The Morrigan is the Goddess of Sovereignty and Just War – worldwide course

The Morrigan
The Morrigan

The Morrigan is the Goddess of Sovereignty and Just War of the ancient Irish. She is our strong sense of the sovereignty of our self and our life. If that sovereignty is invaded, devalued or sullied, she is victorious in its defense.  And She is now re-entering the modern consciousness. See this video.

If you learn to develop clear perception of The Morrigan’s face and appearance, this is a great aid to achieving visionary contact and relationship with Her. The is one of the methods Michael Conneely teaches through the Druid Forest School.

When at first we seek to make contact, her image if unclear to us at first, as this video shows.

But as this video also shows, when we come to its ending, we can be blessed to come then to a clear perception of Her beauty, Her true authority, Her ethical concern and Her defence of sovereignty.

Through relating to The Morrigan we can come to a clear understanding about the crucial area of human life that she represents in the great order of creation: sovereignty, truth and defense.

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

In the Druid Forest School’s worldwide Course, we approach Her by studying different perspectives on the history of her long relationship with the ancient Irish – and Her present re-emergence into the consciousness of these present times.

We learn ways of achieving contact and of strengthening that relationship. A crucial step is to develop ‘clear appearance’ of Her, this strengthens the development of visionary contact and relationship.

Changes that will follow in our bodily energies, our states of mind and confidence. The changes in the level of our emotions, our clarity, our purpose and our power in our life path can then be awesome.

The Morrigan grants us empowerment. She grants us the needed deep sense of the sovereignty of our life. She imbues us with an innate sense and a deep natural knowing of how to marshal our defense at all times.

She gifts us with strategic clarity and self-value – and she bestows us with the power to defend what is our due, our right.

In Michael Conneely’s worldwide Druid Forest School Courses, we learn ways to make visionary contact with the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish.  We learn special visionary techniques like ‘clear appearance’. We benefit from the perception offered by our astrology. Care wisdom and knowledge helps us along the path to our power, beauty and special achievement in life.

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