The Astrology of early July 2014 – Moon creates a Difficult Time for the Mind: Really Important to know

aquarius 3The period up to July 10th will be a challenging time for us emotionally – especially if we have natal planets in the signs of the Vedic Chart for ‘NOW’ that the Moon is now passing through: Virgo, Libra and Scorpio (see the chart for today below).

Please realise that the daily transits of the Moon affect us enormously – far more than western astrology realises.

But Vedic Astrology has a whole system of gauging the effects of the passage of the Moon through the signs, day by day: (Panchanga and Tithi). And please do note that we feel the moon’s effect far, far more than we realise: on a day to day basis more powerfully than we feel the transits of the outer planets. This is because we are made up of so much water and water which receives the Moon’s energies and gravitational pull: ask any shellfish!

So the nub of the matter is that in the period up to July 10th the Moon as it transits in the heavens will either be debilitated or associating with the malefic energies of Mars, Saturn and Rahu.

During this period it will be so important to see through the illusion of the psycho-mental world of our Mind that the Moon will be detrimentally exciting, and stay connected through meditation to the energy the comes from Source: the never-ending Shaktipat. It will be very important connected to the heart at this time and not to hurt ourselves or others by projecting outwards our mental dramas and any torsion energies or exhaustions. Thirdly, it will also be very important to stay grounded and not give way to the inclination to let your duties and routines float away or get forgotten.

Watch your tendency to react angrily on July 4-5 then fearfully July 6-8, and with a lot of imagined fears and projections on July 9-10.

So, in more detail, this is how the daily transits of the Moon are affecting our Minds and consciousness:

Today, 4th July, the Moon is transiting through the Vedic sign of Virgo (Vedic astrology uses the sidereal zodiac, not the tropical zodiac used by western astrology – the two are 24 deg apart). Mars is still cutting his long-running swathe of aggression through Virgo. The Moon does not like having Mars near it or opposite it. My son has his Moon in Vedic Virgo. My Moon is opposite at the end of Vedic Pisces, which has felt really sore for months

Next, though, on 6th July, the Moon moves into the next sign, Vedic Libra. Now the Moon has to share Libra with Saturn which has been there for a couple of years and is nearly on-station and exalted and so very powerful. And the Moon also has to share Libra with malefic Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, which has been in Libra for 18 months. My son, Deaglan, has Mars and Rahu (North Node) conjoined at 1 Libra. I have Sun at 1 Libra, also Ketu and Mercury in Libra. Maggie has Ascendant, Sun and Mercury in Libra and Moon opposite in Aries, so this period will be tough for the family.

Next, on 8th – 10th July, the Moon will enter the Vedic sign of Scorpio, and Moon is debilitated in the hurt, angry retaliatory swamp of the Scorpio emotional consciousness.

BUT there is also Blessing, which we must reach out to during this period of ‘lunacy’: Jupiter has just entered sidereal or Vedic Cancer where he will stay for a year. Jupiter is exalted in Vedic Cancer and so a source of blessings is there reaching out to us: calling is to hear and see the opportunities! Connect to God’s grace. Give service. Embrace higher teachings.

Here is the Vedic chart for NOW, showing the positions of the planets in the heavens today, including of course the Moon:

Chart 4.7.14






And here is the western chart for NOW:

Chart 4.7.14 WESTERN

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