The Lessons of Saturn Retrograde from March 25th to 13th August 2016

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

This time, Saturn is retrograde at the same time as Mars and Mercury are also retrograde:
Retrograde Saturn:   March 25th at 22 Vedic Scorpio until 13th August at 15 deg Vedic Scorpio.
Retrograde Mars: April 17th at 14 Vedic Scorpio to June 30th (Mars is actually back in Vedic Libra from 18th June to 12th July).
Retrograde Mercury:  April 28th, at 29 deg Aries, until May 22nd at 20 deg Aries. And again from 30th August at 4 deg Virgo to 22nd September at 20 deg Leo.

Sani, Lord of Karm
Sani, Lord of Karm

Transiting Saturn retrograde occurs about a year apart. The retrograde period lasts about eighteen weeks and it spans about seven degrees at a time.

During the period of Saturn transiting retrograde, you will feel fear, restriction and limitation. You will be called to work hard against blocks so as to succeed with your responsibilities.

Most importantly, you should be able to identify a special message Saturn is asking you to work with and sort out. It could relate to the message of Saturn in your birth chart.

This time will include a need for deep introspection. Pause during this time. Assess. Reassess. Redefine your direction and strategies for the date when the retrograde of Saturn is over.

Saturn retrograde in Scorpio promises you death and rebirth – if you are sincerely attending to the lessons of life that Saturn is presenting you with now. With Saturn being in Scorpio, there can be a call to overcome and put behind you, blocks to commitment in relationship, and being held back by habitual bitterness or distrust. Leave bitterness behind. Be reborn.

The house in your birth chart where Saturn is now transiting will reveal the area of life where Saturn’s effect will especially be felt, where you will especially be tested. This is the house occupied by the Vedic sign of Scorpio.

If we respond to Saturn’s particular call that he is sending us now, he will reward us with golden reaping. If we fail to respond to his call, we will feel suffering and sadness and maybe often experience ill health and professional downfall of some sort.

By the time Saturn stations direct, you should ideally have learned the specific special lesson that Retrograde Saturn was sending you this time and be prepared to achieve and be recognised.

Here is the chart for Saturn turning retrograde on March 25th:

Saturn goes retro 25.3.16 chart













Saturn goes retro 25.3.16 Planet Posit


Notice that Saturn is the apex of a T-square.
The planets Saturn T-squares are Jupiter Rahu (North node) on the one hand.
And on the other hand he squares a wide stellium of Neptune, Venus, Ketu (South Node) and Chiron.

A T-square is a chart aspect shape where tension builds up at the poles of the opposition and then discharges through the apex planet: Saturn!!!

But this does mean that practical results can be achieved. Remember that!

Let’s look at some of the constituent energies it would be well to know about and be prepared to deal with:

Saturn square Neptune is so tense. Neptune craves vision and liberation (at best) while Saturn calls to restriction and limitation. This can even create disappointment, depression or grief.

Saturn square Venus can be full of grief: Venus is quite distressed at this time, being not only opposition Jupiter-Rahu (see next below) but Venus square Saturn can mean depression and loneliness to deal with successfully in love, can mean a feeling of shortage of money.

Venus opposition Jupiter can mean energy of excess and denial.

Jupiter square Saturn can break down structures or long-held beliefs leaving you feeling pessimistic, uncertain and unsure about your future. Any area of your life that has gotten out of control or is creating this tension will be subject to the strong hand of Saturn.

By the time that Saturn goes direct on 13 August 2016, we should have made progress with his special individual retrograde-period message for us.

Here is the chart for the 13.8.2016 when Saturn goes Direct again:

Saturn goes direct 13.8.16 chart













Saturn goes direct 13.8.16 Planet pos








And then there’s a different challenge to do with love: there is the Venus opposition Neptune aspect in the heavens. This is the ideal, yet the ideal that is in practice not possible to achieve in this life. So it can be too critical. It can be the Pied can be confusing or illusionary, though it can inspire us if we handle it right and it can be visionary. And it can be the martyr!!!

Saturn finally leaves the retrograde zone on 19 November 2016:

Saturn leaves retro zone 19.11.16 chart





Saturn leaves retro zone 19.11.16 Planet pos








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