The Astrology of June 2014

aquarius 3This is a forecast using Vedic Astrology and it is the Vedic or sidereal signs that are referred to here. Unusually, Michael Conneely combines western and Vedic Astrology in his powerful birth chart, forecast and relationship astrology. To arrange a reading, see:

Mercury retrogrades from 7 June to 1st July in the Vedic sidereal sign of Gemini. But the ‘Mercury Retrograde’ effect is not finished with until Mercury gets back to its pre-retrogradation position on 16th July.
Mercury retrogrades often three times a year and it always creates some disruption – we need to watch how we communicate, be sure to double check all appointments, travel plans. This is a more positive retrograde than usual as Mercury remains entirely in its own sidereal sign of Gemini and prolongs its stay there – giving positive results for Gemini and Virgo ascendants.

And Venus is under Duress at the moment: Venus is in Aries till 18 June and this will be a trying time for Taurus and Libra Ascendants, especially. All the malefics are now aspecting Venus: the Rahu Ketu Axis and Saturn and Mars are all aspecting it. This is bringing unnecessary turmoil for love. But the good news is that this transit lasts only till 18 June and then Venus will change signs to Taurus where it is happy and away from the negative influences. After 18 June, Taurus feels very energised and Libra too will experience positive energy. AND Libra may receive unexpected financial good news too.

I personally have Moon in sidereal Pisces, Ascendant in Cancer and Sun in Libra, so my immediate future seems well-starred:

Jupiter enters Cancer, the sign where it is exalted (and also my rising sign). So Jupiter is in a very positive mode and giving lots of blessings. At present it is Vargottoma in Gemini and then moves to being Vargottoma in Cancer. Vargottoma is a special position which energises the planet by being in the same Rashi (birth chart) and Navamsha (soul/marriage chart) positions. Therefore it becomes even more benefic and giving. Jupiter remains Vargottoma till 4 July 2014. And when Jupiter leaves one sign and moves into another, this is pushkara (until 30 July 2014 seen as the time when all the gods and goddess come down to earth to bless the sacred rivers of India. The rivers are regarded a nadis of energy currents flowing through a country and the deities blessing this time means that river get purified spiritually. And it’s seen as a time for purifying and unblocking our own nadis to restore balance, working energetically on our self, also on a subtle level through yoga, mantra chanting and meditation to help purify the nadis (inner channels) and bring back harmony to our life

What are the effects of Jupiter moving into Cancer?

Jupiter is in Cancer from 19 June 2014 to 13 July 2015. Jupiter in Cancer is a big blessing for all. During this period, Jupiter does not make any challenging conjunctions with malefic energy of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu.

It is specially good for people with key planets or ascendant in Pisces (where my Moon is) who will find this period creative, full of sweetness and can use it to enhance all aspects of their life.

People with key planets or ascendant in Sagittarius (where my Jupiter is) will also benefit as Jupiter gets exalted in their 8th house of transformation – they may be ready to make some positive changes in their life.

People with Aries, Cancer (my ascendant) , Libra (my Sun) and Capricorn emphases will experience it as Hamsa Panchamahapurusha Yoga.
Aries – will gain happiness and contentment
Cancer will be specially blessed as it is transiting through their ascendant. Many opportunities for them.
Libra will experience it as success in career. Libra has been feeling the stress of Saturn in their ascendant for two years now and Jupiter’s strength will bring very much needed relief, especially as Rahu and Saturn soon leave Libra (though Mars re-enters it: beware aggression).
Capricorn will get the positive impact in area of relationships.