The Kabala can help with Depression

If you are depressed these days you have plenty of company. No sooner do we make it through one disaster than I do a new one presents itself.

It is like being a sailboat and in really rough water. You are awash with a giant wave, swamped with the new disaster, then swamped with the new disaster and finally you fight your way to the top of the crest.

But it isn’t smooth sailing, yet, because here comes another wave of something unexpected and challenging.

By then the endocrine system has been stressed for so long that adrenal exhaustion can take over and leave us vulnerable to the doldrums.

In fact, the doldrums are an actual Area in the ocean in which there is no wind and very little movement of current, so you just sit there in your sailboat, unable to get anywhere. If that is how it feels to you, you have lots of company!

When we are depressed, it’s important to realize that the lower chakras stop working efficiently, and the movement of energy in your body begins to slow down.

The Kabbalah can help you with this. By connecting with the yellow energy of Tipareth, you can lift your mood.

By connecting with the purple energy of Yesod, you can help your energetic centers begin to move again.

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