The KUNDALINI experience by Elizabeth Hendricks

Before talking about the Kundalini experience, it helps to know what Kundalini is.

The word kundalini is Sanskrit and refers to feminine energy located at the base of the spine. This energy exists in our subtle energy body.

Kundalini has long been known to the eastern world but it is only in the last several decades that Western knowledge has become interested in it. Masculine energy enters the body through the crown of your head and moves down word through the spine. So you have one current of feminine energy moving upward while another current of masculine energy moves downward.

A Kundalini experience occurs when this energy begins to rise upwards in the body.  What makes this happen?  This awakening is one goal of many forms of yoga.  Eastern teachers and practitioners usually know how to help a person manage this kind of energy when it awakens.  It’s also possible for an unintended kundalini awakening to occur as a result of traumatic experiences, illness, through misuse of drugs and  because of past-life awakenings.

As this energy begins to move up the spine, it can trigger all kinds of reactions. Many of the reactions are very pleasant, some are even mystical.  But this energy also will bring out any unresolved issues, whether from this lifetime or previous ones.

All unfinished emotional business comes up for purification and clearing.  Sometimes people have tried to use psychedelic drugs as a shortcut to these kinds of mystical experiences. The problem is that their nervous system may not be able to handle the much higher energy that comes roaring in. When the drug wears off the individual can often feel worse off than before.  An unguided Kundalini experience can be tough physically as well as emotionally.

Because the energy on this planet is moving higher and higher in frequency, more people are likely to start  experiencing  these Kundalini activations in the next few years.

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