The Astrology of June 2019 – Special Advice : Astrology and Healing Newsletter June 2019 Pt. 1

Welcome to the Astrology and Healing Magazine for June 2019.

Part 1. The Astrology of June 2019 – Special Advice

These are the times that try mans’ souls – Winston Churchill

There’s a neat good summary list of planet positions in June in Part 7 at the end of this blog. I am going to print it out and pin it up on the wall so I can keep awareness of the challenges of June. You may like to do the same. The charts for June are in Part 8: Western and Vedic.

I feel the overall important message for June 2019 is this: watch the two-part video and read the summary advice below:

Pt. 1 Video:

Pt. 2 Video:

The main energies overall are horrifically turbulent, cutting and distracting. There’s big ongoing challenges to steady, stable managing of our minds and avoiding aggressive turbulent communication. Problems in travel and business will have to be dealt with.

But there’s also some more pleasurable and beautiful energies we can remember to catch onto, and there’s possibilities for intuition flowing and inspiration breaking through.

So, the main energies overall are horrifically turbulent, cutting and distracting, divisive:
(though that’s not at all the whole story).

Mars Rahu energy, now, is greedy mental bloodlust, destructive turbulent and driven. Wildfire. Stormy. Remember Mars’ proper characteristics: the ethical warrior who does not leave tasks and challenges undone, but who deals with them as the spiritual warrior instead.

Mercury the mind/communication joins this gut level bloodlust. Combative rhetoric.

Ketu is cutting away at our Saturn false-protection blocks. And if not properly understood, Ketu will get very angry and we will throw everything away.

Pluto brings death for purpose of rebirth. Buried issues are arising and coming to the fore.

None of the players will back down. What’s lining up is a horrific trajectory.

And it’s also all playing out in world affairs too, with extreme viewpoints clashing and making gains and inroads.

All this is so intermeshed and basically this challenge so needs a high level of ever-renewed awareness and love.

Importantly, to do well through all this, I feel that the message comes from the divine nature of the Sun, and it is to define your strategies and to keep moving forward to implement them through this turbulent time. Don’t be ruthless. Don’t be blind to relationship issues around you. Don’t let the mind-effect of these energies distract or divert you. But do be disciplined and not scattered, and thus we will achieve.

Negatively, there’s the immense force of the Saturn, Ketu, Pluto conjunction in Vedic Sagittarius, with the violent Mars-Rahu conjunction opposite in the Vedic sign of Gemini.

Plus, there’s the problems for the Moon and Mercury, when they transit this fraught opposition in Vedic Sagittarius/Gemini.

Certainly, don’t be distracted by the turbulence of national and worldly affairs: face book posting about these will prove to be Drain. It will prove to be distracting from your spiritual purpose at this time.

Be very careful about this all June.
Be especially careful June 10th to 20th.
Also, June 16th to 18th when Mercury and The Moon are caught up in the Heavens in the great opposition between Saturn-Ketu-Pluto and Mars-Rahu.

But positively, there’s something completely different. At the same time: Sun and Venus are in Vedic Taurus when we must honour that energy of wealth, beauty, contentment and enjoyment.

Neptune offers much if we can remember to give it due place: that we can utilise the vision and intuition of Neptune to inspire the battle between Saturn and Ketu. As Ketu tears down our unreal Saturnian blocks, we can be open to Neptune’s illuminations, and Saturn can work to ground and give structure to Neptune’s dreams and visions in your life.

Uranus offers inspiration and revolution if you have planets aspected by it, and if you, again, create space to receive and let it flow.

Check out what aspects Chiron is sending to your natal chart. Look for healing taking place.

Vedic Astrology offers such peerless awareness of our positive and negative traits which will surface to deal with these huge violent planet energies.

Once you look at your Vedic chart in an informed way, you can see your strengths and weaknesses, and what the direction of your destiny is, and what the divine message of the planets is for your life, both natally, and for the current predictive period.

And your western chart can give such valuable psychodynamic insights, and such valuable evolutionary insights.
I always combine both Vedic and Western Astrology.

So, in the month of June 2019, I think it is of key importance to define your strategies.

Keep moving forward to implement them through this turbulent time.

Cultivate management of mind, love and forgiveness.
And pay special attention to the ethical cultivation of Venus/Taurean qualities of pleasure, beauty, valuing your self and keeping kind relationships.

And also in June, do not stop being open to solutions miraculously appearing. Ketu looks for the way out.

And a last guiding principle in June: Don’t get involved with the negativity. Ignore it.


Importantly: you always have to look at what House in your birth chart these planetary transits are activating, because the Houses each indicate an area of life that will be activated.

And importantly you always have to look at any planet that these transits activates in your natal chart.

And a further important point is that you have to be aware of which Vedic Predictive Periods you are in at the present time. The Vedic Predictive Periods or Dashas are actually MORE influential than transits!


I also teach the runes: the magical alphabet of the ancient Norse and other Germanic peoples of Northern Europe.

Last month, following Akshaya Tritiya, I burned a candle before rune No 8: Wunjo: all about bliss and joy and happiness.

In June I am centering on rune No 3 Thurisaz/ Thorn: all about protecting yourself and standing up for yourself. And it is valuable to note that we do need Thurisaz to defend our bliss!!!

There are terrible energies until Saturn ceases to retrograde conjunct Ketu starting from November. But the divine meaning is for us to grow so as to contain these and not let them swamp or diminish us.

Thurisaz is great for us to learn to defend ourselves and become our needed Warrior.

If we are not a strong person, or if our natal planets are affected by the various malefic energies of June 2019, we can personally keep lapsing into fear or rage or feeling of impotence etc, as probably so many people do. So our trick is to manage this time magically – And grow our magic thereby. If we fail at this task, then we suffer – and those around us are destabilised.
June astrology epitomises a spiritual challenge, and it also calls us to develop a spiritual answer.

We now start to go into the detail of the astrology of June 2016.

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Charts for June 2019:
See the charts I have drawn up to accompany this blog post in part 8:
Charts for the first and the last day of June, that are part of this post, in both Vedic and also Western Astrology.
The June Ephemeris showing all planets’ movements for June in the Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology and the Tropical Zodiac of Western Astrology.
Charts for the New Moon of 3rd June and the full Moon of June also in both Vedic and Western Astrology.
It’s the Summer Solstice on June 21st: see the charts.
Charts are set for Sligo in West of Ireland. To see times in your location see
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