The Enchanted Way Tours in the West of Ireland

Guided tours

Foraging with a Druid.

Enchanted Way tours are nature tours with a difference.

Tatty your host is a Druid and a member of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. She has reached the highest grade of study within the order over a 4 year period of study.

However the first seeds of  knowledge were planted at her beloved Granfather’s knee whilst out walking in the countryside, naming flora and fauna and sharing tales and anecdotes from folklore and history along the way.

Those childhood walks led to a passion for the natural world and life long learning which includes; herbal medicine, wild foraging for free food, the folklore and magic of plants and herbs, permaculture and Fungi, identifying the trees of the ogham, totem animals, and local folklore and history.

She will lead you on a magical journey within the sacred landscapes of Counties Sligo and Leitrim to discover the place, plants and their purposes. Along way, you will discover the trees of the Ogam, learn about natural medicines and foods, explore some recipes and samples of homemade tissanes and ointments, tinctures and salves.

Woven together with the tales and poetry of the place we visit together along with observations and information on any signs of wildlife we might encounter on our journey.

Currently taking bookings from family groups/social bubble groups.

Enchanted way tours are a safe distancing activity in line with current safety guidelines.

Larger groups are expected to commence as reopening progresses within Coranavirus regulations.

For further information and bookings Tel:  0864574693 or email:

And see also: Tatty’s shop.