The Astrology of May 2015

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

May 2015 Astrology Report by Michael Conneely

Here is a simple and enabling report on the effect in human lives of the positions of the planets in the month of May 2015.

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SUMMARY of the Planets positions in May 2015:

The Sun starts of the month of May 2015 at 10 deg Taurus, and ends May at 9 Gemini

Moon is at 4 deg Libra at the start of May 2015.
The Full Moon is 4th May at 03.42hrs at 13 Scorpio. The New Moon is 18th May at 04.13hrs at 27 Taurus.

Mercury is at 22 deg Taurus ending the month at 8 Gemini
Mercury is Retrograde this month in Gemini: from 19th May till 12th June – but not till 27th June for full steam ahead.

Venus is at 22 deg Gemini ending the month at 25 Cancer

Mars is at 22 deg Taurus ending the month at 13 Gemini

Jupiter is at 13 Leo ending the month at 16 Leo

Saturn is at 3 deg Sagittarius retrograding to 0 Sagittarius by the end of the month
Saturn is retrograde from 14th March to 2nd August.

Uranus is at 17 deg Aries ending the month at 19 deg Aries

Neptune is at 9 deg Pisces all month

Pluto is at 15 deg Capricorn all month

And Chiron is at 20 Pisces ending the month at 21 Pisces

The North Node of the Moon moves from 8 Libra to 6 Libra, and the South Node (always opposite) moves from 8 Aries to 6 Aries in May 2015.

1. The Transiting Squares:
The planets are forming two big aspects to each other in the heavens in May 2015. These are the long-running Uranus – Pluto square and also the Saturn – Neptune square.

The Uranus Pluto square: Uranus is in Aries; Pluto is in Capricorn. This is the 7th and final time since 2010 that these two planets have lined up 90 degrees to each other since You will strongly feel the effects of the Uranus Pluto square if you have planets in your birth chart in the signs of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra, most especially if your natal planets around 15 deg of these signs.

There’s Uranus’ urge to break free and change the conditions that prevent our soul from expressing its inherent grace, joy and love.
Open up to assistance from outside ourselves.
Listen! The universe is often giving you coded or subliminal messages.

If we aren’t stuck and stubborn, this square opens doors to wellsprings of revelation, and puts us in touch with pure source.
The cautious Capricorns are having one of their biggest times of transformation and growth ever: faced with Success! I feel they need to be careful that their ambition and direction does not become self-seeking or remorseless though.

Those with planets in Aries are having the most tremendous battering for some months, especially if they have planets from 10 to 20 Aries. Eclipses since September have turned their lives upside down and brought a call for them to see the direction of positive revolution in their lives. At times the energies will feel shocking or eviscerating.

Libras and Cancers too will feel the deep wrenching energy of this square aspect in the heavens, especially if they have planets around 15 degrees.

Uranus is trine (120 deg) Jupiter at this time, so there could be lucky gains for people with ascendant or planets in mid Leo. And actually Jupiter also receives an inconjunct aspect from Pluto in the heavens also at this time, so people starred in mid-Leo could experience deep and vibrant (if not driven) energies of positive transformation. I have Ascendant and Pluto in this zone, so I am holding the Universe to this prediction!!!

The Saturn – Neptune Square: Saturn is in early Sagittarius; Neptune is in early Pisces. Saturn and Neptune are opposites: enemies really. You will really feel the effects of this contrary energy if you have planets from the end of Scorpio to mid Sagittarius (or opposite that in end Taurus to early Gemini) or in early Pisces (or opposite that in early Virgo).

Saturn calls us to respect limits and duties and act patiently. His energy can be grim or remorseless.
It is Saturn’s job to build and manifest, and to hold the integrity of our life-structures on various levels, but how we so often try to use Saturn’s energies is to resist change! It is a good idea to attune to what you are really feeling and experiencing and spend some time and effort to identify and review areas of density, resistance, doubt or hesitancy. Look at your unconscious beliefs and limiting scripts. Make a vision statement, a statement of intent. Deal with fear, limitation or denial.  How do you oppress yourself with false beliefs? This exercise will actually yield a renewal of your strength, energy and direction!

If Saturn is within around +/- 45 degrees of your natal Moon in Western Astrology, you are probably within the highly important and difficult period known in Vedic Astrology as Sade Sate and you would do well to get a Prediction from me. If Saturn is around thirty degrees or less behind your Ascendant or Rising Sign degree, in other words if Saturn is approaching your Ascendant, this is the phenomenon of Saturn transiting the 12th House where so much must die in your life and again: get a Prediction from me to understand this.

Neptune can increase our sensitivity and intuition, but if we don’t know how to handle his energy it will manifest as confusion, dishonesty and even alcohol or drugs. People with Sun or other planets in early Virgo are really feeling this. Lots of them are having spiritual transformations.
At its highest vibration, Neptune opens our hearts and minds and increases our intuitive powers.

2. Retrograde Planets: Two planets are retrograde in May 2015:
Saturn is retrograde from 14th March to 2nd August. When Saturn is retrograde we are called to work deeply to learn our lessons and complete projects left uncompleted. Beware against getting negative, pointlessly depressed or bitter.
Review and plan your future. Intention-setting: doing a Vision Quest definition of where you would like to be by some future date can be very valuable, as long as you stay grounded and open.

Mercury is Retrograde in the second half of this month in Gemini: from 19th May till 12th June – but not till 27th June for full steam ahead. Now is the time to be careful over the details of your communication and admin. Don’t leave unfinished filing or accounts!

3. The Nodes of the Moon:
The Vedic Astrology interpretation of the Nodes of the Moon (Rahu the North Node and Ketu the South Node)  is far more accurate, deep and powerful than the Western Astrology interpretation of the Nodes. The simplest summary yet powerful interpretation of the Nodes of the Moon transiting over these degrees in May 2015 is a call to practical mysticism.