The Astrology of 2016 – how to read your year ahead

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

For thoughtful, individual and caring in-depth Astrology, have a look at this webinar on how to read your charts for 2016:

This is one of my Starwheel Webinars. The full 2016 worldwide webinars and linked courses time table is set out below. There’s a Christmas and new year enrollment early-bird special offer as well.

In this video, a study group of my ‘Master Vedic Astrology’ course shares different approaches to reading the astrology of their year ahead in 2016.

We use both western and Vedic astrology techniques.

And please note that there will be a follow up webinar on Wednesday 13th January, where this personal awareness will be amplified by a careful and comprehensive in-depth broad study of the movement the planets of western and Vedic Astrology through 2016.

And please also see details of my wonderful offering of worldwide astrology courses and weekly linked webinars below.
Book by 16th January 2016 to benefit from my EARLY BIRD offer (at least 10% off full price) and start the New Year off learning a truly amazing new skill, a skill which will give you clarity and insights into your life, and also in time enable you to help others. Don’t worry though if you miss this date as you can still join throughout the course as the sessions are recorded.
The worldwide weekly webinars are linked to the courses and they run from February to November 2016.
In these webinars, the chart of each member is analysed. You get the recording download and full course documents. You can crossover between western and Vedic astrology if you wish.

Vast perceptions from astrology are developed through exceptional methods of art and embodiment work and also the application of healing and empowerment modalities.

In these courses, there’s applied astrology because for each topic we focus on two charts: yours and mine. And there’s also theoretical study of astrology techniques as well as the art work, embodiment, healing and empowerment links. See:
​Level 1 Western Astrology Course:
Webinar: Every Saturday at 17.00 hrs UK time. Starts Saturday 6th February 2016
Level 1 Vedic Astrology Course:
Webinar: Every Saturday at 19.30 hrs UK time. Starts Saturday 6th February 2016
Level 2 Vedic Astrology Course:
Webinar: Every Thursday 21.30 hrs UK time Starts Thursday 4th February 2016
Level 3 Vedic Astrology Course:
Webinar: Every Wednesday 21.30 hrs UK time. Starts Wednesday 3rd February 2016

And see details of Michael Conneely’s Astrology Readings – And Christmas and New Year Special Offers at: