The Backpackers Guide to the New Spirituality 2014 just published. Testimonials


I would like to share some testimonials to my work that I have received from kind clients and course attenders in the last week:

‘Your blogs are fantastic, spoken with the true wisdom that is you!’

‘People will always be drawn to your energy as it is so high, you are a light shining in the dark!’

‘I am excited to be able to eventually bring such healing to others too.’

‘It was a joyful experience for me and thank you kindly for your time in doing the reading for me yesterday along with the tarot spread.’

It is very kind of these people, and I do aim to offer the greatest insight readings, course-teachings and healings I can. Look out for my Newsletter due out later this week launching my newly-published spiritual guide-book and its linked distance courses, healings, readings and counselling: ‘The Backpackers Guide to the New Spirituality 2014‘ (available in paperback and kindle):

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