The Issue of the Dark Side at this time of Consciousness Shift

This is my second video in a mini-series about managing the transition from 2019 to 2020. See my first video and Blog about Sun transiting across Galactic Centre, and how this has been felt by many people as rising positive energies.

But, it will be a case of Better and Worse at the same time

Trump and Johnson were elected as Leaders of the USA and UK under the recent long-running influences of Kal Sarpa Yoga.

Kal Sarpa Yoga is the situation where all the Vedic Planets are to one side of the nodal axis – of the signs containing Nodal Axis, that is. And note that even if one planet is on the other side of the nodal axis from the rest of the planets, this does not at all mean that Kal Sarpa Yoga does not exit. It does exist and it also means that that planet is alone und unsupported. And if that other planet is the Moon, then that makes it worse: it’s a Kemadruma Moon: alone and unsupported and bad for the stability of our minds.

So basically, I see a picture where the dark forces of divisiveness, preposterousness and fanaticism are very present at the same time as this rise in consciousness occurs.

They even seize on these higher consciousness forces. They spew their poison. They seek to subvert.

But this rise in the energies of higher consciousness does create the offer to us humans of a dawn of a new day:

Trump may even wage war on Iran. Boris Johnson may do terrible violences and mind-washing of the British ordinary people to achieve BREXIT and make the UK a haven for the European super-rich, whilst violence possibly even re-erupts if an Irish land border is set up.

Remember, Saturn is conjoining Pluto in the Heavens – see below.

With Pluto – with the dark side of Pluto, things could escalate ugly.

But the very big spiritual consciousness shift also is happening

Also note the energy of Jupiter Ketu at this time. The last time that Jupiter and Ketu were in Vedic Sagittarius was at the time of the Celtic Revival: W B Yeats, Lady Gregory, AE, Ella Young – also the Theosophists. This was big then. It will be now.

And above all you cannot escape taking into account the arising of the energy of the Saturn Pluto Conjunction – it’s taking over from the Saturn Ketu conjunction which has dominated the Heavens so far in this year of 2019. From November 2019 and into 2020 it is beyond vast!

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