The Eclipse of May 20th 2012

A series of four eclipses leads us to the Winter Solstice of 21st December 2012. Here are the dates and details:
Solar Eclipse    20.5.12   at  23.47 hrs at Vedic  6 Taurus  (western 0 deg Gemini)
Lunar Eclipse    4.6.12   at  11.11 hrs at Vedic 21 Scorpio (western 14 Sagittarius)

Solar Eclipse    13.11.12 at  22.8   hrs at Vedic 28 Libra    (western 21 Scorpio)
Lunar Eclipse  28.11.12 at  14.46 hrs at Vedic 12 Taurus  (western 6 Gemini)

Please note that Eclipses have ‘paths of visibility’ across the face of the Earth. None of these are visible as eclipses from UK, although the energies are felt in UK never the less. Pleased note that they take time to travel across the face of the Earth as well.

What is a solar eclipse? An eclipse of the Sun is when the Moon moves between the Sun and the Earth:

A solar eclipse looks like this: you can see the Sun being blocked out by the intervening Moon. A Solar Eclipse is an eclipsed New Moon.

What is a lunar eclipse?An eclipse of the Moon is when the Earth moves between the Sun and the Moon this means that the intervening Earth casts a shadow on the face of the Moon:

A lunar eclipse looks like this: a lunar eclipse is an eclipsed Full Moon

The big thing about eclipses is that they release dammed up energies. This is why they are very often linked to tidal waves and earthquakes.
In our own lives eclipses can break the dam too. Difficult things happen to us if an eclipse falls on our Moon, Ascendant, Saturn, Mars or Sun, but we can experience sudden windfalls and good results or promotions if the eclipse is on our Jupiter or Venus in our birth chart.
Please note: The effect of Solar Eclipses can take time to be felt, sometimes as long as a couple of years (later transits are needed to trigger the stagnant pool of energy left at that point in the heavens), but the effect of lunar eclipses is pretty immediate.

The solar eclipse on May 20th 2012 looks absolutely epic. It is at 23.47 hrs at Vedic 6 Taurus  (western 0 deg Gemini). You can see from the chart below that there is a pile up of no fewer than five planets in Vedic Taurus for this eclipse:
Venus (the ruler of Taurus) went retrograde a few days earlier to be joined by Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Ketu in the heavens. The pile-up of energies is exceptional and awesome!
Positively Jupiter and Venus conjoined in this chart (with Ketu) could mean healing of personal value – but it could be a very ‘dragged through the hedge backwards of healing of values, whether personal or for the world economy: Ketu also means stripping away (but for purposes of spiritual learning). Jupiter – Venus in Taurus can mean greed. This eclipse is likely to destabilise so true value can be brought in.

Here is the Vedic astrology chart of this eclipse:

And here is the western chart for this eclipse:

How will this eclipse affect you personally? Well it all depends what planets you have in Vedic Taurus or Scorpio, and what houses Taurus and Scorpio are in your Vedic birth chart.
For example, if you have Moon in Vedic Taurus, this could be bad for your health or for your mother’s health. You may face emotional rejection or you may reject someone yourself. It could open up old wounds that you have been carrying in your psyche and your relationship with your mother will not be easy. The mind can become agitated and restless, you may reject your emotional needs and it is not a good time to make life-changing decisions, especially when Ketu is applying to – rather than separating from – your Moon. However it is a good time for meditation, yoga, searching for your spiritual roots and controlling your emotional desires.

As a general point, this eclipse joins a number of factors like Venus conjunct Ketu and Saturn mostly in Libra which mean that focus on good relationships will be called for generally in 2012.
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