The New Moon of 30th May promises wealth if we can negotiate two Dangers

The New Moon of 30th May promises wealth if we can negotiate two Dangers from Star Aldebaran and Mercury with Saturn.
If you hear what these dangers are and how to manage them, your chances of creating your wealth and holding on to it increase.
The New Moon of 30th May 2022 has Sun and Moon at 14 Vedic Taurus, in wealth-orientated Rohini Nakshatra.
That’s 9 Gemini in the Tropical zodiac of Western Astrology.

See the Part 1 Video all about the Astrology of this New Moon
See the Part 2 video offering you a suggested vision work outline to handle these New Moon energies for the best.

You can see the charts for this New Moon in the May 2022 page in my Starwheel Astrology website.

The New Moon in Taurus, and in Rohini Nakshatra, is all about wealth, and coming into wealth. And this could happen for you, especially if you are mindful of the other factors identified here and take the right actions.
Jupiter is conjunct Mars at the time of this Lunation giving extraordinary energy.

But be careful in what way your huge energy is used now.

The star energies of this New Moon are dangerous.
Mercury’s energy is dangerous.

So, how do I summarize all these huge energies that we need to be aware of, if we are to manage our situation sensibly at the time of this New Moon?

The energies are favourable for wealth creation. But you really do need to be aware of the other problem energies around – energies that could send your wealth impetus into a rail-crash. These dangerous energies come from the fact that this New Moon is conjunct the Fixed Star Aldabaran and also from the fact the Mercury is Retrograde and square Saturn and conjunct the dreadful Fixed Star Algol at the time of this New Moon.

So, let’s aim to do work to overcome the possible dangers and let’s seek to reap the harvest promised by New Moon in Taurus

As a first step, let’s look at the energy components:

What’s the nature of a New Moon?

New Moon is the start of a Lunation. We need to attune to the energies and seek to manage them as the Moon waxes to full, and then wanes to complete this Lunation at the time of the next New Moon. I suggest a possible meditation outline for you in my usual separate Lunation vision-work video.
You need to be aware of what House this New Moon falls in in your chart, calculated from your Rising Sign, but also calculated from your Moon sign.

And you need to be aware of the standing of Venus in your chart. This is because Venus is the ruler of Taurus the sign where this new Moon occurs. (A danger that we would need to overcome would be if your Venus is Fallen in Virgo in your chart, or if your natal Venus was conjunct Saturn for example).

Check out if the House in your chart which is Taurus is a Bhadaka House (carrying a karmic weakness) as is the case for 11th house in the case for Cancer rising)

Seek now to do work within your New Moon visualization/meditation to identify your possible wealth creation way forward and also to name and joust with your impediments to wealth-attraction!

See the Pt. 2 video where I suggest a possible visualization.

Moon in Taurus
Factor 2 is Moon in Taurus. Taurus is all about Keeping things stable and possessing, patient and steady and loves wealth and pleasure. Taurus is a fixed Earth quality, it’s very good for the moon which is our emotional state.

Taurus wants to create stability and structure and order, but they must be careful not to cling too much to form and to the things they’ve made an emotional commitment to.  Beware being too resistant to change and clinging to situations that they would be better to let go of.  Don’t place more importance on stability rather than growth let go of things once their time is done.

The New Moon in Taurus, and in Rohini Nakshatra, is all about wealth, and coming into wealth. And this will happen for you, especially if Taurus is your 11th House of gains, for example (Vedic Cancer rising) or maybe your 2nd House or your 8th House – and if your Dasha (Vedic Predictive Period) is ruled by planets favouring wealth in your chart).

Moon in Rohini Nakshatra

Wealthy, abundant and lustful for life, the Moon in Rohini Nakshatra (which it rules) actualizes comfort and security and all things pleasurable like food and sex – and art. Stubborn, lavish, elegant and indulgent.
The power animal of Rohini is the Bull. And the stars of Rohini depict a bull pulling a wain (or cart) filled with plenty.

But note that one of the royal fixed stars, Aldebaran, is positioned here in Rohini, giving this specific portion of the zodiac its notoriousness. This this New Moon is conjunct Aldabaran – see below

Incidentally, and this is not active at the time of this New Moon, but just to let you know: dangerous events occur 19 – 24 deg Taurus (the end of Rohini Nakshatra), due to star Rigel being there. Rigel deals with great wealth but Rigel is Treacherous.

Jopiter is conjunct Mars

Jupiter is conjunct Mars at the time of this Lunation, giving extraordinary energy, courage and initiative.

But be careful in what way this huge energy is used now.

Choose your strategy, but take care not to fall into the dangers that are around. Don’t rush into downfall and loss of opportunity.

Beware over-confidence. Beware ungrounded over-expansiveness.

Now we come to the first big danger in this Lunation: Star Aldebaran

Aldebaran partakes of the nature of Mars. Its energy favours gain of honours and wealth, BUT with the danger of losing them.

Be so careful not to rush into a possibility of making wealth in a way that creates a danger of losing your gains.

Aldeberan can bring sickness which might mean you could not maintain the needed energy to develop your wealth opportunity.

The energy of Aldeberan can be restless and riotous, full of ingenuity, but parting of folly and pride. Courage but ferocity. Results may not last. Learn how to deal with your fears, so as to grow and become the hero and thus maximize your current wealth increase possibility – and hold on to it.

Now we come to the second big danger in this Lunation: Mercury – Saturn – Algol
Mercury is Square Saturn, where Mercury is also conjunct the dreadful Fixed Star Algol

Mercury is square Saturn with an orb of one degree on the day of this New Moon. The square is actually completely exact on 2nd 3rd and 4th June (Mercury is Retrograde until 2nd June. Saturn goes retrograde on 4th June). Both planets have very slow velocity in the heavens, and the slower a planet’s motion, the deeper it carves its effects.

What is the energy of Mercury square Saturn?

At its highest its all about Depth of thought. Mental work. logical thinking. Thoroughness. Concentration. The ability to come straight to the point. The ability to organize. Industriousness. The application of method. Philosophical thinking.

But its negative manifestation is inhibited mental activity. distrust, shyness, narrow-mindedness, a conservative attitude. Self-willed, obstinate. Clumsiness or heaviness. Endures suffering without yielding.

So, will you go for depth of thought and careful planning at this time?
Or will you go for slow but sure?
Or will you go for difficult and laborious rise in life?

The huge problem is that Mercury is conjunct star Algol. The Head of Medusa. Misfortune, violence, dogged nature, glamorous power of attraction and great seductive beauty. Disastrous brutality and violence. Accidents and injuries.

So, in conclusion, how do I summarize all these huge energies that we need to be aware of if we are to manage our situation sensibly at the time of this New Moon of 30th May 2022?

If you are engaged in or embarking on an initiative to create wealth or income, focus now to formulate it – and launch it it if it’s still on the drawing board. But beware overdrive and impatience. Ensure that you have your project adequately formulated and thought out. Your energy will rise, but beware impatience and risk-taking. It is so good to do a visualization at the time of a New Moon, and my part 2 Video suggests an outline that you can personalize to your own needs and do at the time of this New Moon, and during this lunation which lasts through the Full Moon on 14th June and up to the next New Moon on 29th June.

So, Good Luck with your income-creating strategies and initiatives. Go for them. But beware letting dangerous energies come into their manifestation at this crucial time.

All luck, happiness and success,


Pt. 2 Possible Vision Work Outline:

As always, sit in a quiet place, feet on the ground, calm yourself and centre. See the Part 2 Video which suggests possible outlines for your vision work with this New Moon

Make sure you have read my outline of the energies within this New Moon that are in my blog post and video.

Focus now on what you are doing now to create wealth, whether this is ongoing work or whether this is bringing in a new wealth-creating project. Focus more and more steadily on this.

Take time now to develop your awareness of what you are actually feeling around this wealth-creating project.

How do you feel about the actual work?

In what way does it fulfill and satisfy you?

How do you feel about it?

What hopes do you have around it?

What fears do you have around it?

What self-doubts and disbeliefs do you have?

What negative scripts do you have around success?
What negative scripts do you have around keeping things going?

How well do you handle money and hang on to it?

What is your attitude to the pace of work unfoldment at this time?

Are you telling yourself you are going to ‘power through it?’ Are you in a rush of haste?

Or are you being very slow and deliberate?

Assuming you have come to the feeling that you can indeed commit to your project now, the first step is to overcome our fears and doubts. They are there to test us in becoming the Hero that we need to become.

Joust with them now. See the fears and doubts. Wrestle with them. Determine to come out the Victor.

Now go forward into the project as the Hero.

See yourself walking forward at realistic pace.

See your road ahead with your project.

Take time to see and define the Harvest you aim to reap at the end of this path you are on.

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