The Influence of the Phase of the Moon you were born Under

The ‘phase of the Moon’ on the day you were born has an absolutely huge influence on your life.

This Blog introduces the sure and powerful moon-phase system from Vedic astrology, and it goes on to describe a most powerful indicator within that system for certain very highly-fated lives called ‘Gandanta’.

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Moon Phase

The meaning of the exact phase of the Moon your were born under is interpreted with great precision and power in Vedic Astrology. This is far more so than any western moon-phase system.

Vedic Astrology is the ancient astrology of India, and, unusually, I powerfully and accurately combine Vedic with western astrology in my readings and courses.

In Vedic Astrology, the moon-phase for any given day is called the Tithi.

And your ‘birth tithi’ (Janma Tithi) shows what divine principle you are working with in this life, and how to deal with it and get the best out of it. This is such valuable perception.

The Tithi you were born under is immensely influential in your life, and it can even make or break the qualities shown in your birth chart.

In Vedic Astrology, there are fifteen waxing tithi-days from dark of the Moon to Full Moon, and there are fifteen waning tithi-days from Full Moon to dark of the Moon.

Each Tithi has a powerful and exact meaning. It throws great illumination on your life. Each Tithi also has a ‘ruling deity’ and this adds to the understanding we can receive.

When I learned Vedic Astrology, I soon realised Vedic astrology delivered a most powerful message as to the reason for my life: my incarnational life purpose. Not only that, it predicted the start I had in life, and it stated the effects and meaning of that start in life in a way that was not even touched by western astrology: not even touched by it!

As a guideline to how the Vedic moon-phase system works, I now show as an example my own case: the tithi I was born on. I was born on the day of the Full Moon (Tithi day 15).

To born on this day normally means a life that is auspicious, focussing on such things as Ceremonies, marriage and house building. All other things being equal, to born on this day is considered auspicious: the mind has the potential to be fully bright and the emotions are calm. Your individual soul has the possibility to become truly connected with the eternal soul. Full Moon people can be very independent. They do not just follow the dictates of others easily – even to their own cost. To be born at the full Moon can have the potential to have abundance of everything. They can be rich, happy, lucky, satisfied and charming. They will have special connection with herbs and plants (I have had an allotment since I was sixteen and I teach the Ogham, the Celtic Tree Alphabet). They can be sensual and pleasure seeking but they will be essentially a good person. They can easily attract the wrath of the establishment. When in love, they are willing to sacrifice everything for it.


But there is a possible twist to the Full Moon tale! Some Full Moon babies are in the zone called Gandanta:

Keynote Statement:

‘It was when I realised the nature of the degree of the zodiac that is occupied by my natal Moon, and the fact that this is Gandanta, and then when I read what Gandanta means, it was then that I realised the vast superiority of Vedic Astrology.

This is because the meaning of Gandanta totally illumines the circumstances of my birth and infancy and therefore of my life, and also gives a perception of the Divine meaning of such a birth – and none of this is even covered or known of in Western Astrology.’

Note that a small part of the Full Moon tithi day is quite different. It is in the zone called Gandanta. It very much alters the sorts of qualities of life a Full Moon person would normally be predicted to have, all other things being equal.

The Full Moon Gandanta starts 48 minutes before the exact moment of Full Moon and ends 48 minutes after the exact moment of Full Moon.  It creates a whole new environment as the Moon flips from waxing to waning. Gandanta is a dangerous period in time and life. When I read for the first time what Gandanta means, it was then that I realised the vast superiority of Vedic Astrology.

This is because the meaning of Gandanta totally illumines the circumstances of my birth and infancy and therefore of my life, and also gives a perception of the Divine meaning of such a birth – and none of this is even covered, or known of, in Western Astrology.

Gandanta shows the ending of one cycle of soul growth and the beginning of the next stage. This is the incarnation of a soul who has reached full maturity at the present level of growth in his previous cycle of lives and is now ready to move to another cycle and a different set of issues. The soul is closing the door to one cycle and it does not end easily. There can be inner storms as the soul destroys one way to make for a new life.

Gandanta is defined as an evil condition which can cause death to the child in a simple rural culture, most especially if the Moon suffers other afflictions. It means essentially that ‘Mother will not be there for the child’. It can mean problems from heredity. This is a bad signification for affairs of the world, but because the planet is so unworldly, it is potentially good for spiritual realisation. It means that the gifts of the planet cannot be fully enjoyed. This is what happened in my life.

As a footnote, please note also that there is a second type of Gandanta in addition to the moon-phase Gandanta described above. This second type of Gandanta is where the Moon falls in the last two degrees of any water sign (the Vedic signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, using the sidereal zodiac of Vedic Astrology) – and to make sure I got the message, I also have the second type too: My Moon is at 29 degrees and 56 minutes of the Vedic sign of Pisces: only 4 minutes of one degree from the void at the end of Pisces, before the new cycle start at 0 degrees Aries.

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