The Druid Path – can it sometimes be simply a rehashing of history?

croagh-patrick-rolling-sunThe Druid Forest School makes valid points about drawing inspiration and power through the resurrection of druid heritage.

However, the idea of ritual sacrifice (apparent historical tradition) and disregard for non-human life through hunting and carnivorous behavior (Lynda’s invocation of Dagda) etc., are examples of how we elevate ourselves to the top of a man-made hierarchy resulting in misery and suffering for all Beings.

ALL life is sacred and until druidism embraces this idea, it will be no different from any other religion.

I will move forward with my Ogham studies with an understanding druidism must evolve into greater consciousness to become a positive force in the world otherwise there will be no growth, simply a rehashing of history.


These posts are the first of a series of Blog postings on the issues we all do well to consider on following the Druid Path as part of our journey to Enlightenment. We would appreciate and welcome a kind and caring, intelligent and mutually respectful exploration of these issues, as we develop The Druid Forest School: .

These very worthwhile points are all made from Anne Lee in Washington State, USA.

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