The January 2022 Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter gives you such a healed and inspired start to your New Year

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1. January 2022 Astrology General Intro Michael Conneely:
Welcome to 2022 – the start of a New Year. May it bring you happiness and success, fulfillment and vision. This blog post and video is my general introduction to the deeper, ancient energies we come into this New Year with: Video:

2. January 2022 Astrology Detailed Presentation from Michael Conneely:
A Renewal and Rebirth current flows in several different life areas now. A net of strong energies offers us possibility for empowerment and rebirth. You might feel there’s a ‘now or never’ call to sort yourself out and your life, now. You might be feeling you have important work to do. It will be helpful if you identify ways and methods to bring in the change your heart calls for and walk your proper and needed new path. See the Parts 1 and 2 video plus the Blog post:
Pt 1 Video:
Pt 2 video:

3. Why New Year Resolutions Don’t Work And what to do instead by Maggie Pashley:
While I am all for setting positive intentions and making commitments to the life we want to create, I firmly believe that writing down New Year’s resolutions and trying to carry them out is futile. Trust me, I’ve got a row of badges for that one.
That’s why I love how hypnotherapy can make those changes in the easiest possible way and it’s enjoyable.

4. Alchemist of Divine Timing by Janell Renshaw:
Understanding the planetary attributions and the qualities of days and hours is the first step in your journal of notes, and pondering which hours are the best to do which activities. Merging the correct energies can mean the difference between Divine Time & a waste of time.

5. Achieving your Goals in the New Year by Elizabeth Hendricks:
Enroll for one of Elizabeth Hendricks wonderful Psychic Readings and Healings here: Life Path Healing, Past life healing, Soul readings, Chakra healing, Psychic Realignment:
Book a Reading/Healing Session with Elizabeth Hendricks:

6. Ann Gildart Answers your Questions with Pendulum Dowsing:
Ann Gildart is an Intuitive and an internationally known Spiritual Dowser with a Welsh heritage and rich background as a healer and psychic. Anne’s dowsing techniques will provide quick, accurate answers to Yes/No questions  so bring those questions with you to your reading. In this post Ann talks about using a pendulum to dowse for information about our past lives:

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