The Druid Forest School

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The Druid Forest School offers wonderful courses:

Invocation of Gods and Goddesses
Reclaiming the Festivals of the ancient Irish
Becoming a Priest or Priestess
– And a fourth course invocation of the Gods and Goddesses of Britain and Wales as well.

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DRUID NOVEL COVER FINALThe foundation stone of the School is to restore God and Goddess to Ireland’s Holy Mountain.
The Mountain is on the far west coast, and is now called Croagh Patrick.
The Druid Forest School seeks to undo the damage to the Irish people that followed Saint Patrick ousting Corra the Goddess of the Land from the pinnacle.
Saint Patrick also preached against Llugh as the God of Harvest and the Sun and replaced Llugh’s festival with the Christian penitential pilgrimage up to the Mountain top.
He then set out to convert the people but bad consequences followed for the nation. To the left is my novel, Druid: a visionary earth-spirituality novel available on Amazon, which is set within the story of the mountain.

All our courses are distance learning courses in invocation of Gods and Goddesses, celebration of the Festivals and becoming Priest and Priestess. You can follow them anywhere in the world.

Basically we send you full information about each Festival (its meaning and celebration) or about each God/Goddess to be invoked. The next thing is: you do the work (asking any questions you might have before hand if you need to). And after doing the work you let us know how you got on via email or skype. We are creating spiritual community.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me further. Glad to work with you. I look forward to hearing, Michael