The April 2020 Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter is Published

Here is a list of the parts of the April 2020 Starwheel Astrology and healing Newsletter.
For the April 2020 charts, go to the Starwheel Astrology 2020 April page.
For the Coronavirus linked charts, go to the Starwheel Astrology 2020 page.
Here is the detail of Maggie Pashley’s reduced price on-line worldwide Healings:

Click on hyperlinked pages for more information on each modality and also to book a session for this special price.
On-line hypnotherapy sessions – normally €70, now €60
Stop Smoking hypnotherapy – normally €150, now €105
Emotion Code and Body Code normally €60, now €50
Soul Realignment sessions – normally €150, now €105
Past Life or Future Life Progression Sessions, normally €100, now €85
OldPain2Go® Pain Review Session – normally €100, now €85

Click on the links below to access the April blogs and videos:

Part 1. April 2020 Time for Vision Quest, Inspiration and Healing. Channelling the exceptional energies of April 2020.
Video Pt 1:
Video Pt 2:

Part 2.
Maggie Pashley Special Offers for on-line Healing Sessions.
Reduced price Corona Virus Lockdown Offers on on-line healing sessions with Maggie Pashley:

Part 3.
Maggie Pashley EFT support for Corona Virus Lockdown – using EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, to reduce anxiety

Part 4.
Comet Atlas is Harbinger of the Coronavirus Epidemic

Part 5.
April 2020 Planetary Energies Report
Part 1 Video:
Part 2 Video:

Part 6.
2020 ASTROLOGY ENERGIES Quick Guide to Personal and Societal Reset

Part 7.
Elizabeth Hendricks on: Standing on the Edge choose how much negativity you allow into your life

Part 8.
Elizabeth Hendricks on: Raising your Vibration

Part 9.
Finding Healing in the midst of 2020 fear and crisis energies:
Pt 1 Video:
Pt 2 Video:

Part 10.
Spring Equinox Druid Group West of Ireland

Part 11
Online Healing Special Price Reductions for Coronavirus Lockdown time with Maggie Pashley