The Eclipse of July 2nd and making it a Magical possibility

OK, here’s the Vedic astrology chart for the New Moon eclipse. It’s fully visible in South America.

This post describes the nature of the energy of this eclipse but also goes on to suggest that bringing healing and magical techniques to bear on eclipse energies makes them in fact sometimes frightening but in fact very positive opportunities.

The western chart for this eclipse is at the foot of this post:

Note that this eclipse is opposite and energetically tying totally into, the deeply tense conjunction in Vedic Sagittarius. And note that The Full Moon Eclipse is on July 16th, also in the Sagittarius-Gemini axis!!!

With Ketu joined by Saturn and Pluto, huge karmic forces are unleashed in your life. We may keep lapsing into terror or fear, stress and trauma, limiting structures and beliefs, but in fact, the call is to take positive magically healing transformative action, to use the weird or disorientating or upsetting time as a positive opportunity. I am finding this time an opportunity for clarifying strategies and priorities. See below:

This eclipse is therefore in Vedic Gemini, but note that it’s also greatly interconnecting with the Saturn, Ketu, Pluto conjunction in Vedic Sagittarius. To have an eclipse in Gemini means that communication issues will be either hit or liberated in your life.

And in terms of the Nakshatras, the wonderful vastly powerfully declarative 27 sign lunar zodiac of Vedic Astrology, basically you can see that eclipsed Sun and Moon are in Vedic sidereal sign of Gemini, in Ardra Nakshatra.

Eclipses bring change into the area of the chart they occur in (and in this case, oppose). The change can be for good or ill depending on how ‘on course’ or ‘off course’ we are in matters to do with the house the eclipse occurs in, and any planet in that house.

Ardra Nakshatra is a toughie energy. It can be tunnel visioned and confrontative; it’s ruled by Rahu North Node.

So, with Venus, Sun, Moon and Rahu all in Vedic Gemini at the time of this eclipse, plus the fact that Mars and Mercury are in Cancer where Mars gets all het up and steamy and where the Mars-Mercury combination leads to arguments and harsh speech, it would be wise to note this guidance and use the perception: avoid arguments.

But the real vastness feeding this eclipse energy, comes from the planets at the other end of the nodal axis of this eclipse: Pluto, Saturn and Ketu in Sagittarius.

As I’ve said before in various videos and blogs, Pluto Saturn and Ketu haven’t been together in Sagittarius since 1517, they are an energy of Reformation.

Yes, there is an energy of reformation in matters of religion: it’s in the sign Sagittarius.
But there’s an energy of Reformation in your life, too! a fuller life out of the challenge of the difficult energies.

In this video and blog post I describe the astrology, and this offers good perception as to how our lives will be affected.

But the real need is to go beyond perception. The real point is to use the difficult energy as a doorway for greater growth, a more healed life, and this is done in fact by bringing ways of healing to the energies that come up, and indeed to using magical techniques to bring about

So, the first step is to note that the area of your life that will be affected will especially be the Houses in your Vedic birth chart that are Sagittarius and Gemini – see the recent Video and Blog I offered on ‘how to interpret the meaning fo an eclipse in your life’ for the House meaning and much more. Of course if you have one of your natal planets or Ascendant in Gemini or Sagittarius, then that planet and its affairs in your life will be massively affected for good or ill, and the houses that that planet rules, and the life areas for which that planet is an indicator or ‘karaka’.

So basically, what is happening now I that Saturn is calling us to account and we suffer if we are off course for our destiny and for the affairs of the House that is Sagittarius in our birth chart.

But note that Ketu South Node is there too: destroying and cutting – but for spiritual purpose. Ketu destroys: but for spiritual purpose.

Ketu cuts at and slashes any false blocks or imprisoning walls you have erected in your life that keep you from seeing your light and your true greatness, leaving you skulking in prison walls that you claim are the reality that has to govern the definition of yourself and what you have to do on the path of your life.

So, to give an example, in my birth chart, Sagittarius is my 6th house of health, and I have had quite a health crisis since Saturn entered Sagittarius, due basically because I was overworking at the computer and ignoring warning signs. But now Ketu is slashing at my preconceptions as to how I have to live my life. Wonderful healers from the blessed Sligo West of Ireland Healers’ community have come into my life. I have been forced to live more in my body rhythms. I am getting good advice as to alternative remedies. I am alternating my computer-based work with work in the garden in the sun and building an extension to the house.

So, Saturn/Ketu in Vedic Sagittarius: what will it be for you???

But with all that going on, what happens now when the Eclipse of 2nd July is in Vedic Gemini, an eclipse that opposes and interacts with, and brings to crisis-pitch, this very fierce Saturn/Ketu/Pluto energy?

Well, look what House Gemini is in your Vedic birth chart, and note what is the area of life covered by that House. See my earlier video and blog on how to interpret what an eclipse means in your life. Have a Reading from me.

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But, the big question is: what is the good of the wonderful declaration that can be delivered from competent astrology, if it does not lead to growth, transformation and healing???

Vedic Astrology remedies are so often outdated and cultural. Loads of mantra can create robots. So, in this post, I am focussing more on what an approach from both deity contact and from magic can offer.

As you will know, the energies of June, the month now ending, have been fraught and tense. This is due to the planets I have described in the Sagittarius-Gemini axis. And yet in June, as I said in my Astrology and Healing Video and Newsletter for June, at the same time there was an oasis of comfort and affluence and sensuality from Venus then transiting through Taurus.

So, and this is a technique I have given in on-line sessions to people, as well as doing it myself: to make sure that I honoured and maximised the space for Venus and Taurus, I had a picture of Great Goddess Laxmi on the wall, in fact from the festival of Akshaya Tritiya. And every day I lit a candle in front of the picture, and I talked from the heart to Great Goddess Laxmi. I related to her from a place of my being fully embodied. I praised her for her essence and her beauty and her kindness. I asked for her blessing to create a happy contented home here amid all the more tense energies that humanity is being tested with. I talked over my failings and lapses with her. Giving voice to my truth helped a lot.

In fact, I learned deity tantra when I did a five-year field study from 1998 of spiritual forms new to the modern west: an Ethnography. The focus areas of this study were Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Paganism, Shamanism and Utopian Community. I particularly loved the work of connecting to a deity that both Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism offer, and do email me if you would like a session to help you connect to a particular deity, including planet deities, and bring that into your life, or book a Reading with me.

Also relevant to the current Saturn, Ketu Pluto conjunction that is strongly activated by the July 2nd Eclipse opposite, I have done several Pluto Journeys online for people. The keys to perception of the energy of Pluto are mythic keys. And it is so good to do a descent into the Abyss, and face Pluto as The Abyss, identifying, clarifying and shedding yourself of all your burdens, pains, wounds, secrets, and then arising freed and lightened so as to be more able to live in the way that is right for you, and connect to Pluto a Kether, now, no longer needing to connect to Pluto as the abyss, and benefit from the experience and the inspiration and guidance of connecting through your crown chakra to the Divine Light, to the Ultimate Divine, of which Pluto is a facet.

Another form of magically taking advantage of these energies I can talk you through if you contact me is Clearing Magic: an  Eclipse month is a very good time to do a ritual to affirm you a particular now unwanted script or pattern has ‘already left my life’.

Here’s some wonderful words of wisdom, from a colleague of mine, with whom I am shortly launching these vision and magical transformation on-line individual face-to-face sessions using zoom:

100% real spiritual strength is facing the things that make us spiritually weak, mentally and emotionally. Addressing them fully, how those weaknesses got there. What events, right down to the moment it occurred in our past or past life, that made that flaw in us, accepting that they occurred, feeling that pain once again and working through it mentally and emotionally, allowing ourselves to heal and then letting it go – the pain happened, and it happened for the purpose of serving us to get to a destination, a goal we decided on before birth, but now we are healed and ready to live without it.

We don’t need that anymore because now we know how to manage ourselves without it. -That is real spiritual strength…. The problem with the humans is that they want the easy answer.

90% of the population doesn’t want to address the things buried deeply or study and learn what we lack that cause our pain, lack of success or whatever. The process is time consuming, it often hurts, it’s not fun, it’s ugly and once you open one door the doors just keep coming. There’s no real going back. It makes us change ourselves and our lives in ways that are hard, uncomfortable, scary, even sad and lonely, as well as happy and exultant.

So, if you want a totally individual on-line journey using zoom to do this sort of magical work to put your life on the best course out of these strong energies, email me. Or you can book for a reading. I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you.

And so, now to conclude, here is the Western Astrology chart using the Tropical Zodiac for this eclipse of 2nd July 2019: