you feel this is the effect.

It will bring to your attention if your diplomacy is harmful to your life expression and your life path.

This transit of Ketu through Libra will accentuate the question of how you manage your Boundaries: are you too fierce in your imposition of boundaries, or are you too weak and have damagingly poor boundaries?

Remember Ketu damages Venus – and Venus rules Libra. Beware rejecting for over-critical reasons. If you do this, it will all only happen again. So, work to heal relationship instead where possible.

Increase the spiritual awareness and healing within the relationship – yet preserve needed sense of self: it’s a complex balance. See the other’s point of view, but avoid co-dependent patterns.

Remember, Rahu in Aries at this time will be very me-first, obsessional and ambitious. So, don’t let that crush your relationship and leave you grieving. But make sure that Rahu in Aries doesn’t give rise to too ‘me-first’ assertion and that Ketu in Libra doesn’t give rise to too false relationship scripts or codependency, etc.

Do be aware for Ketu transiting Libra (ruled by Venus) bringing out your latent or event past-life artistic talents. And with Rahu in Aries at this time, you need to be prepared to be more independent and pioneering with your artistic talent now.

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