The Danger of Polarity

We are living in times of polar oppositions. There seems to be less willingness to find common ground whenever there is a disagreement of opinion. In the past people could still get together and express opposing opinions without it turning into a fight to the death. It seems those times are gone and now we are faced with extreme opinions about almost everything.

In order for the universe to exist, there have to be opposites. We could not have light without darkness.   However, as you move away from the central point of balance (in which you can listen to both sides without having to endorse one of the other), the entire social system becomes more precariously balanced. As one side becomes more extreme, the other side naturally balances it by becoming more entrenched in their own viewpoint


This is why excesses can be dangerous to a society or to a person. Excess of anything, whether that is wine, shopping, or opinions, causes polarities to become more extreme. So, take a look at your life and see if you are extreme in your behavior, your actions, or your ways of thinking. If you find such things then reevaluate them to make sure they are serving you and helping you grow into a bigger, better person.  If you need help with this, you can buy a reading by clicking the link below.

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