The Lunar Eclipse of April 25th 2013 – More Detail

Please see my full report on this Lunar Eclipse posted yesterday. This Blog is posted just to give a micro-detail summary and to show the actual spatial arrangement of the Sun, Moon and Earth that is involved in a Lunar Eclipse.
Because this is a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon. This is a most important line-up for each one of us because the Earth is our body, the Moon is our Emotions/Mind/Consciousness, and the Sun is our Soul (our individual spark of Jiva Atman). And so the Eclipse makes us feel dreadful if these three are not aligned in our lives! and earthquakes and tsunamis occur in our lives which could jolt us back into alignment. Because the eclipsed Moon is in Vedic Libra, we are called to get the way we relate right. But because the eclipsed Sun is in Vedic Aries, we are called to get the way we assert our individuality right. It’s all about good and wholesome balance in accord with our soul needs for this incarnation. Too much of the Sun in Aries and maybe we are the terrorist hurling bombs. Too much of the moon in Libra and maybe we are giving away our personal power and strength. I believe the fact that Saturn and Rahu (North Node) are also in Libra means that there is a real focus for humanity, for each one of us to get the issues of relationship right at this time. Saturn and Libra conjoined is a real powerful focus. Of course Vedic Astrology also has its wonderful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac and the eclipsed Moon is in the Vedic Lunar Sign (Nakshatra) called Swati, which is all about scattering our seeds and our gifts, but the scatter must come from a sound centre, not be driven scatter. And Swati is all about commerce and deal-making, so the eclipse could wake us up to that principle in our life. Are we adequately valuing ourselves and others in our transactions?
ECLIPSE Lunar Eclipse diagram

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