The Eclipse of June 4th 2012

The Eclipse of June 4th 2012

Here is the Vedic astrology chart for the second eclipse of 2012, the Lunar Eclipse of 4th June 2012, 11.11hrs.

(The Western astrology chart of the June 4th Eclipse is below.)

The Full Moon is in sidereal (Vedic) Scorpio for this eclipse. This full Moon cycle actually started, as is always the case, in the sign opposite: the New Moon in Taurus.

So we now have upcoming Full Moon eclipsed in Taurus – Scorpio. The Moon is debilitated in sidereal Scorpio , because Scorpio is the resistant sign of aggressive Mars-ruled restless conflicted driven clutching energies covering deep held and maybe intractable even denied phobias and fears: the depths of the fixed water element.
Basically Scorpio tries to protect himself emotionally rather than heal and recognise the held painful fears, so Scorpio therefore becomes negative and vindictive: a torturer.
Scorpio is opposite Taurus. Scorpio fears and knows that the solid structures can die.
This eclipse will be hard if you have planets in sidereal Taurus (where the eclipse Sun is) or planets or Ascendant in sidereal Scorpio (where the eclipse Moon is).
Eclipses are about undamming stuck or held energies. They are of course definitely associated with earthquakes and tidal waves at the Earth level.
N.B. They affect individuals depending on where the individual has planets in his natal chart and indeed which planet the eclipse falls on: if its Jupiter or Venus, the eclipse can have favourable effects. If it’s a good house of someone’s natal chart that the eclipse falls in, then the effects can be positive liberation and undamming: the eclipse in someone’s 11th house. If it’s the 8th House the eclipse falls in in your chart, this can be terrible y destructive. If your ascendant is eclipsed, this is traditionally said to mean harsh impact. Scorpio fears the worst and attacks accordingly!!!!

The Moon’s nature is changeability so this tears at Scorpio’s fixity.

It is right that our  Moon nature experiences feelings, because that is one of the way we experience our environment and learn to evaluate it, our emotions are very much needed if we are to live, feel and grow.

But the call is to ‘manage’ our emotions. This does NOT mean deny our emotions, it means we have to learn to be able to control them.

I feel my upbringing meant that I could not know what I actually felt for years, then I began to become able to get in touch with them – but now the challenge is to be able to appropriately control them as well.

Of course we are also called to know what lies in the depths of our consciousness, beneath the surface currents, waves and tidal waves of feelings, because this subconscious material is so often surfacing so as to manifest as feelings, the real origin and nature of which are often not recognised or not understood, od denied or projected on to others.
The unconscious does need to become conscious and then healed so that we can be in charge of our destiny.

Meditation and ritual can of course stabilise the emotions. Shamanic Journeying can raise material from the depth, but if we simply suffer the uprising emotions without recognising their source, we can rage or become depressed or ‘project’ onto others.

Scorpio individuals (e.g. Moon, Sun or Ascendant in sidereal Scorpio) are of course famed for turning relationships in to a hell realm, but remember: although the lower Scorpio is the sign of the scorpion, the sign of the higher Scorpio is the eagle. We are called to become the eagle and leave behind the stinging Scorpio. The eagle soars above the murky and seething ground level phenomena. The true divine nature of the Scorpio Moon is actually devotion and focus. Scorpio at its highest penetrates illusions of human society, relationships and economy so as to bring out what is more truly real.

Note that the Eclipse of June 4th is the second of the four eclipses of 2012, all of which massively activate the sidereal sign of Taurus (Fixed Earth) , which is the sign of the body, materialism and value. Here are the eclipse dates:

Eclipses 2012.

(Times are approx and geographically vary; charts for these appear below)

Solar Eclipse    20.5.12   at   23.47 hrs   at  6 Taurus (western 0 deg Gemini)

Lunar Eclipse    4.6.12     at 11.11 hrs 21 Scorpio (western 14 Sag)

Solar Eclipse    13.11.12 at 22.8 hrs at 28 Libra (western 21 Scorpio)

Lunar Eclipse  28.11.12 at 14.46 at 12 Taurus (western 6 Gemini)

A huge concentration of planets has just formed in the sidereal sign of Taurus. It started around the first of the eclipses on May 20th. I know one woman who has her Sun at the end of sidereal Taurus (a western Gemini Sun) who had a stroke on the afternoon of the eclipse. I know a couple of people whose mothers went through tough mental or physical episodes when the eclipse hit those person’s natal Moons.

The upcoming, second, June 4th eclipse occurs after the usual difficult eight day a month period when the Moon transits over three malefic planets in a row: Mars, Saturn and Rahu (North Node), an eight day occurrence that happens once every lunar month for much of this year. The present upcoming 8-day period that precedes the June 4th eclipse starts 30.5.12. This eight day period can, of course, cause great mental irritation, restriction and torsion for those people who have relevant planets in the range of sidereal signs: Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio. Other people won’t be so problematically affected.

The Moon is in Libra before the eclipse, so lots of relationship issue will rise. Try to work through them positively and gently!!! There will be a big energy here, because of course, Libra is ruled by Venus, which also rules Taurus where the eclipse is, AND VENUS IS RETROGRADE until the end of June, in the sign of Taurus, so this retrogradation will be powerful (Venus retrograde in own sign) and RETROGRADE VENUS MAKES US CRITICAL OF OUR RELATIONSHIPS.

So we need to be very careful about the way we manage our feelings at the time of this lunar eclipse and the preceding eight day period. Because its’ a full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse  its effects will be felt pretty well instantaneously, as opposed to the often slower acting consequences of the first (New Moon) Solar Eclipse on May 20th. Rahu, the north Node, conjuncts the Moon at a Full Moon, and remember Rahu’s nature is obsessive torsion, full of hidden or unreal fears and mass events. The problem is that Rahu and Scorpio BOTH have a quality of imagined fears: so beware imagined fears!!!

THE ISSUE OF VALUE WILL ARISE FOR INDIVIDUALS AND FOR NATIONS, BECAUSE THERE ARE FIVE PLANETS AT ONE END OF THE ECLIPSE IN SIDEREAL TAURUS. But – Ketu (South Node) is in Taurus dissolving things: dissolving them for a spiritual purpose, and then at the other end of the eclipse is the furies of Rahu and Moon eclipsing in Taurus. The issue of value will arise. At the personal level: Do we undervalue ourselves? At the National level: Is wealth divided wrongly in our nation. Is the wealth of our nation real or illusory paper money or based on unreal property values? Spiritually: Are we pursuing illusory things that have no real value to us? Are we being greedy?

Lastly we need to note that the lunar sign or Nakshatra that the eclipsed Moon falls in is Jyestha. Jyestha is a very sharp energy. It’s ruled by Indra and is about conquering and leadership. It’s angry and controlling but can hold a family or organisation together.

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Here is the western astrology chart of the 4th June 2012 eclipse: