The Chart of an Intuitive Healer and Adept

Maggie, Healer
Maggie, Healer

In starweel webinar No 9, we study Maggie’s natal and predictive astrology. We bring to bear powerful insights of Vedic Astrology and also psychodynamic western astrology. The impact of parenting is analysed. Family constellation work is introduced:

Ashtama Sani is the very difficult transit of Saturn through the 8th House from Moon in the birth chart and we identify what this means in a life. This includes its true meaning that this transit is best treated ‘shamanically’, as a descent into our darkness, and resurrection therefrom: facing our dark side and our grief, sharing, rising up strengthened from having faced these and dealt with them.

We analyse the Navamsha Chart: the chart of the soul and marriage and we map the message of the soul in this life into the birth chart using Rashi Tulya and Bhava Suchaka Analysis to discuss how the soul sent Maggie a hard task in this life time.

We look at Jupiter Debilitation and Debilitated Sun as well and what is actually meant by cancellation of Debilitation.  What is meant by Sun in Pushkara status? What is meant by Vargottoma?

In Maggie’s Vedic birth chart, her Atmakaraka is Saturn and she was born to work ethically and responsibly with issues of suffering. The position of the Nodes of the Moon in her chart reveal her to be an intuitive healer.

Chart aspect shape analysis in psychodynamic western astrology reveal a combination of Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and Ketu (South Node of the Moon) which make her to be an adept and a channel whose utterance will project worldwide.

Detailed work is done on her Moon in Ashwini Nakshatra or Lunar Sign, its Myth, and how Ashwinis have to become healer of these energies that they ride. Also Swati Sun and Vishakha Ascendant.

We look at Maggie’s Manasa nakshatra: using the special nakshatras model the 25th Nakshatra reveals one’s default state of consciousness, PurvaBhadra in Maggie’s case.

We examine the power of the utterance of Tithi: your Moon Phase at the moment you were born. Caturdasi, Day 14 of the Moon, in Maggie’s case: where the person can always feel inadequate and angry thereby.

We look at the link between Nakshatra and Gunas (Rajas, Tamas, Sattva) as well as Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and how to deduce health implications from this.

The starwheel webinar series continues fortnightly through 2015 and runs four webinars a week from February 2016 with linked courses.

Here is Maggie’s Vedic Birth Chart:

Chart Maggie (2)