The Full Moon of March 7th is powerful and varied Understand its different potentials

The Full Moon of March 7th 2023 is powerful and varied and if we understand its different potentials we can really achieve it.

These potentials are multi-faceted, but I set them all out clearly in this post, and I give summary guidance about how to grasp the potentials at the end of the post.

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The first point to make is that because this Full Moon is in PurvaPhalguni Nakshatra (which is ruled by Venus) at 22 deg of the Vedic sign Leo (which is ruled by the Sun), the key energy of this Full Moon is Sensual, Lazy, Vain, Artistic and Fierce and highly sexed: a Spring dance of play and lightness with a VERY definite edge!!! Because PurvaPhalguni’s nature is Fierce, and its Dosha is Pitta = Fire.

You can see the Western and Vedic Charts for this Full Moon on my Starwheel Astrology March 2023 website page.

But that’s only a part of its energy!

It’s a Battleground between Ego, Love and Harmony.

The two rulers involved: Venus and Sun are ‘planetary enemies’.

They are strong. Venus is Jagrat quality in terms of Jagradadi Avasthas: wide awake and totally ready to fulfill its energy. Venus has full dignity. It is massively fed by also super-strong and wide awake Jupiter according to Rashi Avasthas.

But we absolutely also need to understand that it offers us far more than that to respond to, namely:

Potential visionary openings and channelings.


Possible needed Revolution
Real power and Oomph

Let’s look at these in more detail:

There’s potential visionary openings and channelings. And these can be used to bring us healing of what we need to heal now. I say this because Venus Chiron and Jupiter are all conjunct (spanning 19 to 24 deg Vedic Pisces.

AND note that this triple conjunction of Venus-Chiron-Jupiter is the apex of a Psychic Eye chart aspect shape, where the base of the Psychic Eye figure is Sun sextile revolutionary Uranus. (with further healing potential from the fact that the Moon is in PurvaPhalguni pada 3, which is one of the padas with Pushkara or Healing quality potential.  

And we do absolutely also need to see this Uranus as revolution potential for us now because Uranus is the apex of an Ambivalence Triangle, fueled by the tension from the opposition which is the base of this figure, namely: the Full Moon opposition.

And yes there’s real power and oomph because Mars is square the Full Moon/Sun opposition – and Mars is still transiting Taurus where he’s very strong, and within the sign of Taurus, Mars is transiting Mrigashira Nakshatra, one of the Nakshatras he rules!

Lastly we do need to be cautioned to take on board the needed understanding of the power of the Nodes of the Moon in this Full Moon chart.

It is so crucial to be aware that the Nodes are still transiting the Libra-Aries Axis, and Ketu’s transit through Libra is bringing us such crucial and needed to grasp lessons about Relationship.

Ketu’s (South Node) energy is sharp and fierce around the day of this Full Moon as he’s conjunct Fixed Star Gacrux whose energy is perseverance, but many burdens, trials and responsibilities, together with much suffering and many hardships. He’s transiting Swati Nakshatra which is ruled by Rahu so Past life issues and life direction issues for this incarnation meld and need to be decoded.

Rahu’s (North Node) energy is driven as he entered the Healer’s Nakshatra of Ashwini on 21st February, where Ashwini is ruled by Ketu, so again, Past life issues and life direction issues for this incarnation meld and need to be decoded. Ashwini is never restful, with its power animal (yoni) of ‘Stallions streaking across the skies of Dawn). So no special prize for you for guessing what the energy of Rahu’s transit through Ashwini will be at this time!!!!

OK. I have actually saved the X-Factor until last: the transiting opposition of: Lilith opposition Pluto. We are coming to the end of the long-running Lilith Pluto opposition. What it offers is powerful. So now is the time to take stock and deliver! Lilith is about what is in our Shadow, including power qualities that were disallowed for us when we were younger. Pluto is about our power, including our buried and disallowed power. And Lilith is also about our so needed to understand and express Wild Side. Often due to upbringing we never fully were able to manifest and express our Wild Side, which is an essential driving force for our fullness, though of course it must be handled ethically and with awareness.

So, in conclusion, in addition to the sexual current of PurvaPhalguni Full Moon, we are offered the chance to ride through a rich sea of needed visionary realizations and awakenings, and use these to heal ourselves. Artistic expression will especially help us: whatever is your artistic ‘thing’, even African Dance and Drumming.

This Full Moon is so powerful that it could even offer us a ‘Tower’ tarot card experience of death and rebirth of some needed sort in our life now. And if you were despairing of getting some key issue right in your life at this time, well: use the energies of this Full Moon to ‘Arise from the Ashes of Despair’. Seek the symbols. Decipher their Meaning. Take steps to Heal Yourself – and share your wisdom and healing with Others: Shine your Light.

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