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This is a generous offering: the Vedic and Western astrology of July/August 2014 and a predictive summary for the rest of your 2014.

Michael Conneely specialises in astrology readings and courses which unusually combine western and Vedic Astrology. He offers natal chart interpretations, Predictions and relationship readings. For an expert reading of highest quality or the deeply learned and the most supportively taught western or Vedic astrology courses in the world, contact Michal at, email or phone: 07799296821.

What is happening at the depth level now?

It’s all change with the planets in the heavens now, with Saturn moving forwards again, the Nodes of the Moon changing Vedic Sign from Aries-Libra to Pisces-Virgo, Mars moving from Virgo to Libra, and Saturn about to leave Libra for Scorpio this November. And a note on the changes of Western Astrology now follows below, and the western and Vedic charts for NOW follow that.

We are therefore receiving huge shifts in difficult, mainly malefic energies coming at us, but as always we are therefore called upon to find the ‘divine meaning’ in that. And like the serpent who changes his skin, we too must change: we must become more enlightened.

But meanwhile Jupiter is newly entered into Vedic Cancer bringing especially blessings to those with ascendant of planets there.

And most significant background influence of all, of course, is that the change of the Nodes of the Moon now from the Vedic Aries-Libra axis to the Vedic Pisces-Virgo axis, means that the whole world now operates against a completely different backdrop for the next eighteen months: namely new energetic challenge which could be for each human being the possibility for increasing our enlightenment and, because the Nodes are in Vedic Pisces-Aries: unifying our mysticism on the one hand with practical right living on the other hand.

See the charts for NOW at the end of this article in both Western and Vedic Astrology


Saturn moved from ‘Direct’ in the heavens, from being ‘on station’. He turned direct on Sunday 20th July and he is now moving forwards in the heavens.

Saturn, Lord of Karma, will therefore now soon finish off  his time in the Vedic sign of Libra, which is mainly about relationships and he will enter the next sign, Scorpio on November 3rd .

For those with planets in the second half of Vedic Libra especially, you will now be called to really sort out relationship issues you have let lie unsolved since Saturn entered Libra in mid November 2011.

This could be crisis time.

You really have to sort the relationship problems out.

But it can be such rewards if you do that. You can move your relationship issues and the way you relate to a higher level of consciousness.

Before turning direct on Sunday, Saturn had been retrograde since 2nd March 2014, and when Saturn is retrograde or stationary key areas of our life can be on hold or held back for us to learn karmic lessons.

For everyone, but especially if you have ascendant of planets in Vedic Libra or especially in the second half of Vedic Libra, you will certainly have been experiencing this hard time. During this time we would have been called to focus on and identify your main goals in life, and create proper priorities to reflect this.

And when Saturn was stationary, recently, we would have been called on to tie up loose ends and rectify areas of life we had skimmed over and neglected. This could be such stress. We should not have left all those loose ends.

Maybe your organisation of your work was faulty. Maybe your filing or information retrieval system was faulty. Maybe your financial management was faulty. May be your computer organisation was faulty or not good enough for your needs, for your work. Maybe long-overdue you had to publish that book or sort out your website. It won’t just be the area of relationships that we will be forced to make correct!

But with Saturn now moving forward at long last, now, finally we can sort out the messes and unenlightened patterns and move forwards.


But it has not just been a matter of an important shift in Saturn’s energy. Rahu, the North Node of the Moon normally moves backwards in the heavens, and Mars normally moves forwards. And the two met! They met in the last degree of Vedic Virgo on July 13th 2014. Anyone with ascendant, Sun, Moon or planets in late Virgo will have really felt such obsession and driven energy from these two malefics combined. Horrible, I found that energy: my Sun is there!

But now it’s’ different, Rahu, the North Node is now retrograding away from that conjunction point and retrograding through Vedic Virgo for the next eighteen months.
So if you have your Moon there, in Vedic Virgo, for example, you really are in for fears, phobias, unhappiness, maybe connection to dark people of mass movements. But all this is with the divine purpose of propelling you to learn meditation methods to become enlightened. All this is calling you to lose pride in your spiritual progress so far, your spiritual paradigm so far, and calling you to embrace more direct connection to the Divine and to your True Self. The energy is calling you to be more genuinely open to receive the energies that always come from Source: true self-awareness, true self-realisation: self-awareness meditation, kundalini meditation, Shaktipat meditation.

But Mars has, of course, moved onward and is now in early Vedic Libra. I have Sun at 1 Libra and Moon at 29 Pisces, so I have had Rahu and Mars transiting in conjunction aspect to my Sun and in opposition aspect to my Moon, a vulnerable and excoriating energy!


As Rahu has moved into Vedic Virgo, obviously Ketu has moved into Vedic Pisces. The Nodes are always opposite each other.

Ketu is now at 29 deg Pisces. So if you have planets in Pisces, like I have Moon in Pisces, Ketu, the South Node of the Moon will transit over those planets. Ketu transiting over the Moon is very difficult and can mean health impairment or worse than that, and it’s also bad for one’s mother. Issues of rejection arise. Old wounds open. The mind becomes harried and restless.

Again: there’s the divine call to handle our mind in the more enlightened way. Ketu transiting over the Sun in our birth cart can be very tough: again, possible ill-health, possible rebellion at work or at father issues. For those with planets in Vedic Pisces there could be huge spiritual or intuition openings.

But overall of course, the change of the Nodes of the Moon to the Vedic Pisces-Virgo axis means that the whole world operates against a completely different backdrop: the possibility for increasing our enlightenment and at the same time for unifying our mysticism with practical right living.


Meanwhile Jupiter is newly entered into Vedic Cancer bringing especially blessings to those with ascendant or planets there. You can contact me to have your natal and predictive western and Vedic Astrology interpreted at expert level.

  1. Some Philosophy Underlying This

Putting it very simply in western words, the profound main source document of Vedic Astrology: Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra (BPHS) explains the deep philosophy as follows

THE PLANETS: BPHS Ch2. V3-4 explains of the planets that:
“The unborn Lord has many incarnations. He has incarnated, as the  nine planets, to bestow on the living beings the results due to their Karmas. We each incarnate to work especially with certain definable karmas. Some are challenging (e.g. the malefic planets), some are blessing and sustaining (the benefic planets). Our soul chose this incarnational script so that we could make the learning we needed to grow towards enlightenment, closer union with our true self that exists eternally outside time and space, and closer union with God. BPHS explains that God has assumed the auspicious form of planets to destroy the demons (evil forces) and to sustain the divine beings.”

THE SIGNS AND HOUSES: And BPHS Ch. 3 V 1-2 explains of the signs in which the planets are situated at the moment of our birth, and the Houses which each sign constitute our our particular individual birth chart, numbering off from our ascendant sign or first house which is occupied by the point of the Horizon (day above it, night below it) at the moment we were born that:
After knowing the Ascendant and the first House from which all the other sign/houses number off,  the good and bad effects of a native be known.

Śrī Vishnu, the Invisible, is Time personified. His limbs are the 12 signs.

Our Ascendant places us on the Wheel of Time

Just like with our body, each sign/house that numbers off from our Ascendant is connected to the deeper whole, to God. Once we know the Ascendant, the signs also become the Houses in our Birth Chart and the Planets within each sign/house then become specific-to-us unique rulers of each house, and vast, vast knowledge and awareness is extrapolated from this according to an ancient and surely declarative system of rules. You can contact me for a reading or to enrol on my uniquely supportive western and Vedic astrology courses.


A major contribution of Vedic Astrology is its statement of your incarnational life meaning: why are you here?

This is stated in terms of the position of the Nodes of the Moon in your Vedic natal chart.
The Nodes of the Moon are the intersection points in space of the orbit of the Moon around the Earth with the apparent orbit of the Sun around the Earth.
There are thus two Nodes: the North Node and the South Node, always opposite each other.
The North Node is called Rahu; the South Node is called Ketu.
The Nodes are actually demons, because they are the eclipse points: they even have the power to devour the luminaries at eclipse times: the Sun and the Moon.

But – because Vedic astrology is Tantric – everything is inherently connective to the Divine: even adverse circumstances. So, even what could be called ‘bad’ is connective to the Divine, but only if we perceive these difficult states in the right way.

Anciently, the Nodes were depicted as a dragon. The Dragon’s Head is the North Node called Rahu; the Dragon’s Tail is the South Node called Ketu.

Rahu is depicted as the invading army: the driven energy-direction we incarnated this time to work towards (and we must purity it of its drivenness). Ketu is depicted as the occupying army: Ketu covers what our soul has so far conquered in its incarnations, in its many life-times.

What is the spiritual gift of these demons in your chart?

Ketu, the South Node is seen in Vedic astrology as the repository of all that the soul has conquered already and Ketu’s divine function is to digest all that has been eaten by Rahu, the North Node, already.

Ketu’s sharply critical nature has to be tempered by the divine energy of compassion.

But Ketu sucks up the illusion of the world. He sucks up the dark smoke, the smoke-screen of illusion that Rahu generates, so at his highest he moves through disgust at the world, to temper that with compassion and becomes enlightenedly mystical.


GRAND TRINE IN WATER: There is a grand trine in water signs in the heavens now within the framework of western astrology Chiron, Saturn and Venus in the western signs of Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer. Grand trines are difficult if we do not work with their energy, and they can be lazy and a ruined crop, but positively this Grand Trine is a beautiful energy of bringing healing and unification to the forces of love and life-structure to us all!

This is a lovely gentle and constructive energy available to us all.

But as ever there are two ways a Grand Trine will operate: negatively if we are lazy and complacent with its energy; positively if we work to harvest the great rounded talent every Grant Trine offers.

In a positive way, Saturn in Western Scorpio shows determined ambition and stability, Jupiter in western Cancer indicates expansion, hope, security and wisdom and Chiron in western Pisces shows healing from suffering and sacrifice and its influence can teach us many lessons.

The negative manifestation may see Saturn providing traumatic fear and loss, mean, stuck retaliatory scripts and grief. Jupiter again can show expansion and utter complacency and Chiron can provide unlimited wounding and hurt.

Chiron, the Planet of our Wounded Healer began the year 2014 at  9 degrees western Pisces and moved forward to 17 western Pisces in mid-June before going stationing on 20th June. Chiron then turned to move retrograde until late November 2014. Chiron will then start to go direct at 13 Pisces on 23rd November and stays at this degree until the end of the year. This means that in crude sun-sign only western astrology, a western Pisces Sun born in the first week of March, Gemini born in the first week of June until the 8th, Virgo born between 3rd and 9th September or Sagittarian born between 3rd and 9th of December will experience a healing crisis from Chiron and feel pain which can be transmuted into personal healing – healing that can then heal others. Of course you need to look at how Chiron transits affect every planet of your birth chart: contact Michael Conneely for a reading or to enrol on his courses in western and Vedic Astrology.

Librans and Leos with birthdays between 4th and 10th August or 4th or 11th October may find the same too,

Pluto, the  planet of our depth tectonic transformation and wrenching dramatic change, began 2014 at 11 degrees Capricorn. Pluto then turned retrogrades retro on 14th April and on 21st April, we had the latest Uranus-Pluto square, part of the powerful Cardinal Cross involving Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer all at 13 degrees of the cardinal signs. Pluto then retrograded 12 degrees Capricorn in early June, and to 11 deg Cap in mid-July and is now on station and therefore powerful in its effect in our lives. It will go direct on 23rd September, finishing 2014 at 13 Capricorn. Generally speaking this is such an overdue good time for the cautious western Capricorns!

But at ever, it’s not just your Sun sign you must consider. Get a reading from me. Enrol on my course. If your birthday is between 1st and 3rd January, 1st to 3rd April, 3rd to 5th July or 4th to 7th October, you will feel Pluto powerfully at its most potent this year. Much will change. Your life may be turned around in a most dramatic fashion.

Geminis born between 1st and 3rd of June and Leos with birthdays from 3rd to 5th August will find 2014 challenging from Pluto. The ones to benefit from Pluto will also be Virgos and Taureans, especially one with birthdays around 2nd to 5th May or 3rd to 6th September. This will be a year when you can make huge progress and gain some control in your life.

Neptune – the energy of the Visionary Dreamer: Will thus be guiding vision or will you experience it as confusion, delusion and alcohol?  Neptune started the year at 3 degrees western Pisces and turned retrograde on 9th June at 7 degrees western Pisces retrograding to 4 western Pisces in mid-November 2014. Neptune will then go direct on 16th November and slowly moves to 5 Pisces by the end of 2014.

Those with birthdays between 25th and 28th February, 26th to 29th May, 28th to 31st August and 27th to 30th will feel this deeply ambivalent Neptune energy. Leos and Librans with their birthday in late July and September will feel the challenging energy of an inconjunct aspect (150 degrees) from Neptune. Cancerians and Scorpios, especially those born 26th to 29th June and 29th to 31st October will more likely benefit from Neptune in terms of their constructive intuition.

Uranus the Energy of Revolutionary Sudden Change and Biting Call for the New started 2014 at 8 degrees western Aries and hit the Cardinal Grand Cross involving Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, Mars in Libra and Jupiter in Cancer all at 13 degrees of the cardinal signs referred to in the section on Pluto above. Aries Sun signs and those with planets in western Aries feel the effects of Uranus may totally change their lives.

But anyone who has a mid cardinal Sun, Ascendant or other planets (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will feel Uranus as enthusing revolution or downfall and disruption, depending on where their level of consciousness is. Mid Leo or Sagittarian Suns (2nd to 7th August, or 3rd to 8th December) will receive the more flowing trine (120 degree) aspect energy from Uranus this year.  Virgos and Scorpios born in the first week or so of September or November will have the very challenging inconjunct (150 degree) aspect from Uranus and will feel as if they can no longer walking the life-path they have been, because after a period of growing tension, they will come to a (fated) fork in the road! They have to choose!

Scorpios, especially those with birthdays between 8th and 9th November will feel a very difficult challenge in July 2014 as they receive simultaneously an aspect from both Uranus and Saturn at 16 degrees. Uranus and Saturn are ancient enemies. In the Greek Pantheon, the original sky god was Uranus and his mate was Gaia, the Earth, but he kept being dissatisfied with the children she bore him, so one of them, Saturn rose up against the father, castrated him, and where Uranus’ severed genitals hit earth The furies were born, and where Uranus’ severed genitals fell on the sea, Aphrodite was born. But Saturn (Cronos) too was replaced in time as his son, Jupiter rose against him, consigned him to Tartarus and proceeded to rule from Olympus.

So, in summary, the astrology of the western outer planets for NOW follows, and the charts in western and Vedic Astrology follow that:

Pluto is in western Capricorn (11 deg) opposition Mercury in the heavens

Neptune is in western Pisces (7 deg) trine Venus in Cancer

Uranus is in western Aries (16 deg)

Chiron is in western Pisces (18 deg)

Here is the chart for NOW in Western Astrology:









And here is the chart for NOW in Vedic Astrology:

CHART 23.7.14

Michael Conneely specialises in astrology readings and courses which unusually combine western and Vedic Astrology. He offers natal chart interpretations, Predictions and relationship readings. For an expert reading of highest quality or the deeply learned and the most supportively taught western or Vedic astrology courses in the world, contact Michal at, email or phone: 07799296821.