The Gods of the Vanir & Rune Wisdom Telesummit

Michael ConneelyThe Gods of the Vanir & Rune Wisdom Telesummit

In this post, we hear about the wonderful earth and sea connected beautiful Gods of the Vanir. In my runes course, you can if you wish, learn about and journey to meet the magnificent AEsir Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Norse, and the Gods and Goddesses of the Vanir as well. You can enrol on my Runes Course at:

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The runes are the alphabet of the ancient Norse and the Germanic peoples of northern Europe. Each Rune is not only a letter of the alphabet. It is also a Gateway to knowledge and insight about our life. I teach the meaning of each rune, worldwide, using a presentation and a journey. But I also teach a deeper connection to each rune, to greatly enhanced our connection, by also practising Rune Stance and Galdr (rune chant). This is where deep, body and mind connection, that deep individual lessons are seen. Each Rune tells us something about a special area of life. And each Rune can be used to tell us about how we are doing in that area of life: doing well? or doing badly! And if we are doing badly, we need to heal and seize our power and magic.

In this video we hear about the Gods and Goddesses of the Vanir. Freya is probably the best-known. She was a Goddess of the people called Vanir whom the Norse Folk conquered when they arrived, bringing with them their pantheon of Aesir Gods, when they came at the end of their long trek northwards to the Northern Lands. Other Vanir Gods include Freyr, Njord, Gullveig and Nerthus, and their home is Vanaheim, one of the Nine Worlds.

The war between the invading Norse and the indigenous Vanir raged. The Norse are even recorded as roasting a Vanir Goddess on a spit. But in fact, in the end, the Norse and the Vanir had to make Truce. Then everything changed. Freya taught Odin Seithr-magic and the skills of Divination used by the Norse Volvas when they mounted the High Seat to prophesy. And both the Vanir and the Norse benefited from the shamanic techniques of the peoples who inhabited the northern areas, such as the Sami and the Yakut: out of body journeying, shape-shifting and work with power animals. 

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In this passage, Declan, the hero of the novel, tells how: The Eighth World, Vanaheim, was created to house the Vanir gods:

‘To the other side of Asgard, the Aesir built the eighth world: Vanaheim.
There they sought to place the Vanir.
The Vanir were rich and sensuous,
Gods of the first people
Whom the invading Norse folk found
Already living in the Northern Lands.
But the Vanir were not so easily to be conquered.
They were kind and generous,
Fertile and ancient,
Powerful gods
And rich with GOLD.

The Aesir wanted gold.
And of the war that followed
Between the Aesir and the Vanir
More shall we now hear!
‘Odin was yet to pay the price
For the slaying of Mimir;
Would he now also make more debt
And kill Vanir as well?

‘Gullveig came first of the Vanir to the Aesir:
Goddess Gullveig,
Lovely. Desirable,
beyond compare:
Goddess of love and beauty,
Of fertility
And – of GOLD!

The power of gold intoxicated the Aesir’s minds.
‘Gulveig’s wealth was all the northern lands:
Rich lands: farms, fishing and hunting – and gold.
So, now the new war started
Between the Aesir and the Vanir.

‘The Aesir thrust Gullveig with spears.
They burned her in the High One’s hall.
They spitted her on a spear and roasted her over a fire.
Three times!
Thrice burned, and yet: horror and wonder,
She was thrice reborn again.
Oft, not seldom, was she stabbed and burned, and yet still she lives.

And she developed awful, awesome powers (awful to the Aesir, that is).
Gullveig turned Seeress and witch as well:
A Seithr magic woman –
Seithr which the Aesir said was argre and ergi and unmanly
And a man should not practise Seithr without shame.
It was Gullveig who first brought sorcery to the Aesir and the humans.
And the Aesir gods said it was a low magic,
Magic that they feared and they reviled.

‘Then she got worse (according to the Aesir).
She said her name was not only Gullveig, but Heid, or ‘shining’, when houses she visited.
She said she was a prophesying Seeress, skilled in sorcery.
Spells she cast; minds she bewitched.
The Aesir said she always was the delight of wicked women.

‘But they could not destroy her.
Every time they speared her and burned her,
She was reborn, more beautiful – and her magical powers were yet increased!
Then went the Aesir to their fate-chairs,
Gathered in council:
Should all the gods receive worship? Or just the Aesir?
Should the Vanir be allowed divine rank, equal with their rivals?
The Aesir gods choose war!

Odin hurled his spear among the host; an act of sovereign magic.
Thus came war. A war of powerful magic, axes, arrows, swords and spears.

I remember the war:
Aesir warriors fought the Vanir farmers:
The Aesir: gleaming, beautiful warrior sky gods:
Odin and Tyr,
Gods of magic and priesthood, judgement and sovereignty;
And Thor the god of force.

The Vanir were the earth gods:
Gods of agriculture, with sea-god Njord; his son Frey and daughter Freyja,
Gods of wealth and fecundity,
Of beauty and of sensuality.

‘Neither side could beat the other –
But the walls of Asgard were levelled to the ground!
The Vanir, gods of magic and sorcery,
Made themselves impervious to injury.
All tired of this at last: A truce was made.

The Vanir sent to the Aesir as their hostages, Njord and Frey and Freya, to live among the Aesir in Asgard.
The Aesir sent to the Vanir as their hostages, Mimir (still living) and Hoenir, Odin’s uncle.
Would you know more?
And what?

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