The Legacy of Inauguration Day and New US President

I have mentioned the charts for the new US President Joe Biden and for the Inauguration day 20.1.2021, a number of times in this newsletter. You can see these charts on my January 2021 website page.

You will see that this month of February very much carries on the dangerous divisive energies that are in the Inauguration Day chart such as:
Mars conjunct Uranus
Kal Sarpa Yoga
The Jupiter Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn
Neptune square the Nodal Axis
Mars, Uranus and Moon are all in Ashwini Nakshatra in early Aries, and Ketu the ruler of Ashwini is in the 8th House.
It is very important to be aware that to have a concentration of planets in one, two or three signs will produce a hurtful aggressive militant energy. This is especially the case when combined with Kal Sarpa Yoga. Such big concentrations in one, two or three signs, occured January 19th to 22nd.
Note especially that the concentrations of power around Saturn and Mars with their very different opposing energies will especially create tension, aggression, frustration and violence.

It must be noted therefore that this chart is the birth chart, or Muhurta, for the new Presidency and as such, it sets the energy-theme for the whole of the period of the new Presidency.

Obviously, it is extreme and divisive. Those are the energies that will persist.

And absolutely what has to be taken into account is that at this time, it is the Pluto Return of the USA, which rises to its first exact conjunction in March 2023.

I believe all this amounts to a situation where the USA must now contact its darkness at this time. Every country has to do this at some time. There’s a need to address and heal such national darknesses as inherent dysfunctions in the way the country was first colonised, slavery issues and divisiveness, confrontationalism, people defining themselves by a label (and fighting others with a different label) rather than develop their own sense of identity. The dark has been rising, but this can impel many to embrace light.

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