The Cynic meets the Kabbalah Tree of Life

Are You a Cynic? Meet the Kabbalah, the Tree of Life

These days it is  easy to be a cynic about what you read, what you hear and  even about your own future.

End Times are always cynical times because we do not know what the future  will be like.

Furthermore, the media has done an amazing job of whipping up fearfulness in order to sell their news. The media is a dog-eat-dog world with everyone wanting their ratings to stay up.

Bad news always sells more than good news – and the same news colors your viewpoint of the world in subtle and destructive ways.

In addition, we have to cope with exaggerated news reports and inaccurate news.  Watching these claims makes  us worked up and upset.   We want to reach out to  friends and talk about it. And so inaccurate information goes viral on social media.  Most of us don’t think to fact check the claims before we pass it on to others.  Why is this?  One reason is  our sense of safety/sanity comes from our own specific beliefs. If I believe the world is flat, I don’t want to hear from people with competing beliefs, even if the facts they hold are accurate.  You can’t convince someone to change their opinions unless they are willing to look at facts.   And if you do not want to change your worldview, the last thing you want to do is look at new facts.

DIVISION: This unwillingness leads to more and more division in our society since the ability to find the middle path is lost.  Anytime a society is divided into polar opposites, stability goes out the door.

If we want a peaceful future, we must find a way to stop pointing our finger at the other side and saying they are the problem.  Blame only makes our problems worse.

One empowering thing you can do is to find out the facts and data behind any claim.

The other thing you can do is to refuse to pass on information unless you know it is true. This is because all the major news reporting outlets have a vested interest in making information exciting at the cost of facts we don’t know what to believe.  There are  neutral organizations that do nothing but fact check. They include,, and FactChecker.

And NOW, a different way:

The Kabbalah Tree of Life course with Elizabeth Hendricks teaches us how to balance the opposites in ourselves.

This is so that we stay centered: in the calm central Path of wisdom.

At the deepest levels the can help you have an intuitive sense of whether something needs to be checked out further before passing it on to others.

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