The Antidote to Fear and my Course to learn the Kabbalah

In today’s world, fear is on the rise. Stranger violence is skyrocketing, mass shootings have become common and we no longer have a sense that we can predict the future.

In this kind of situation, it is inevitable that fear increases exponentially. As fear rises, people run out and buy weapons in hopes that will make them feel more secure.

Preparing for an uncertain future makes good sense but it will not erase the fear completely.

In fact, there is actually an energy field around the planet now that is completely saturated with fear.

Literally, it is in the air we breathe. Because it is on the energy planes, we can’t see it, but it is real, nonetheless.

There is however something you can do to greatly reduce your own fearfulness.

This advice may sound impractical but it does work.

The antidote to fearfulness is to open your heart to yourself.

When you begin to forgive yourself for past errors and to love yourself just the way you are  (which means to accept yourself in your unfinished state) your heart begins to expand.

The Golden energy that is held within the heart becomes larger and larger and as this occurs, fear literally begins to fade.

The core of all troubled relationships always begins with our own internal wounding. When we are wounded, we draw to ourselves people and experiences that activate those inner wounds.

Making the choice to forgive yourself is the first important step in a complete and total transformation.

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In the Kabbalah, this sphere of energy is known as Tipareth and is also sometimes called the Christ center. It is located in the center of your chest on the tree of life. To enrol on my wonderful caring and deeply spiritual worldwide on-line Kabbalah course, go to this page: