The Full Moon of December 2021 is a big chance to resolve love issues

The Full Moon of December 2021 is a big chance to resolve love issues, bring more love into your life, optimize your love life, turn up the love vibe and heal wounds and blocks to relationship.

This Full Moon of 18th December in USA and 19th December 2021 at 4.35 am, here in Ireland, is a big bonus chance to heal your relationship issues and your wounds to love and relationship.

This Full Moon brings in a most valuable time-period when we can each of us apply insight and understanding and better communication to identify and share on the matter of our love scripts and wounds to love and relationship.

It brings in a chance when we could lovingly and constructively share on how we relate in our loving relationship, and on how we might heal our wound to love and find love.

Out of challenge can come victory. You are stronger than you think.

Now is a time to face into your wounds to love, experience them, and use that experience as a portal or doorway to bringing in healing to love and relationship issues.

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So, let’s look at what makes this Full Moon such an exceptional time to focus on Love. You can read on below for some detail about the astrological times and degrees of this Full Moon that is so full of possible Healing potential if you make the effort to use it that way, and I show also the astrological aspects that are part of it:

Here are the astrological times and degrees of this Full Moon:

The Full Moon is at 3 deg Vedic Gemini, with the Sun at 3 deg Vedic Sagittarius.

(That’s Moon at 27 Gemini and Sun at 27 Sagittarius in the Western Tropical Zodiac).

And this Full Moon is on 18th December at 23.35 hrs in New York and 20.25 hrs in Los Angeles.

Here are the astrological aspects that are part of this Full Moon:

My point is that this particular Full Moon in Gemini is actually a special and excellent chance for developing our communication and understanding and healing of our love scripts, if it is used at its best now, and for a month ahead. This Full Moon can be so good for healing our Love Relationship issues because:

This Full Moon is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, so it is very good for understanding and communication.
And because Gemini is ruled by Mercury, it is also very important to note that the Mercury of this Full Moon is actually in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra (in the supremely wonderful Vedic Astrology 27-sign Nakshatras Lunar Zodiac, where PurvaAshadha is ruled by VENUS!

Venus is Conjunct Pluto!
Venus conjunct Pluto is vast.

It’s exact on 11th December at 1 Capricorn. Then Venus turns retrograde at the time of this Full Moon on 19th December, but Venus is exact in conjunction to Pluto again on 25th December. Then Pluto stations and turns Direct again at 16 Vedic Sagittarius on 29th January to again be conjunct with Pluto on 3rd March at 3 deg Capricorn.

Pluto conjunct Venus, amongst other things, strengthens the love urge. It gives us a chance to contact buried unconscious material that may be damaging our expression of love. It gives us a chance to contact and embody our buried or suppressed power.

Venus turns Retrograde six hours later at 10.35 am, here in Ireland, with Venus staying Retrograde until 29th January.
Retrograde Venus gives us the chance to examine and be aware of our love scripts and love issues. This can manifest negatively for love making us picky or retaliatory and blame the other person or the person who historically caused our wounds to love. But we can make this Venus Retrograde a chance to sharpen our awareness of our love issues and wounds, and use that to lovingly share in healing agreement with our partner.
And if we do not have a partner, this Full Moon, Venus conjunct Pluto and Pluto retrograde period is such a good time to improve our understanding of our wounds and blocks to love.
If we have Chiron in our 7th House or a Chiron-Venus aspect, now is the time to get healing.

The Nodes of the Moon change sign in April:
And actually, our chance to boost love goes on. We will have a chance to continue to build upon the work we do during this Full Moon and Venus Retrograde period.
This is because on 12th April 2022, the Nodes of the Moon change sign. The Nodes of the Moon are heavy-duty energy all about fate and destiny.
Ketu the South Node enters Libra on 12th April and Rahu the North Node enters Aries on 12th April.
And the Vedic Astrology perception is that if we bring higher awareness and sharing to our love issues, Ketu South Node entering Venus-ruled Libra, gives chance for Venus as ‘Preceptor of Demons’ to purify the ‘demon’ energy of Ketu, and we all have a chance to raise the vibration of our sharing and healing on love issues.

Divisive energy also runs until April:
And do note that it’s actually such a good thing that our chance to boost love does go on because there is actually a preposterous and divisive energy running called Kal Sarpa Yoga from 14th December to 24th April where all planets are to one side of the Nodal Axis – though with the Moon actually making it feel worse for half of each month, when Moon is in the other side of the Nodal axis and feeling very unsupported.

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