The Astrology of 2012

ImageOn Winter Solstice day this year, 21st December 2012 the Sun reaches the centre of our galaxy. It was last there 25,800 years ago and it won’t be there again for another 25,800 years. In other words, the Sun changes direction in the heavens on this day. Before Winter Solstice 2012, the Sun was moving towards Galactic Centre on Winter Solstice Day. From now on it will be moving away from Galactic Centre.
What does this really mean???

Well, have a look at a short video I have made on this subject, incidentally in the Valley of Desolation (a nice place!) near Bolton Abbey:
    astrology 2012

And see the western astrology chart for that Solstice moment at the end of this blog.

I have thought about this a lot, and I want to share with you the conclusion I have come to.

The first piece of the jigsaw is that the Mayan Calendar ends on this day: the Mayans knew what a turning point this would be and thought this the best time to end their calendar.

The second piece of the jigsaw is that the Vedic Sages who codified Vedic Astrology, the Astrology of ancient India and of Hinduism, knew all about this too. For them the centre of the galaxy was the place which emanated the centre of spiritual illumination. But the strange thing to think about is that the Lunar Sign Galactic Centre falls in is not at all an energy of ascension or gentle New Age pastel colours.

Galactic Centre falls in the centre of Mula Lunar Sign. Mula is in Sagittarius sun sign. The energy of Mula is confrontational, blunt and outspoken. Vedic Astrology has a deeply ancient Lunar Zodiac of 27 Lunar Signs as well as the familiar 12 Sun Signs zodiac.

The symbol of Mula lunar sign is a bunch of roots tied together: getting to the root of things! Mula people are prepa­red to undergo tests.  They go the bottom, are intel­ligent and they know that tests have a reason.  A problem will have to be tac­kled by its roots.  It is only then that true healing can take place. The purpose is to overcome fear and to learn to accept chal­lenges.  Mula stands for an intense way of living. The energy is destructive and wilful: ruining, destroying, crushing. I am sure we have all meant people like this! – but at its best: this is for our spiritual good!

And the image of Mula Luna Sign is the elephant’s goad: this tells us that from pain can come the impetus to grow and change so as to live a life and take a direction that avoids that pain.

And the most important thing is that each Lunar Sign has a Ruling Deity or God, and the God that rules Mula Lunar Sign is actually Niritti, the Goddess of Destruction. So, we are all heading, in a sense, to meet the Goddess of Death and Destruction on winter Solstice. I have really thought amount this: What would she look like? How would she be with me? What would I say when I met the Goddess of Death and Destruction??? What does this mean??? How do I prepare??? Think about it!

Nritti’s name itself translates from Sanskrit as “Calamity”. Moreover, she is the daughter of Adharma (vileness) and Himsa (violence), and the mother to Mrityu (death) and Bhaya (fear). The planet ruling Mula Lunar Sign is Ketu, the South Node of the Moon: a driven fiery energy that dissolves things: but always for a spiriutual purpose. All this makes Moola a very difficult energy to handle, and people with strong Mula influence in their birth chart can find it very hard to curb their destructive potentials and direct themselves towards something constructive. There is one artist’s impression/nightmare of her at the end of this blog. Her power animal by the way is the male dog.

The conclusion I have come to, is that we are now being called to let die at this time the things that should NOT be in our lives, should NOT be part of ourselves, so we can face her strong and true!

And, a postscript: Mula Lunar Sign is actually one end of the Galactic Plane. The other end of the Galactic Plane is Ardra Lunar Sign. This is the Sagittarius – Gemini axis. Gemini is all about Lower Mind: when our mind comes out of the mystic oneness because we name things and divide things, like when Eve gave Adam the Apple so they got knowledge of good and evil, and God asked them: ‘Who told thee that thou wast naked?’ and they were expelled from Eden. But Sagittarius is all about Higher Mind developing out of Lower Mind – and it was this plane or axis that the Gods ‘churned’ in the Vedic mythology of creation, where they are described as churning a rope through the Milk Ocean. Where Lord Shiva ingests and transmutes the poisons. This is because the churning of the great totality and potential is a symbol for our individual life: where we make our destined journey through matter and time to achieve the learning we came to do, to become who we came to be!

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