The Brain that Lives in Your Heart by Elizabeth Hendricks

We all know our brain lives inside her skull, encased with bone that protects it.

Spiritual seekers also know that the sixth chakra, which is located in the center of the brain, is involved with seeing things clearly and without distortion. What is less known is that the heart has its own intelligence.

The Kabala teaches us that the central channel is the location for both the brain and the heart. While the brain and the heart have different ways of understanding, they are both equally accurate.

Choices made from the head are logical and linear. Decisions made with only the mind may be analytical and factual, but they don’t take into account whether the choices are kind or not.   Too much dependence logic alone can result in cold and unfeeling policies.

By contrast, choices made from the heart have emotions associated with them.  Choices of the heart always have kindness as one component.    Also, the heart can tell you whether your decision feels right or whether it makes you feel uneasy.  If it makes you feel uneasy, you need to examine it further. Too much dependence on the heart alone can result in weak choices, decisions made from guilt, or enabling behavior.

To have a balanced way of walking in the world, the mind and the heart must work together.

When you’re able to walk the central path of mildness, the mind and the heart become interconnected and your decisions have clarity and compassion.   No longer do you wonder if you’re making the right decision.  Instead, the course of action becomes very clear from moment to moment. The trick is to allow those two chakras to communicate and blend.

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