The best relationships astrology combines Vedic (Indian) astrology with Western Astrology. You need both!

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

Western relationship astrology on its own is not good enough to give a declaration of relationships compatibility between a couple.

What you actually need is a skilled relationships astrology reading that combines both western AND Vedic astrology.
My relationships astrology readings are exceptional in that they do just that. The advice you are offered is so sound.

Western relationship astrology is wrong to focus on Sun signs of the couple. Western relationships astrology also tends to produce meaningless lists of: ‘planets in houses’, planets in signs’ and aspects between the planets of the couple, with no guidance on how to make sense of it all.

Vedic astrology on the other hand does a deep and powerful analysis and sure declaration of the different facets of the relationship mainly based on comparing the Moon of the man with the Moon of the Woman. It is after all, our Moon nature: our emotions, that are key to relationships compatibility.

rama and sitaLet’s look at the Vedic Relationships Astrology System:

Respect: Vedic Astrology first of all declares as a key introduction, whether the flow of your relationship will stimulate mutual respect and, thereby, growth of love.
(Strii Diirgha).




Vedic Astrology then goes on to give a very clear score for the following eight moon-comparison relationship factors (known as the Ashta Kuta system):

  1. Excess: Is there an excess of Kapha, Pitta or Vata between the couple that can prevent us from each from expressing their true self, that would block you from relating to each other in the way that you intend to and wish.
    (Nadi Kuta < 8 points)
  2. Constructivism: Will sacrifices will have to be made in order for your lives to move forwards together in cooperation in the greatest way possible?
    (Bha Kuta < 7 points)
  3. Are you temperamentally compatible? Are both of you are kind, friendly, compassionate, open and devoted people? Or does one or both of you have some radically different temperament? If you both have a similar or compatible temperament you will better be able to relate to each other and better be able to relate to the rest of the world together. You will both strive to see the good in life and be inspired by goodness and the good things in life. When life is hard, you will both be able to find some good in what is happening and through some form of faith or devotion find your way through. Having a similar temperament goes a long way in creating harmony.
    (Gana Kuta < 6 points)
  4. Are you Friends? To what degree are you actually both friends? Or: are you really ‘just friends’?
    (Graha Maitram Kuta < 5 points)
  5. Are you instinctively compatible? Each person has an instinctive nature that they rely upon in intense situations when all recourse has left them. This instinctive nature is usually resorted to in crisis situations and in situations when a person has to do something, but does not know what to do. The instinctive nature also comes out to a lesser degree during the more intense aspects of sex. For a couple to go through intense situations harmoniously together and for a couple to bond through intense experiences and sexual experiences, it is important that their instinctive natures be compatible.
    (Yoni Kuta < 4 points)
  6. Comfort: Will the man’s temperament feel comfortable and safe to a women, or it will feel more threatening?
    (Tara Kuta < 3 points)
  7. Innate giving: Innately knowing the other’s needs is so important. Do you need to improve your relationship by improving your ability to communicate your needs to each other? The man may need to learn to ask for his needs to be met clearly and directly, and the woman may need to learn to express her needs by saying how she feels, thereby give the man a chance to fulfill her needs. The more you are able to do this, the more your love for each other will grow.
    (Vasya Kuta < 2 points)
  8. Mutation: Will this relationship will incline you to make positive changes?
    (Varna Kuta < 1 point)

WAVELENGTH: What the astrologer then does is add up each of the scores to these eight questions out of a possible total overall score of 36 points in this Ashta Kuta system. Score below 18 points is not good.

loversWhat do you do next???

Well, next there’s the two beneficial supplements and the two great downfalls:
The astrologer then works out if there’s a shared sense of purpose (Mahendra)
Then the astrologer works out if obstacles can be overcome so that the couple can be together (Vedha dosha)
Next the astrologer works out if the couple is tied to Misfortunes (Rajju Dosha)
Then the astrologer works out if there is magnetic attraction between the couple. But be warned: some forms of magnetic attraction are Fatal Attraction (Read the Bronte novels!)

Mars 4MARS ISSUES: The last remaining point of comparison in Vedic relationship Astrology is mars issues: is there balance of assertive pressure?

If one of the couple is a lot more assertive than the other, it can be disaster (Sylvia Plath put her head in a gas oven because Ted Hughes was so assertive).

Next in Vedic comparison, the astrologer would also take into account the comparison of the Sun and the Ascendant (Lagna) of the couple, and the Vedic chart overall.

Next the Astrologer should take into account the Ashtakavarga score for each House in the couple’s chart, to see if the man will compensate for the woman’s weak areas and vice versa. The Ashtakavarag system is a way of giving strength points to each sign in a person’s birth chart to see how strong or weak that sign will manifest in his/her life.

The astrologer will also look at each of the couple’s predictive astrology to see if both will have a terrible time at the same time!

(and of course there are many other comparison features that a full relationships reading will use).

For the best relationships report, you must have BOTH western and Vedic Astrology expertly combined:

Wonderful though the declaration by Vedic Astrology is, you do need to bring Western Relationships astrology into the picture as well.

Vedic Relationships Astrology is the more sure and powerful, but it is not enough.

I combine both western and vedic astrology in my expert relationships astrology readings.

You do need to bring in from western astrology the following:
How Chiron the Wounded healer works
How the outer planets that are outside Vedic astrology will operate in the relationship: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
You must also bring in western psychodynamic astrology.
Also western Evolutionary Astrology.

My expert relationship readings do all these things.

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