The Lunar Eclipse of Saturday 25th May 2013 – what does it mean for you?

eclipse lunar 3My interpretation of the main meaning of this 25th May eclipse is that with the Nodes of the Moon being on the Vedic Libra – Aries axis, this is mainly going to have an effect of undamming the currently on-going issues of self-assertion balanced with the call to relationship.
This is because Saturn is transiting through Vedic Libra (western Scorpio) from 4.8.2012 to 2.11.2014, and Rahu is transiting through Vedic Libra from 15.1.2013 to 13.7.2014. They are both malefics, and together they have been bringing pressure into our personal lives, especially in our love life.
The Eclipse of 25th May will further undam tensions in your life around these ongoing relationship issues. If you’ve been experiencing some deep relationship pressures, especially since January 2013, these should sort out the issues and the stresses in a sort of make or break way, if you have not properly addressed any problematic scripts you bring to relationship. The ideal is to shed your old dysfunctional scripts around relationship issues, like the serpent sheds its skin.
AND when Jupiter enters Vedic Gemini on May 31st, forming a beneficial aspect to Saturn and Rahu, you will get further help from June 2013 until June 2014, with Jupiter bringing you auspicious greatness and wisdom into the relationship area of your life. You can expect some wisdom and intelligence.
You will have the happiest relationship if you share a spiritual tradition with your partner, but if you are just “out for yourself” the big lesson you will learn has to do with selfishness and sharing.
The Full Moon of May 25th is in a square aspect to Neptune at 5 Pisces. The risk therefore is that you will wallow in confusion and get nowhere, but of course, Neptune in Pisces is visionary, so the great achievement would be to compassionately work for visualised shared purpose with your partner. Belief and trust and surrender is the call. Letting go is called for.
Western Scorpios will have a big effect from this eclipse, and will feel it coming before-hand. This is because western Scorpio (and the end of western Libra) is Vedic Libra, and so the pressure to sort out any shadow areas in your relationship is pervasive and potentially explosive: so be compassionate and don’t get into drama. Heal the energies in a spiritual way. Work lovingly with your partner.
The eclipse is on the 2nd House- 8th House axis for western Scorpios, so it will be good for undamming issues of value in your life, and good for your wealth and finances, but especially good for shared monies, inheritances and joint work incomes.
People with Sun in Sagittarius where the eclipsed Moon is, should beware being abrasive or dogmatic.
Mars is strong and people with Sun in western Gemini should be careful, because the eclipse Sun is there too, and they should beware pointless explosions and dramas.
Western Virgos have the eclipse in their 10th house of career, so there will be undamming there for good or ill.
Western Aries could have sudden revolutionary change for good or catastrophically bad, because Uranus is transiting in Aries, and they, like western Capricorns are caught up in the famous transiting Uranus-Pluto square that is full of total revolution, which should be so good for western Capricorns. Though for Capricorns, this eclipse in in their 12th House which should bring unconscious material to the fore to energise and propel them and give them truth about themselves.
On a personal note, I did post Blogs on both of the earlier 2013 eclipses, and you may remember I predicted career success for the Solar Eclipse of 10th May, and then I posted after it saying that was indeed what had happened for me! Well, this eclipse of 25th May is on my Mars, and I already feel a big wave of up-coming Mars energy and am achieving lots!
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Here is some more technical detail:

Lunar Eclipse 25.5.13   at 04.25 hrs at 9 Vedic Scorpio   (Western 3 Sagittarius) (Sun opposite Moon)
This is the third eclipse of 2013.
The first eclipse was the lunar eclipse of 25th April at 11.6 Vedic Libra (western 5 Scorpio) (Sun opp Moon).
The second eclipse was the Solar Eclipse of  10.5.13  at 24 Vedic Aries (western 19 Taurus) (Sun conj Moon).
Eclipses’ effects are hard to predict and they are associated at the mundane level with earthquakes and tsunamis. They have the general effect of undamming stagnant or stuck energy for good or ill in the life of the individual. Very generally speaking, eclipse on the Ascendant can be dangerous. Eclipse on a benefic planet can be favourable. Eclipse on a malefic planet can bring ills.
For this upcoming eclipse, using the western astrology signs, the Moon is at 3 Sagittarius, Sun is at 3 Gemini (opposite the Moon), and the Sun is together with three planets: Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. The western and Vedic charts for this eclipse are below.
However, the Nodes of the Moon which are always part of any Eclipse are just over the border into the next sign. So Rahu, the North Node of the Moon is at 16 Scorpio. And Ketu, the South Node of the Moon is at 16 Taurus conjunct Mars at 25 Taurus.

Vedic Chart for the Eclipse:

Chart Vedic Eclipse 25.5.13

Western Chart for the Eclipse:

Chart Western Eclipse 25.5.13