The Astrology of 2017

The Astrology of 2017

In summary, the five big events are:

  1. Three Transits through all three of the Vedic Astrology Gandanta Zones
  2. The Four Eclipses of 2017
  3. The transiting Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction
  4. Venus in sign of Exaltation
  5. Kal Sarpa Yoga

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Before we examine these great energies in more depth, we have to realise that these are energies that affect everyone: all of humanity.

But, in addition to these factors, you also have to take into account how these energies interact with the planets and houses in your own individual birth chart and also your own individual Vedic Predictive Periods called Dasas during this year, also your own individual solar and lunar return charts.

How we personally will experience these and all the other transits and lunations of 2017 will depend on how they interact with the planets and houses in our own individual birth charts.

But there’s another factor too: how each one of us will experience these global factors, depends on how we individually perceive and understand them. The crucial issue is how we can each manage our mind during these periods.

And maybe most important of all, everything depends on how we can heal and empower ourselves, and how we can create strategies for managing all the different facets of our lives during the year, such as relationship, family, work, healing, spiritual growth and development of our consciousness.

Let’s look at the first great energy on the list:

The three Transits of planets passing through all three of the Vedic Astrology Gandanta Zones:

Gandanta Zones are the three difficult transition points in the Vedic or Sidereal Zodiac, where a Water sign dissolves and there is a void before the first flicker of the following Fire sign. They are zones of up to 2 degrees either side of the transition point, where this reality (or Maha Maya) is felt to be insubstantial and not fully real, and so planets natally or transiting there manifest in a fallen way, but with a difficult call to create divine perception, healing and empowerment.

Saturn will be transiting the ‘Abhukta Mula Gandanta zone’ three times in 2017. This is the Gandanta Zone between sidereal Scorpio and sidereal Sagittarius, the transition from Jyestha to Mula Nakshatras. It is the crossing point at Vedic 0 degrees Sagittarius, which is approx Western 24 degrees Sagittarius. Saturn will cross this difficult Gandanta Zone between Scorpio and Sagittarius three times:
26th January 2017
21st June 2017
26th October 2017.
Basically, in the case of all of us, Saturn grinds away at patterns and scripts we must let go of. If we don’t respond to his message, we can feel pessimism, experience downfall and illness. There will be separations and tensions. But Saturn’s divine message will bring us Golden Reaping if we can perceive and respond to his message.

Uranus will be transiting the sidereal Pisces-Aries Gandanta zone four times overall. This is the passage from Revati to Ashwini Nakshatras. The last time Uranus transited here on his 84-year orbit of our Sun saw the rise of Adolph Hitler, the creation of the Third Reich, genocide and World War. Uranus will occupy this Gandanta degree four times:
2.1.18 (in 1st deg Aries, just short of the zero point)

Mars and Rahu
(North Node) will be transiting the sidereal Cancer-Leo Gandanta zone. This is the changeover point from Ashlesha to Magha Nakshatras.
Mars and Rahu enter Cancer and are in the Gandanta 18.8.17.
And the very difficult Solar Eclipse visible all across USA is 21.8.17
In fact Mars has Mars has two 2017 gandanta crossings and one in early 2018:
2.3.2017 through Pisces-Aries Gandanta:
11.7.17 through Cancer-Leo Gandanta
7.3.18 through Scorpio Sagittarius Gandanta.

The Four Eclipses of 2017:

  1. February 11 – Lunar Eclipse
  2. February 26 – Solar Eclipse
  1. August 7 – Lunar Eclipse
  2. August 21 – Total solar eclipse visible all across U.S. and situated on Donald Trump’s ascendant).

Lunar Eclipses usually have results soon; Solar Eclipses have delayed results.
Plus there will be activation of the eclipse points of September 1, 2016 and Feb. 26, 2017.
There is Adhi yoga 21.8.17 – 11.9.17 but August volatility may prevent this yoga from giving its more usual full possible results.

The transiting Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction:

Jupiter in Vedic Libra will oppose Uranus in Vedic Aries, exact, on these three dates, at these degrees of the western zodiac:

December 27, 2016 at 20 degrees
March 7, 2017 at 22 degrees
September 27, 2017 at 27 degrees

This is an energy of revolution. It is Prometheus energy. Prometheus brought the gift of Fire from Heaven for mankind, and was punished by Jupiter for all eternity for doing so: he was chained to a rock where his entrails were eaten out daily. Are you ready to embrace this great and divine gift – and ride it? And do so wisely?

Venus in sign of Exaltation:

Venus is in his sign of Exaltation, Vedic Pisces from 28.1.17 to 1.6.17. this will be good for love and money and the energy will be sexual. Additionally, Venus is Retrograde during that Exaltation period:

Venus is Retrograde from             5.3.17     to    16.4.17
Western zodiac degrees:              13 Aries          26 Pisces
Vedic zodiac degrees:                    19 Pisc             2 Pisc

But because of Venus being Exalted, only the days around station will be really felt problematical, it will be less difficult learning than most planetary retrograde periods.

Kal Sarpa Yoga:

Kal Sarpa Yoga creates divisiveness, paranoia, unrest, uncertainty and insecurity, and problems of management of the Mind.

With Kal sarpa Yoga, the nodal axis divides the chart with all the planets one side (except for Moon of course, but when Moon is out on its own, it’s unsupported and this destabilises our minds.

The first Kal Sarpa Yoga for 2017 is the tail end of Kal Sarpa. It began around 28.9.2016 with this first Kal Sarpa event ending 20.1.2017.

This Kal Sarpa Yoga was one of three terribly difficult energies affecting last year, 2016. There was also the transiting conjunction of Jupiter and rahu in Vedic Leo and also the transiting conjunction of Mars and Scorpio in Vedic Scorpio.

Note that the Kal sarpa Yoga was radiating its divisive energies on all of us through the US Presidential Election and by weird coincidence, Donald Trump even has this fairly rare astrological energy in his own birth chart as well. Note that the difficult eclipse of 21st August is exact on his Ascendant!

The Jupiter Rahu conjunction was exact on the date the British chose for their Referendum on BREXIT! What a day to choose. What a ‘coincidence’!

Kal Sarpa Yoga re-arises a second time on 17.9.17 until 8.1.18.
Kal Sarpa Yoga will continue, on and off for many years, as Jupiter and Saturn are on one side of the Rahu – Ketu axis, in fact it will continue until 14.12.2019 (date depending a little on definition). So, whenever the faster planets are also one side, Kal Sarpa Yoga will be created.

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