The Emotion Code – Tuning into your body’s wisdom; fast depth-healing

The Emotion Code is simple and profound. It cuts through any assumptions that either you or I might make because it speaks directly and accurately to the body through muscle testing.

It is based on the idea that underlying many of our physical or emotional discomforts there are trapped emotions.

A trapped emotion is caused by something happening to you that was too much for you to handle at the time and has somehow become frozen in your body. You might not even remember the actual event but it will colour your outlook and reactions to life so that you are less of who you might be.

If you have been hurt, rejected or disappointed you might develop a Heart Wall which then restricts your ability to give and receive love. I’ve cleared a Heart Wall to find the person I’ve worked on calling me up a short time afterwards to say they’ve met somebody wonderful.

So how is it done? We take an issue that’s affecting your life – it could be a bad back, upset stomach or lack of confidence, procrastination, making yourself invisible… you name it, and then we begin to ask the body through muscle testing if there are underlying trapped emotions contributing to the problem.

If the answer is positive we quickly pinpoint the emotion and the time in your life that it was trapped. There is no going into the ‘story’ of it or having to re-experience a difficult event, just a simple acknowledgement – then the release is quickly achieved by rolling a magnet down your back with the intention of letting the trapped energy go and with the clear voiced affirmation that the named emotion is at last released! The trapped emotions can even be hereditary. I demonstrate this healing technique in love and relationships and life-stage workshops.

It’s awesomely simple, moving and effective and very compassionate. People may feel freed and with a new surge of energy and clarity as if all the energy tied up in that trapped emotion is released and available again.

‘I’ve come home to me.’ ’I felt a fog lifting.’ ‘I feel strong and clear.’ These are just some of the many comments I’ve had from Emotion Code clients and why I love working with it.

The Emotion Code healing approach was developed by chiropractor Dr Bradley Nelson. It is one of the fast depth-healing approaches I will be demonstrating at the forthcoming two Starwheel Love and Relationship Workshops at the Ilkley Happiness Centre:

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