The Astrology Of Black Friday

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The Astrology Of Black Friday 2016

Black Friday this year falls on 25th November 2016. We do not believe in the real structure and nature of Black Friday as portrayed as a Capitalist venture, though rather we are getting on board with a special 10% discount on all products in our store. You can access this 10% discount between midnight GMT on 25/11/2016 [#BlackFriday] until midnight GMT Cyber Monday [#CyberMonday] which is on 28th November 2016.
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Now onto the Astrology of this forthcoming Black Friday itself, Michael Conneely writes:
Here’s the astrology of 25th November 2016, centering on Foxford County Mayo in the west of Ireland, where Maggie Pashley and I are making our very special Discount Offer.
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And it’s here we run our Healing Centre with our airbnb attached, set within an hour’s drive of utterly beautiful beaches and mountains – and we run tours to the many of the most ancient of Ireland’s sacred sites that are all within an hour of here.
Below is the Western Astrology Chart for Black Friday, 25th November 2016 and the Planetary Positions

Black FridayBlack Friday planet Positions

What are the energies in this day that all of us will experience?

It’s pretty interesting and lively stuff!
Love issues and risk of depressive thinking and so much more!
Here are the highlights – of course, how each one of us will experience these depends on how the chart for today inter-relates with your own special and individual birth chart.
Get a reading about your astrology and destiny, the astrology of your relationship and a prediction for 2017 today.

Pluto conjunct Venus: Today, on Black Friday, Pluto is conjunct Venus which is pretty deep emotions on issues of love. The conjunction is exact today, but Venus has been closing on Pluto in the heavens for some days driving some pretty raw realisations on your loving relationship, hopefully to lay bare and sort out difficulties and hopefully to bring passion and deeper commitment.

Uranus opposition the Moon and Jupiter: Uranus is opposition the Moon and Jupiter in the heavens today. Again, this is quite an earth-shattering energy. It’s like the struck tower in Tarot. It can highlight dissatisfaction with your mother. It can highlight the need for revolution in your home and base. And there’s quite a possibility of thank the lord breakthrough and luck if you are open to the best in you.

Neptune conjunct South Node of the Moon Ketu: Neptune is conjunct the South Node of the Moon called Ketu in Vedic Astrology. It’s a very intuitive and psychic energy, and if you are that way inclined, and if this conjunction is close to a sensitive point in your birth chart, there will be a growth in your intuition. For all of us, there’s possibility of sudden insight of awareness, of sudden declaration. Maybe you would like to enrol on my shamanic healer course with all the journeying and intuitive development it offers.

Chiron the Wounded Healer is at 21 degrees Pisces. If Chiron here forms an aspect to a planet in your chart, you will experience a special awareness of your existential wound and the need for healing of it. If you have Chiron in your birth chart in this area of Pisces, this will be your Chiron return this will mean a very special woundedness/healing catharsis: get in touch with me for an astrology reading to make the very special best of your life as you heal, now.

Saturn conjunct Mercury: will this mean depth of thought, conceptual realisation – or will it mean sadness even a bit of depression? Or will you experience the easy and the challenging sides of this conjunction together?

Here’s the Psychodynamic Astrology Chart for Black Friday drawn up according to the special rules of psychodynamic western astrology (the Swiss Huber method which I use): 
Black Friday PsychodynamicSun square the Nodal Axis: Notice how clearly this chart shows that the Sun is square the nodal Axis. This means that for any child born today, the sun will be a skipped stop in terms of their evolutionary Astrology. This means that the qualities of the Sun in the child’s birth chart will represent special unfinished business from his or her previous life. Skipped steps represent issues that are obstacles to the evolution of the individual. They might either remain completely unresolved or they may seem to have been resolved but really are not, proving to be much more complex or troubling.
The Sun as a skipped step indicates that a central part of the current life energy and purpose (the Sun) carries critical unresolved past life material especially in terms of the issues of the house and sign that the Sun and nodes occupy. This placement indicates the current life as the critical one for the resolution of the unresolved material around the core nature of the individuality and the sense of personal meaning: our ‘hero’s journey’.

Lastly we can gain greater insight through the school of Vedic Astrology
Black Friday 2016 Vedic

Mars in Vedic Capricorn: Notice that Mars is in the Vedic Sign of Capricorn. Mars does very well here and we will all feel the opportunity to assert ourselves better at this time.

Kal Sarpa Yoga: Notice above all that Kal Sarpa Yoga is in the heavens at this time. This is a terrible divisive energy where all the planets are caught up between the nodes of the Moon: Rahu the North Node and Ketu the South Node. For half the month, the Moon is caught up with all the other vedic planets between the Nodes. But for the other half of the month the Moon is on the other side of the chart alone and unsupported. Note that this is a very difficult energy for our minds and consciousness. we need to have the perception that it’s in the heavens. It’s there until the end of December by strict definition, but its will be felt until the end of January 2017. And the big thing is: it was there for the day of the US Presidential Election. It will be there for the day of the US Presidential inauguration, so it will be in the astrology chart for the whole of the Presidency. AND by awful and terrible coincidence, this rare and divisive chart shape of Kal sarpa yoga is actually in the chart of President Donald Trump as well. What a rare coincidence! And we especially feel difficult energies for our mind whenever the Moon in the heavens crosses over either the North Node or the south Node: it’s even worse for those two periods of a couple of days each month. We all need to use methods of stabilising our consciousness and stripping out divisive dark energies from the running on of our minds.
Astrology always needs to be linked to methods of healing and empowerment – and that principle is the keynote of all my Astrology Readings and Astrology Courses.

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