The Effects of the Eclipses of 2012 on United Kingdom, Greece and Spain

The Effects of the Eclipses of 2012 on United Kingdom, Greece and Spain – In this blog I point out that the four eclipses of 2012 all fall on very sensitive parts of the charts for the United Kingdom, Greece and Spain.
These indicate shock, surprises and loss of jobs for the UK, some sort of meltdown for Greece, and a blow to the Government and roots of the Spanish nation.
The conclusion at the end of this blog defines what I believe is the actual energy and meaning of this eclipse cycle for nations.

From the time of Ptolemy, the Hellenistic Egyptian father of western astrology onwards, an eclipse on the ascendant of one’s chart has been considered to have a major effect, and, indeed an unfavourable effect.

There are four eclipses in 2012, and they are right on the Ascendant of the chart for the United Kingdom!! This does not look too good.

The chart for the United Kingdom is best taken to be the chart for the Glorious Revolution when the Catholic James II was deposed and a group of nobles invited William and Mary to rule Britain (source for nation charts: Nicholas Campion, The Book of World Horoscopes): February 23rd 1689 at 10.00am, London.

There now follows the western astrology charts for the first two of the four eclipses of 2012: the Solar Eclipse occurring 20th May and the Lunar Eclipse for the 4th June, and then the chart for the UK so you can see what I mean:

1. Chart for solar eclipse of 20th May 2012:

2. Chart for Lunar Eclipse of 4th June 2012:

3. Chart for the United Kingdom:

You can clearly see that the ascendant for the UK is 5 deg Gemini.

The South Node, called Ketu in Vedic Astrology, which eclipses the Sun and the Moon in chart 1 the Solar eclipse of 20th May, is also at 5 deg Gemini !!!!!!!

The South Node – North Node axis which eclipses the Moon in chart 2 the Lunar eclipse of 4.6.2012 is also at 5 deg Gemini.

The UK ascendant is hit by these eclipses. Normally an eclipse on the ascendant is a big shock or harm.

There’s a bit more to it than that. Saturn is now retrograding toward South Node, called Ketu in Vedic astrology, and is on station at 28.43 sidereal Virgo, conjunct the UK’s Ketu at 26.2 Sidereal Virgo. This is before Saturn goes direct again and re-enters sidereal Libra to conjunct UK’s natal Saturn at 17.28 sidereal Libra on 4th December 2012. Saturn transiting conjunct Ketu is a malefic transit meaning shocks and surprises and, in a person’s chart, such things as losing one’s job and problems in professional life.

Now, let’s extend the study to look at the charts for Greece and Spain, and see how the eclipses affect them:

4. Chart for Greece in western astrology:

5. And here is the chart for Greece in Vedic Astrology:

6. Now here is the chart for the 20th May Solar Eclipse in Vedic Astrology:

Compare chart 5 Greece’s Vedic chart with chart 6 the solar eclipse’s Vedic chart. You clearly see that the Greek Nodal axis (Rahu to Ketu, is totally caught up on the middle of the eclipse of Sun conjunct moon conjunct Ketu. Indeed, with Ketu in Taurus in chart 5 the Greek chart, it could be argued that the present Greek State was born with a tendency for material meltdown and ‘ignoring its responsibilities’.

7. Here is the western astrology Chart for Spain:

8. And here is the Vedic chart for Spain:

If you compare chart 8 Spain’s Vedic chart to chart 6 the Vedic chart for the solar eclipse of 20th May, you clearly see that Spain’s Sun (= Government) and Mercury (=Commerce) are right on the nodal axis of the Eclipse, namely under the eclipse Rahu or North Node.

Moreover, if you compare the chart for the lunar eclipse of 4th June shown below as chart 9, to Spain’s natal chart you clearly see the lunar eclipse’s eclipsed Moon and Rahu sitting on Spain’s Sun and Mercury in the country’s roots indicated by its 4th House.

9. Vedic astrology chart for lunar eclipse of 4th June:


I believe the energy of the four 2012 eclipses brings a big shock to the nation of the UK and that the reverberations will follow with after-shocks and loss of jobs. Greece’s economy will go into some sort of meltdown, and Spain’s government will suffer as will the roots of the country.

So, what is the actual energy of these four eclipses?

Their dates are as follows:

Eclipses 2012.

(Times are approx and geographically vary; charts for these appear below)

Solar Eclipse    20.5.12   at   23.47 hrs   at  6 Taurus (western 0 deg Gemini)

Lunar Eclipse    4.6.12     at 11.11 hrs 21 Scorpio (western 14 Sag)

Solar Eclipse    13.11.12 at 22.8 hrs at 28 Libra (western 21 Scorpio)

Lunar Eclipse  28.11.12 at 14.46 at 12 Taurus (western 6 Gemini)

After all, these eclipses pave the way for the Winter Solstice of 2012, where the Sun reaches Galactic Centre, a once in 26,000 years occurrence, where Galactic Centre is indeed seen in Vedic astrology as the centre and source of spiritual illumination in the confrontative death and rebirth lunar sign (Nakshatra) of Mula.

Well, I believe their energy is best summed up by their Vedic charts. Five planets come together in sidereal Taurus for the 20th May Solar Eclipse (see chart 6). Petty exceptional.

Jupiter in Taurus is about Greed. Presumably part of the greed was borrowing against inflated and unreal value of houses and properties. Borrowing where there are inadequate covering assets.

Retrograde Venus at this time is about deep reflection on the values of Taurus, the sign Venus rules, which is of course the sign of very material things.

Ketu, the South Node, in Taurus will reject the Taurean material qualities in favour of spiritual understanding of them.


I have just read that the leader of the Greek Opposition, who is standing in the General Election of June 17th to lead the country in a few days’ time, rejects the austerity package demanded by Germany and the EU, wanting instead more social justice and exit from the Euro to achieve this.

Polls show rising support for Syriza, 37yr old Alexis Tspiras’  hard left coalition adamantly opposed to the terms of the bailout package and committed to wholesale renegotiation. Syriza is now in second place with 20.4pc of the vote in one poll and 19.6pc in another. He is said to hold the fate of the Euro in his hands. Even if he does not win, will the richer countries of the EU show more leniency to the mass of the people? What will happen? Can people be put before profits???

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