The Eclipse of 25th April 2013 is very powerful especially if you are a Vedic Cancer Rising Person (Most Leo Risers in western astrology)

Michael Web Photo 6 smileWe do have a very powerful confluence and build up in this eclipse. Incredible power is being brought together. The eclipse chart is at the foot of the Blog. You can contact me for expert readings that combine western and Vedic astrology: birth chart, Prediction and Relationship, and my western and Vedic on-line certificated astrology courses as well.  See my website:
This posting is a very in-depth study of the power of the eclipse. See the other two less technical blogs I have posted as well. This is a technical blog. It is probably most suited to those with some knowledge of Vedic astrology. Please note that my Readings are much more user-friendly and easily explained than this!!!
Eclipses bring things that don’t usually happen: for good or ill. Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic activity, breakthroughs and course re-directions. One-off unusual events. Unusual developments.
I am writing this Blog to share the fact that Cancer rising signs (using the Vedic sidereal zodiac) are especially affected by all eclipses because Moon rules the sign of Cancer. In the western zodiac therefore, these are mostly Leo Risers. I am a Vedic Cancer riser, so I thought it would be especially interesting to share all about what this eclipse can unleash: for good or ill.
Note that for Vedic Cancer Risers, the Moon is lord of 1st House (because Moon rules Cancer). And note that in Vedic Astrology the 1st House is exceptional in that it is both a trine house (trikona) AND it is also an angle house (Kendra).
In this particular eclipse, Saturn and Rahu (North Node) are both transiting through Vedic Libra.
So, in this particular eclipse, the eclipsed Moon as ruler of the 1st House (which trinal and angular) is in Vedic Libra which is an angle house (4th). So here in itself we have a trinal and angular combination. A trine Lord in an angle House forms a Raja Yoga (see below).
BUT ALSO NOTE, most importantly, that this eclipse’s Moon in Vedic Libra, as Lord of a trine house (1st) is ALSO conjunct Saturn. Now, Saturn rules 7th House (Capricorn) for Cancer Risers. So in this eclipse we have the Lord of the 1st (trikona), the Moon, joined to the Lord of the 7th (Kendra) Saturn. This is the powerful combination known in Vedic Astrology as Raja Yoga.
Note that when the lord of a trinal house conjoins (or is otherwise aspected by) the lord of an angular house it is the powerful Raja Yoga. Any time Rahu is in an angle house with a trinal ruler it forms a Raja Yoga.
And we have also to remember that Saturn is exalted in Vedic Libra.

So we do have a very powerful confluence and build up here. Incredible power is being brought together in the chart of a Vedic Cancer Rising person (like me). For all Vedic Cancer risers, the 4th House – 10th House axis is being activated massively (4th House is MATRA, House of the Mother, Intelligence, Home life, Fixed assets, Heart,  Conveyances, roots and root teachings, roots, emotional integrity. 10th House is RAJYA, House of Profession    Career, Livelihood, standing in the world, Accomplishment of spells, Attainment of results, Honour, Glory, renown).
And note that in this eclipse, the 10th house, which is Vedic Aries, has the eclipse Sun in it AND under the rules of Vedic Astrology Sun is EXALTED in Aries. So it’s powerful activation of home and career issues for a Vedic Cancer riser person (most of western Leo rising) AND Mars is conjunct the eclipse Sun in Aries, so we have another Raja Yoga here in the 10th house too, because Mars for a Cancer Riser rules the Scorpio 5th (trinal) and the Aries 10th (angle) and it’s in an angle: the 10th (angular)!!!!!
Why is this so powerful? Well, Kendra (angle) houses are houses of action and trikona (trine) houses are houses of good fortune.
When action and good fortune join forces such as in a raja yoga, prosperity abounds.
When there is good fortune but no action, nothing will happen. Action without good fortune is not very fruitful either. Good fortune is not enough; there must be action as well in order to achieve something, and that is the secret of the raja yoga.
The secret of Raja Yoga is the combination between good fortune (trikona houses) and action (kendra houses).
BUT ALSO NOTE THAT Rahu (the north Node) is part of the 4th house raja yoga because it is transiting in the Libra 4th House and is therefore conjunct Moon and Saturn. This brings in the hand of the person’s incarnational destiny.
And note also that Ketu (the South Node) is part of the 10th house Raja Yoga, because Ketu is also transiting through the Aries (conjunct eclipse Sun, Mars and Venus). It’s massive!!!

As a footnote to this Blog, please note that Cancer is one of those Vedic Ascendants where a malefic can be a raja yoga planet.  For Vedic Cancer and Leo ascendants, Mars is the raja yoga planet. So even if we have a weak Mars in our birth chart, it can be strengthened. We can support a malefic if it is a raja yoga planet if it is weak in the horoscope. But even then, we have to be careful. We must never forget that whenever we support a malefic, we are playing with fire.
chart eclipse 25.4.13