The Mars-Saturn Conjunction is exact on 24th August 2016 : where will it fall in your birth chart?

Michael burnsall crop bestThe date of the current Saturn – Mars conjunction that is now passing through Vedic Scorpio will become exact is 24th August 2016.

It becomes exact at 15 deg Vedic Astrology Scorpio, which is 10 deg western astrology Sagittarius

For me, in my Vedic Astrology, this conjunction forms exact right on top of my Arudha Lagna which is in Scorpio.


It’s pretty important to have this perception and understanding. How will you deal with it’s difficult energy? How will it effect your current transits and Vedic Predictive periods called Dasas? Formulate a goal or vision statement in your mind of what you want it to be for you. Draw the ‘you’ of this vision statement (it only takes ten minutes). Stand up an embody the ‘you’ that you would like to see as a result of this energy entering into your life. Of course we all need to be flexible and adjust to the future tides and changes, but it is best to have a direction, a Goal!

Here’s my interpretation of what this transiting conjunction forming on one’s Arudha Lagna means:

One’s Arudha Lagna is a very important part of one’s Vedic Astrology Natal or Rashi Birth Chart, indeed.

One’s Arudha Lagna delineates how you seem to project into the world: in other words: how others see you.

This is not at all the same as your Lagna (The Ascnedant) which depicts how you actually present into the world.

One’s Arudha Lagna is therefore part of one’s Maya or Illusion.

In a group exercise, where members are asked to guess other’s ‘Sign’ I found people often guessed I was a Scorpio.
In other words they picked up on my Maya. It was my Arudha Lagna that they sensed.

If the rather dread Saturn-Mars conjunction falls on a planet in your birth chart, this will have a truly massive meaning in your life, ‘for good or ill’ as it used to be said, or: ‘for massive transformation’ as is rightly said these days.

sun sign danceI believe that, in my case, these two dread Lords will bring a strengthening and solidifying to my projection in the world, because of all the hard work I am steadfastly trying to get together this year. I believe that through hard work a harvesting of the qualities of my Arudha Lagna will be manifested.

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Here the chart in both Vedic and Western Astrology for the moment of the exact Saturn-Mars Conjunction on 24.8.16:
Michael Saturn Mars Conjunction 24.8.16

Michael Saturn Mars conjunction 24.8.16 chart