The Duile, The Nine Elements of the Ancient Irish Druids

The Duile

The Duile are the nine elements system and body energy work spiritual practice of the ancient Irish Druids. Fortunately for later humanity, it preserved in a later surviving manuscript (like another mystical energy work practice of the ancient Irish Druids: The Cauldrons of Poesy), where our own body is healed, strengthened and vastly empowered and so our sense of our body becomes ever more strongly a beautiful powerful microcosm of the macrocosm: The Cosmic Man/Woman. ‘As above, so below’.

You can work with the Three Cauldrons and the Nine Elements of the ancient Irish Druids in my Druid Forest School Course. See:

Like all Irish Druid spirituality the practices, beliefs and histories were originally orally-preserved, and just a few of them survived to come down to us because they were written up in medieval manuscripts by often unsympathetic medieval Irish monks, who of course were blind to the spiritual wealth that they were handling – often at the request of rich patrons who wanted the old magic, the old stories! The Manuscript presenting this ancient Irish Druid visionary mystical body energy work is attributed to Amergin, the ancient Irish bard and poet of the Milesians, who invaded Ireland after the Tuatha de Danaan. The poem was re-written in the 7th Century and later copied into a 16th Century Manuscript (Legal codex H.3.18, Trinity College, Dublin). So: so very thankfully: the wisdom has survived!

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So, what are the nine elements of the ancient Irish Druids? Well, first of all, here’s a list of the nine elements that the ancient Irish Druids worked with, and just a tiny but beautiful and magical selectin from the many indicators for each that the Druids used:

Element Magical Tools/Correspondences

1. Bones Stone of Destiny
2. Flesh Nemeton: The Sacred grove
3. Hair Plant Life, Ogham and Herbs
4. Blood Sea, West, Cauldron
5. Breath Wind, The Sword of Nuada
6. Mind The Well of Segais
7. Face Sun, The Spear of Lugh
8. Brain Imbas (Inspiration)
9. Head Heaven, The Torque

Next, here’s a brief selection of wonderful realisations that the very inspired and able students working with the Druid Forest School have come to: just in their work with the first element: The Bones: their bones!

1. Bones as Protective framework
2. Bones as Cage/ladder for our energy system
3. Bones as Solidity of our Self
4. Bones as Magical intention storage place
5. Stronger sense of our bones gives us stronger realisation that we are part of and connected to and one with the universe. This strengthens both our sense of our self and it also strengthens our sense of the nature of the universe.

Doing the exercise helps us really appreciate our skeleton and its structure, the way it protects all our vital organs, and acts as a frame and even shock-absorber for our journey through life. The more you contemplate it, the more amazing it becomes! We are held upright and strong by this scaffolding for our wonderful flesh.

Our bones can act as a storehouse for our personal power and magical spiritual intentions. This ties in with Healing Techniques that deal with the holding of energies in the body: both harmful energies implanted there that need to be healed, but also magical, inspiriting energies too. See:

On the question of holding magical intention in our Bones, Maggie advises: ‘I think it all depends on intention. I think storing energy in the bones sounds like a great idea. In Metamorphic Technique we always said that the bones represented energy and power and life itself. The Taoists have a practice called bone breathing to strengthen Kidney Qi.
I think it is important to follow our own guidance rather and inner knowing rather than being over influenced by what others say.’

I mentioned above the sense of our unity with the Cosmos, the concept of Cosmic Man/Woman, what in the Vedic Indian tradition is known as Purusha. Another expression of this oh-so-valuable concept is the Song of Amergin:

The Song of Amergin

Here is an extract of The Song of Amergin was composed by Amergin, son of Mile, Ollamh or Chief Druid of the invading Milesians. Amergin composed this poem when the Milesians landed in the West of Ireland, intent on defeating the wonderful god-like Tuatha de Danaan. This poem clearly shows the oneness of the man with the whole of nature, and it shows the power of our ability to shape-shift:

I am Wind on Sea,
I am Ocean-wave,
I am Roar of Sea,
I am Bull of Seven Fights,
I am Vulture on Cliff,
I am Dewdrop,
I am Fairest of Flowers,
I am Boar of Boldness,
I am Salmon in Pool,
I am Lake on Plain…
I am Word of Skill,
I am the Point of the Weapon of combats,
I am God who fashioned Fire for a Head…….

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