The New Moon of March 21st has so much power we need to clearly know what’s involved, then to choose and strategize

Orientating ourselves to this so powerful New Moon is best done by consciously putting together pieces of the jigsaw – And then becoming the decisive and aware Healer of our life. This New Moon offers us the chance to walk forward healed and fuller into our power.

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And there is also a Vision Journey video to go with it for those who feel vision journey creates a picture of the energies which comes alive leading us to better visualization and decision making:

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OK, So there are actually FIVE pieces to the Jigsaw that we need to understand and order and select from if we are to respond to the wonderful opening that is offered now by this March New Moon:


Sun and Moon in Pisces in UttaraBhadra Nakshatra: Nurturing and great vision potential.


Six planets in Pisces! Vision and Healing of our broken faith.


Venus conjunct Rahu North Node, Pluto and Lilith square the Nodes. Power and Shadow and Wild Self.

This New Moon coincides with the Spring Equinox.


Saturn, Lord Shani Lord of Karma in Aquarius/Shatabishak Nakshatra = Order and Structure to realize you Visions.

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So, now get ready for this March 2023 New Moon! A New Moon is the start of a lunation period. The next New Moon is actually an Eclipse. It’s on 6th April with the Moon at 21 Virgo and the Sun at 21 Pisces. Dam-burst energy. Use this March New Moon to get ready! As I said, there are five pieces to the Jigsaw:

The first piece of the Jigsaw:

First of all let’s look at the sign where this Sun and Moon are:

The New Moon is Sun and Moon at 6 deg Pisces in the Vedic Sidereal Zodiac, in UttaraBhadra, the 26th of the 27 Nakshatras. That’s 0 deg Aries in the Western Tropical zodiac.

It’s in the Leo pada of UttaraBhadra, ruled by the Sun, where ego rears its head.

It straddles opposite aspects of the human behaviour because on the one hand, its power animal is the Cow. But on the other hand, its Devata is Ahir Budhyana: the snake that dwells in deep waters: The Snake teacher.

Its Symbol is the back Legs of coffin or death bed. This and its Devata signifies potential for exit from this word through spiritual maturity or enlightenment, through ‘serpent death and rebirth consciousness’ and also through dreams, dream-like states and vision work.

And note that Mercury/Sun/Moon/Neptune are actually the apex of a Psychic Eye chart aspect shape, the base of which is Venus/Rahu sextile Saturn (love ambition and realism/needed work).

And the terrible star of destruction Scheat is at orb 1 deg of the Sun and the Moon!!! Positively this is letting go of what must be destroyed so as to arise healed and new.

The second piece of the Jigsaw:

Secondly, we must also be aware that Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter and Chiron are also in Vedic Pisces as well as the Sun and Moon. Six planets in Pisces!

And with Neptune and Jupiter: what capacity for vision, insights and openings. Be open. It is amazing what insights can land unexpected upon us at this time. Be open to that!

And Jupiter is in the final Nakshatra: Revati whose deity is Pushan, the shepherd who leads souls to god, the nourishing face of The Divine.

And more than that: Jupiter is conjunct Chiron in Revati. This conjunction offers us healing and renewal of our broken faith, the chance to leave behind damaging scripts from our past, loose our Fears and embrace our Potential and stand and walk forward strong! With Faith in ourself! With Healing!

The third piece of the Jigsaw:

Goodness, there’s activation of our incarnational life purpose, of our Fate, of our Destiny in this life: Rahu North Node, Venus, Pluto Lilith!!!

Venus is conjunct Rahu the North Node. Rahu the North Node is at 11 Vedic Aries in Ashwini Nakshatra, have courage to attempt romantic conquest, to revitalize your existing love relationship, to heal its scripts. Ashwini is ruled by Ketu. The Nodes are mixed up. Past Live issues and our incarnational future life direction in this lifetime are getting melded together now.

Power and Shadow come into it too! Pluto is square the Nodal Axis (as well as Pluto being square Venus of course) Pluto is at 5 deg Capricorn in UttarAshadha Nakshatra).

Opposite Pluto, Lilith (at 13 Cancer) is ALSO square the Nodal axis.

Explore your Shadow. Discover your Power (in contact with your Wild Side) and be ambitious for Love.

Remember, Ketu, South Node is of course opposition Rahu North Node. So Ketu is transiting through Libra the sign of relationship, bringing melt-down derived great healing potential in that area for everyone – if they are open to it and prepared to dig deep into childhood experiences and destiny stuff etc. Ketu is transiting Swati Nakshatra which is ruled by Rahu. Be ambitious to go forward aware of an healing your past life issues that affect this time of your present life.

I must add two further pieces of the Jigsaw:

The Fourth Part of the Jigsaw:

This Full Moon is of course the day after the Spring Equinox: Be the rising warmth and light of the Sun now.

So many of the ancient monuments of Ireland’s First Farmers around where I live are orientated to the Equinoxes and Solstices. It is so important to align with the energies of our Earth.

Your sap rises. Life is quickening. Brave green shoots arise from the dark soil. Stretch. Awaken. Leave the cave of Winter.

Mars is now transiting Gemini at 4 deg watch out for ranting and attack speech. Use speech wisely and with energy. Don’t let verbal dramas spoil your intuitive openings, your growth and healings or your love!

The Fifth and Final Part of the Jigsaw.

Saturn is at 7 deg Aquarius in Healing/Metaphysical Nakshatra Shatabishak. Lord Shani, Saturn, his practicality diligence and hard work can help us identify and preserve what is worth saving in our life now, and what to discard. Saturn will help us have a more practical outlook. Saturn will help us bring to termination negative karmas prevailing so far in our life and Saturn will help us now manifest pending karmas we came in with. Saturn energy will help you perceive and address your negative qualities. Saturn energy can help you come out of your vicious cycles now. Meditate on Saturn to balance  the need for Revolution now (Uranus is now transiting in Aries) to let go of your patterns that are not life-supporting and that are in conflict between your need for freedom, with the equally important need to establish order and structure in your life.

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